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The Chomby Genie
by Mamasimios

On my travels I did find
A shining golden lamp;
It peeked out of the foam and surf,
Held fast by beachsand damp

To free it from the grasping muck
By the handle did I tug,
And finding it a muddy mess,
I gave the dirty gold a rub

No sooner did I start to polish
Than there appeared a cloud of green,
And before me appeared a Chomby Genie,
His countenance calm and serene

His eyes did shine like emeralds
Beneath impressive, heavy brows,
The ponytail perched on his head
Whipped in a circle as he bowed

To compensate for his release,
The genie granted me three wishes,
And I do confess I did my best
To amass mountains of rare riches

I learned not all prisons have iron bars:
Just as the genie's lamp is made of gold,
So, too, am I now rooted in place,
With more treasure than I can hold

The Petpet Expert
by Fleur_411

"Welcome to Petpet Supplies!"
You hear a yellow Chomby say.
"We've got everything you need
To make Petpets happy today!"

The Chomby is a cheery guy,
And he sure knows his stuff...
Maybe you need some food,
Or a toy made all of fluff?

A water dish perhaps you need,
To take home to your Petpet,
A Symol Water Bowl, he recommends,
It's the best that you can get!

And if your Petpet ever gets sick,
You know just where to take her,
This Chomby can help you out --
He’s sure to know the cure!

So, make sure to remember,
For all your Petpet needs,
To go visit the yellow Chomby
He’s the 'pet to see!

Feed Me More!
by Dr_tomoe

I'm big and I'm mad,
and worst of all, hungry.
You know me better as the 
Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby.

I hunger for food!
So give it to me now!
Or I'll smash up everything
in your pathetic town!

It doesn't matter what,
be it cakes or soup.
I'm so hungry that
I'll even eat your roof!

But it's not enough!
I demand more food, see!
I'll eat even more than
that poser Angelpuss Plumpy!

Oh, what's that?
You think you can beat me?
Well then, say hello to my
Seasonal Attack Pea!

You can't beat me in a fight,
so don't even try,
just give me more food or
I'll get even more angry!

Faerie Chomby Dreams
by Kandeegrrl

A baby Chomby had a dream,
To fly the Neopian skies.
She played and saved,
She spun and sold,
Before her dream was realized.

Her months of earning
She packed in a bag
And made her way to trade;
At the Post she saw many things:
A cap, a Slorg, a blade,
Some stamps, and finally,
Down one row she glanced and saw
The greatest item of them all.

The Faerie Paint Brush fluttered --
It was a beautiful sight.
And as she traded for it
She could barely wait to take flight.

The Rainbow Pool invited her,
And she and her brush stepped in.
She felt the paint and her new wings
Pink, and bright, and thin,
Grow, and move, and sway,
Then the faerie Chomby flew
Up, and gone, and far away.

Jelly Blobs Of Doom
by Chavo_guerrero

There's a land they say does not exist,
Filled with jelly of all kinds,
It has a bouncy, jiggly look,
With wavy, trembling lines.

Within this world lives a Chomby,
Made of jelly: apple-green,
Who eats and eats all day and night,
Upon this soft cuisine.

He has a game he likes to play,
Named Jelly Blobs of Doom
(Which cannot be found if you care to look,
In Roo Island's new Games Room).

He starts off really tiny,
Eating only a smaller blob,
But gathering as many
As he can fit into his gob!

He grows with each dessert he eats
And is scary when close-up,
Plus he seems to gain momentum
As the jelly fills him up!

Soon he's eating every piece
That dares to wobble by,
And this Chomby never gets full up --
He's quite an amazing guy!

But when the day is over
And the games are done and won,
He'll have one last bowl of jelly
That he so loves to feed upon.

Mini Golf With Milo!
by Brittanyftw

"I'm bored... SO bored! There's nothing to do!
Sitting here laying, just us two.
I need something fun to set off my day!
Come along, Milo! Come right this way!"

The best of friends; young and free.
This big Chomby and little Pteri.
Sitting in Tyrannia under the sun,
Not knowing they'll change the days to come!

"Where are we going just like that?
Somewhere else to sit on our backs?"

"No, we're not, for your information!
Now just keep walking, stop your complaining!"

They stumbled among 
Some Symol going underground.
Then Gif'n got an idea and made no sound.

"I've got it! Oh Milo, don't you see?!?
A brand new game for just a little fee!
We'll gather some sticks... and stones, too!
Then make a course to top it off! 
That's what we'll do!"

"Sticks? Stone? And with a course?
Calm down or you'll go hoarse!
Explain to me what you mean!"

"We'll need a name, so it seems!
Just take a ball and hit it in a hole!
Then cheer like a soccer goal!"

"Sounds fun! I like what it's about!
It'll be on all the Neopets' mouths.
We need a name; nothing too soft.
A ha! I've got it! How about mini golf?"

With the name chosen, they went underway,
To make their game that stands to this day.

A Chomby Day Parade
by Kitschyy

The ground quakes beneath their feet
as the procession marches to the beat.
The crowd of Neos line the walls
to see Chomby and the Fungus Balls!

Their prehistoric pals arrive
to listen to the band's groovy jive.
Everyone begins to dance and sway,
Chomby Day is here, hurray!

Balloons and toys, banners hung,
every greeting shouted or sung!
Tyrannians are filled with glee,
for today, it's where everyone wants to be!

The parade floats glide down the road,
carrying quite a heavy load.
For every Chomby from every land,
wants the best view of the band!

So, come everyone and join the celebration,
let's give the Chombies a standing ovation!
The Chombies all march together in stride,
today's the day they show their pride.

The Darigan Chomby
by Okamifox

The flap of wings in the morning mist,
The crimson glow of eyes,
A twisted form did stomp and snort 
At the golden morning skies.
The steel blue scales did shimmer bright; 
The chunky tail did sway,
A Darigan Chomby wandered past, 
And none stood in his way.
His jagged horns would frighten most, 
His glare would scare a few,
But as he walks he turns his head 
To stare direct at you.
A darkly grin would twist his face 
While parting his jaws to say
In a joyous, rich and hearty tone, 
"Have a happy Chomby Day."

by Trubiekatie

When I’m in Tyrannia,
And not fighting in the war,
I go to this place for fun;
It seems to never bore!

At the Concert Hall,
I only watch one band.
Their music is the best,
While the others' pretty bland.

Who is my favourite, you ask?
Chomby and the Fungus Balls!
Their music is so loud,
It's heard throughout the halls!

The lead singer is the best,
And he never lets fans down.
This group is the best concert
In any Neopia town!

The band plays five shows,
Which is just not enough!
If there’s a lot of demand
Buying tickets can be tough.

I collect all the merchandise,
To show I’m the true fan.
The avatar, card, and souvenirs:
I want to get everything I can!

A Pirate Named Blackbeard
by Flufflepuff

Now here is the story of
A Chomby stout without a doubt.
With his black beard, so loved and feared,
He stands out in Food Club.

The Chomby sailed the raging seas,
But hunger struck and ran amok.
This admiral did heed his call,
The call to his belly.

Admiral Blackbeard, tough and blue,
Gobbles veggies and fruit, too,
With wide gullet and fat wallet.
To him, respect is due.

Despite his frank disdain for cheese,
And can't have milk lest he shall wheeze,
This old vet in Food Club yet
Wins food contests with ease.

The Jolly Chomby would be lost
Without a leader (also a feeder)
Who's brave and strong and wide, as long
As his food has no cost.

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