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Neopets Poems

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by skaterseeny

Deep in the dangerous dark Haunted Woods,
We go looking for delicious baked goods,
Put on our face paint and pull on our hoods,
And walk much farther in the woods than we should.

The Brain Tree asks us to accept its quest
To dig up the names of the dead where they rest,
So try your hardest and try your very best,
Lest your childish courage be put to the test.

On this dead-end doomed dare the Brain Tree will send
Someone looking for somebody who already met their end,
But who knows who it is, it could be your best friend!
And upon you, his or her life may depend.

A Spyder points that way with one leg and this way with that,
The path goes in two ways no matter where you’re at,
Otherwise we two could stop for a friendly chat!
Do you hear the squeaking of the little Korbat?

A friendly white Ghostkerchief blows on the breeze
Down the footpath through the spooky-faced trees,
A Shadow black Aisha follows down by your knees,
Looks up with glowing eyes and meows “Candy, please!”

Grab all the gooey goods that you can get
In your trick-or-treat pail, and we won’t stop yet.
The Shadow black Aisha, the friendliest you’ve met,
Says he’s an old friend and our new pet.

Trick-or-treating and eating sweet treats by hand
From the Crumpetmonger shop or the Spooky Food stand,
A small cost will be lost at the Esophagor’s demand, 
Of all the candy that I wanted in this haunted land.

The Esophagor eats your treats that fall on the path,
And lest the pile of dirt rise and growl in wrath,
Every kid here must split their candy loot in half,
Because two stand a chance if you can do the math.

But where do you find your missing friend's name,
In the Haunted House hanging on a wall in a frame?
In the Graveyard written on a stone in fame?
A trick-or-treater will do anything to win this sick game.

The Esophagor on the ground down where the dead are
Can tell you where to find them, somewhere near or far,
For they still walk about the earth or drive in a car,
So the dirt itself will tell you for a lost candy bar.

But did you know him or her, was he or she a friend of yours?
You will find him or her somewhere here to be sure,
After all, trick-or-treaters, that is what friends are for,
And we all will remember what here did occur. 

The Brain Tree with bright orange pumpkins for brains
Awaits there for the answers that you attain,
With nought to lose but each other and nothing else to gain,
Best friends ’til the end you and I shall remain.

The Shadow black Aisha will follow us home,
A faithful-hearted pet, no more to roam.
When you hear the wind moan and the tall trees groan,
On Halloween know I won’t leave you alone.

Haunted Woods
by stargirl346

Rain pours down and the fog looks like waves 
of shivering specters hiding among the thicket.
Blue-black trees stand tall with broken branches,
engulfing the skyline so no sunlight can seep through.

The Esophagor wails horrifying and pained screams,
Edna laughs maniacally over her bubbling brew.
A light glows faintly from the cackling gypsy campfires,
Their festival rituals cast dancing shadows into the night.

Mutants, mummies, ghosts and shadow pets sneak by,
in the shadows they plot thievery and malicious deeds.
Pets painted Halloween play their tricks on passerby,
scared howling and screams are their favorite treat.

Faint laughter lingers in the air by a not-so-deserted fairground
full of menacing games and unfortunate candy coated treats.
Glowing red clown eyes atop a broken roller coaster
beckon passerby into a carnival of terror and haunted dreams.

It's Time for Halloween
by milestrong

Put on your costumes and tighten your masks
Scaring Neopians is no easy task
This is our time, this is our night
Everyone prepare for a spectacular fright!

There's Halloween Grarrl with his big pointy teeth
And the all-stitched-up Halloween Skeith
Halloween Cybunny is just waiting to bite
While Halloween Grundo has his big scary scythe

Halloween Bruce is riding her broom
While Halloween Koi is plotting your doom
Halloween Kiko and Halloween Jubjub
Are fleeing from being eaten as grub

Halloween Yurble is literally the Tax Beast
He'll take away your neopoints to say the least
Ruki and Techo are both scary mummies
They'll have you screaming for your mommy

This month of collecting, on the 31st
Monsters come out, all are the worst
They'll have you kicking and screaming and running and fleeing
Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for Halloween.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
by medusala

Korbats shrieking in the sky
Von Roo awake day and night
Across the land, near and far
Trick-or-treating under the stars

A world of thrills looming in the dark
Inspiring dread and exhilarating hearts
The Haunted Woods, never a bore
Neovia, eerie, though cursed no more

From the creepy fair grounds, rigged, but fun
To the maze in which the Mutant Blumaroo runs
Past the game graveyard, Zombie Meepits crawl
And Ghost and Wraith Neopets ceaselessly caterwaul

But above these things and most memorable of all
The tantalizing of one's senses as darkness falls
In this season on this one night a year
Neopia embraces it's courage....and fear

How werelupes sound howling under the moon
How the Brain Tree's shadow looks at moonlit noon
How Mashed Eye Potatoes shockingly taste
How costumes feel on this chill Autumn's day

Oh nothing at all in this world can be
As wonderful and thrilling as Halloween

Meuka Halloween Costume
by indulgences

The Meuka is a villain who
Is dripping with green slime.
It's covered with a slick of snot,
So thick with sludge and grime.

Its costume is a creepy thing,
So sticky to the touch.
You'll want to wipe your greasy hands.
You'll loathe it very much.

And yet, this costume's charming too.
Its paws and feet are small.
Its tail is soft and curly fur.
This costume might enthrall.

Do not reject this costume, for
It has its merits too.
It's whimsical, inspired too,
Not something to eschew!

Fright Night
by anaikperson

Oh Dear!
Oh My!
I think it's almost time!
To use my
Halloween Paint Brush
Which will make me look

I'll be ever so spooky,
I'll send chills down your spine,
And watch you run and flee
From my paint brush's 

Oh My!
Oh Dear!
The night is almost here!
To use my 
Halloween Paint Brush
And fill your heart with

How to Thwart the Pant Devil
by chavo_guerrero

A gate creaks in the darkness,
Even thought there is no wind,
A skeletons bones rattle,
And I swear that pumpkin grinned.

It's Halloween tonight,
A night for spooks and scares,
A time when chaos rules the land,
And everyone's caught unawares.

Be very careful where you put,
Your sweets on such a night,
The Pant Devil is out a-stealing,
And he's a sneaky little sprite.

His thieving little fingers,
Will make your candy disappear,
And his very spooky chuckle,
Can chill your heart with fear.

So I suggest you take precautions,
If you don't want to get cheated,
And want to keep all of your sweeties,
From your Trick-or-Treat completed.

A Pant Devil Attractor,
Could be just the thing you need,
He finds it oh-so-wonderful,
He cannot help his greed.

And so he'll snag this little thing,
Instead of take your goods,
And leave you with your treasure trove,
As you stroll home through the woods.

The Darkness of Halloween
by liezelotte8

During Halloween night the sky is pitch black,
And in that very darkness the Neopets gather,
For on Halloween you need to watch your back,
And get through the eerie night together

Dark clouds to see and ominous sounds to hear,
Even the strongest Neopets can be scared,
During the night where pets appear and disappear,
It's important all strength will be shared

The ghost pets, however, seem to have a lot of fun,
Going around and stilling fear in each heart,
As they don't get opportunities in the long run,
Where they cause small petpets to depart

Not just horror and fear embrace this night,
But there is a feeling of unity as well,
The feeling of doing something right,
When you help those who have fear to quell

No easter eggs to find or presents under the tree,
Nor fireworks when you say ''happy new year!'' 
But consider this: there will be candy for free,
And the only price is your momentary fear

Yes, Halloween, today it is finally time,
Can you feel excitement for this spooky activity?
Despite the creepy undertone in this rhyme,
You are hereby invited to the festivity!

Trick or Treat
by lil_reef

Insidious spyders slink slowly down
Their glorious glistening webs,
As neopians don their spooky guises
And the daylight slowly ebbs. 
Soon the blue glowing moon
Will provide exclusive light,
As neopians flood the cobbled streets
During the ghastly chill of night. 
How many sweet wrapper-swaddled treats,
Will fill your hollow trick-or-treating pail?
How many bitter ghoulish, knavish tricks
Will curse you on this mysterious midnight trail?
It’s the night for treating, tricking, and eating,
But beware the ghostly shadow so fleeting,
On this spooky Halloween night!

A Halloween Treat
by dr_tomoe

Halloween has arrived!
A night for spooks!
a night for scares
everywhere you look!

The Werelupes are howling
and witches are cackling
the ghosts are haunting
and the zombies are moaning

For this is the scariest day
for all your Neopian frights
Lasting until the sun rises
until the end of the night.

And for all these spooky creatures
we still go out and join in the fun
for skeletons dancing and wraiths writhing
and creepy things come out in the sun.

So all Neopians will go out
in costumes unique and grand
For all the tricks and treats
and candy, that goes hand-in-hand

The moon hangs high
and the scares are frightening
and all the while
the treats are delighting.

So enjoy the spooky holiday
go forth and get your treats
On this day, on Halloween
the frights cannot be beat.

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