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Neopets Poems

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The Governor
by Xapplecrumble

He comes from rather humble beginnings,
A solitary shack his first appearance.
It seemed he was the only one left
During Krawk Island's disappearance.

A scruffy Krawk with good intentions,
Set about to uncover the island.
With crews of anxious sailors,
They were found; under his command.

What he accomplished 
Was no small endeavour,
Against the Krawken, who dwells in the deep.
Treasure abounds when you take a shot.
Scare this beast away so we can easily sleep.

Knowing that this clever Krawk is here,
To keep the island from harm.
Visit him everyday with a friendly wave.
He ensures we come back 
With his wit and charm.

Even if there are only 
Gummy Pirate Candies in sight,
Remember the Govenor and don't dismay.
For he is a great hero,
On this happy Krawk Day!

by Kuroge

Lost in a mountain of ice,
in the frigid cold snowfall,
her feelings long gone,
no one to heed her call.

Abandoned without hope,
encased in a prison of ice,
her bitter grudge grows into
a devious plan she did devise.

Amongst the Darblats
Frostbite was raised,
for her apathetic attitude
she was widely praised.

Her icy powers so great
to infect the world cold,
to bring time to a stop,
a power so uncontrolled.

Don’t Cross McGill
by Chavo_guerrero

The Governor's in his mansion,
The wharf is full of noise,
Everyone seems happy,
With Krawk Island's newest joys.

But let's look a little closer
At the Neopians living there,
For pirates they seem awfully quiet,
As if they’re full of fear.

Could it be the Krawken,
Still beneath the waves,
That has them feeling edgy
And muttering in caves?

Could it be disaster
That’s happened once before,
When everyone must sail
Their galleons into war?

Or is this terror fresher?
Not something from the past,
But something that hasn’t happened
As they batten down their masts?

There is a name that’s whispered
In the darkest streets of all,
In the alleys and the byways,
With lips pressed close to walls.

The Governor they call him, 
Gavril McGill to most,
The pirates dread to cross him, 
Lest they become a ghost.

His manner is calm and careful,
With never a word out of place,
Yet there’s a shadow of something deeper
That flickers across his face.

He’s happy enough when he greets you,
With a smile that never reaches his eyes,
But I warn, if you cross the new governor,
You’re in for a nasty surprise.

Dorak The Krawk
by Dr_tomoe

On pirate-laden Krawk Island
it should come as no surprise
that a fortune in dubloons
comes from those guys.

But if you can't buy them,
or find them in the sand,
then what you must do
is raid the island!

Which is what Dorak did
when he raided the Krawk harbor,
and made off with a Dubloon fortune
with no one the wiser.

Until he came across a ship,
The Black Pawkeet was its name,
who fired upon his ship and
blew it to smithereens.

But Dorak wouldn't let his
fortune sink into the deep,
and so, he escaped with some treasure
and more to keep.

But in the water, he could see
more dubloons in the waves,
and he led his rowboat to keep
for himself, the scurvy knave.

Now, he just needs to navigate
the mines and go faster,
or else he really will suffer
from a Dubloon Disaster.

Mathematician's Arrow
by Flufflepuff

Sir Korinesta of Brightvale
Had courage to compete
In Meridell. Their archers thought
That they could not be beat.

The crowds, they noticed the green Krawk,
But their minds did not probe.
For most believed that shooting well
Meant not wearing long robes.

The first contender made his mark;
In fact, he had made three.
One hit the center, two were close,
So accurate was he.

Sir Korinesta stepped forward, 
Taking into account
The wind, the angles, and degrees, 
And moved a slight amount.

Calculations were his gift, 
But he knew the techniques:
He nocked, drew breath, and pulled the string
Just below his cheek.

The arrow curved around the bow, 
Twisting as it flew.
Thrice the arrow pierced its mark, 
Its predecessors, too.

Sir Korinesta won the match,
A gold trophy he seized.
The scaly mathematician smiled:
King Hagan would be pleased.

A Krawk's Ode To The Fungus
by Botamius

Fungus is tough to chew,
but oh, it makes a lovely stew.
Fungus, full of magic bits,
which only soothe and give no fits.

Fungus is my way of life;
just eat its goodness -- no more strife.
Happy as I grow and grow,
getting taller from head to toe.
All thanks to that magic fungus --
fungus, I love you so.

Fungus from the woods of Meridell
do not taste at all so rich and well.
The only place where it isn't vile 
is right in this cave,
on the lovely Krawks' isle.

But its greatest gift of all to me
is granting me a life that's free.
You see, just one bite of it --
and I'm released from my Petpet form.
Now, what does it mean? 
It means I'm my own spirit,
I'm my own ruler; I'm my own self.
So fungus, there's so much that you do.
I think my belly will always have 
Some room for you.

Grimtooth's Ballad
by Thalassocracy

When wandering through 
The Wharf one day,
A sign did catch my eye.
Through crowds of weary pirates
Came the rattling of die.
And so, I took the time to see 
What lay inside that door.
A Krawk comes up to me and asks, 
"Yarr, what're ye waitin' for?"

He sits me down at a table
With 'pets on either side,
And shows me how to play the game,
To roll the perfect die,
I spot, as he is teaching,
that he slips a few inside
His pocket for use later...
Oh, he's such a sneaky guy!

We roll and roll for hours,
Each testing out our luck.
Grimtooth wins one, then two, then three...
As I shell out my Neobucks.
The sun goes down, the lights come out,
And still I'm sitting there.
Trying to win back what I've lost,
While Grimtooth laughs without care.

After my Neopoints are gone, 
He takes me by the hand
And leads me out to the dockside
Where he points out to the sand.
"I used t'be a Petpet, see, 
Before I came t'this land,
An' now I use my skills to beat as 
Many Neopets as I can."

I asked him how he did it, 
And he turned to me with a smile,
"Yarr, now that would be cheatin', see,"
Says he so full of wile.
"I can't be tellin' ye secrets 
When ye haven't earned the lot, 
So get ye gone an' come again... 
One day you'll win that jackpot!"

Dorak's Nightmare!
by Coyote90

All he wanted in this life
Were just the simple things.
If by "simple" you would mean
Gems and crowns and rings.

The young Krawk was a pirate.
He would scour all the seas.
And, once he found a place he liked,
He'd take whatever would please.

This time it was different.
He bit off more than he could chew.
For, when he saw that ship come in,
The young Krawk already knew.

It was The Black Pawkeet!
The mightiest ship to ever sail.
And, when it had begun to attack,
Dorak knew he had to bail.

He managed to pull a grand escape!
Fleeing on a tiny rowboat.
But, thinking of his forgotten hoard,
Toward the wreckage, he began to float.

He searched and saw a tiny glint.
It looked like a dubloon.
But, when the Krawk got closer,
What he saw made Dorak swoon.

"A mine!" he gasped as he looked around.
It shook him to the very core.
For, when he took that small glance,
He saw a whole lot more.

The young Krawk knew what he had to do 
To save his precious hoard.
As he began to row 
Toward those foreboding mines,
He said, "At least I won't be bored."

Lady Frostbite
by Adelaiderose

A baby Krawk left to a frosty fate;
Dumped into the ocean,
Left alone in the rolling waves.

She found her way to an icy island,
Where Darblats waddled around...
They loved her,
And raised her.

And soon enough
She was made their queen,
Queen of the Darblats and the 
Icy cold island.

But she was not happy
Living in peace...
She wanted to get her revenge

Upon the Neopets who
Dumped her in the sea
So many years before.

So, she took to building a machine,
The biggest machine she knew,
A machine that could turn out 
Churned up ice
And cover Neopia in snow.

But the Defenders of Neopia
Came after that dastardly Krawk;
So her plan could not come to pass,
And so the tale goes of Lady Frostbite,
The most chilling lady there could be.

Goodbye, Mr. Krawley
by Vltava

In the still midnight,
Cloaked in a coat,
The shade of darkness,
He hides his face.

Evil foe ,
Sorrow reaper,
Take this potion,
Drink it all up.

See what he’s done,
Set a monster free,
The desires of your heart
Should stay in the dark.

Glimmer streetlamp,
Glint of watching eyes,
Hidden in the shadows,
Always waiting.

Hidden keeper,
Take this flower,
Heal your greed.

Goodbye, darkness,
Soon laughter rises,
Violet smoke sighs,
Farewell, Mr. Krawley.

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