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A Lutari Life for Me
by Chavo_guerrero

I'm a Lutari
With a beautiful coat.
My fur is so thick
That it helps me to float.

I travel the ocean
Without bother or care,
I'm one of kind,
A Lutari called Daire.

I don't sail with pirates
And I have not a ship.
I don't travel about
On a holiday trip.

But rather, I swim
In Neopia's waves.
Living right in the sea
Is how I spend my days.

I know how to backstroke,
I know how to dive,
But without all this water
I could never survive!

My claws aren't for fighting,
I'm not a tough 'pet,
They're merely for holding
Things that are all wet.

I can walk about
On the sand of the beach,
But I get sort of sad
If the sea's not in reach.

So, if you are planning
Some Lutari Day fun,
Make sure you account
For some water and sun!

The Haunted Shootery
by Kuroge

In the darkest shades of the Woods,
a strange Lutari runs a game
filled with haunted gravestones
and black trees of infamous name.

In the darkness is an adventure,
the tale of Gilly he claims to tell,
that of the courageous Usul's deeds,
a story of creatures he will unveil.

His wooden gypsy wagon
is a complex machine of gears
that turns and brims with life,
withstanding the trial of the years.

The shooting gallery is hard to find,
so if you do happen upon it,
take the chance to play the game,
for it will be gone after your last hit.

Lutari Cocojuice
by Toffeedatepudding

Fuzzy, hairy, bizarre fruit,
Swirly colors, very cute, 
Pink, yellow, and green, 
Drink to quench and clean 

Refreshing, good for health, 
Lutari Island's hidden wealth, 
Sip it slow, drink so sweet, 
Relax and beat the heat 

Lutari's only favorite drink 
Keeps their cheeks rosy pink, 
Makes them tall and strong,
Radiant and young, lifelong 

It's Lutari Day, celebrate! 
Come, only the best await, 
Serve the Skeith and the Bruce, 
Serve them all Lutari Cocojuice!

The Stalwart Explorer
by Dr_tomoe

When the obelisk appeared
and factions prepared,
one team had the power 
of science and air.

The Seekers lay claim
in their knowledge pursuit,
to claim the obelisk themselves
and away from the Brutes.

The fastest way to get there
was by an airship tour,
created by Tom Cotterpin,
The Stalwart Explorer.

This Lutari inventor has had
adventures by the ton,
in Moltara, with Moltenores,
He even puts up with Roxton!

He's traveled the world
and has stories to tell,
so claiming the obelisk should
be easy, as well.

But were the Seekers victorious?
We'll know for sure soon,
but with the Stalward Explorer
they have pretty good odds.

A Sad Lutari Day
by Dianacat777

It’s been a while, he knows -- too well;
But still, his eyes stare down.
Festivities bustle, bright and loud,
But this Lutari wears a frown.

He remembers days of times long gone,
Where every day was this;
A celebration of his kind, of joy,
Half excitement and half bliss.

A land of mystery, rarely seen,
An island cast adrift.
Beaches, feathers, lush greenery,
Waterfalls down dainty cliffs;

And then the storm came, thick and grey.
Rain lashed and gale-winds raced.
It howled, shredded their leafy huts,
Washed away their pretty paints.

They huddled, cold and spirits drenched,
Waiting for the storm to end.
The island would spring to life anew
And they’d build homes again.

But days passed under bitter rain,
Weeks, months with no reprieve,
And this Lutari was among
Those ones who had to leave.

And so, he wanders ever on,
A lost soul left to roam,
Wishing for the clouds to part
And sun to light his home.

Our Mr. Chipper!
by Lilahne_aluoki

No Lutari's hipper
Than Mr. Chipper,
Who left Lutari Island
As a young but tiny nipper.

He left his island Neohome
To, around Neopia, roam.
Years later, he met Taelia
Outside her frosted dome.

A friendship there did start;
A meeting, heart to heart,
And a job Taelia offered
To run an Ice Cream Cart.

Mr. Chipper loves ice cream,
And selling it's a dream,
But getting brand new customers
Is harder than it seems.

For he doesn't take NPs,
Oh no; coupons are his fees,
Gained by doing Taelia's quests
And making sure the faerie's pleased.

So, Mr. Chipper's a little lonely;
A while back the one and only
Lutari in Neopia,
But he finds Happy Valley homey.

For children like to hang about
His Ice Cream Cart; they like to shout,
"Mr. Chipper's the truly greatest
Ice cream man without a doubt!"

So, when in Happy Valley,
Don't be afraid to dally
With the kindly Mr. Chipper.
Our very best ice cream pally!

The Ones Who Run Away
by Zaygah

Lutari Island is their sanctuary,
Keeps them hidden with its storm,
The ones that were abandoned
And the ones not yet born.

The thunder conceals the drum beat
And the fog hides their dance,
They conjured up the wicked storm
So others could not advance.

Lutari refuse the Neopian Pound,
Instead they run away,
They flee to Lutari Island,
And there they shall stay.

Perhaps some day the clouds will pass,
And then we all will know,
What happens on the island
With the storm that never goes.

Ode To Roxton
by Trubiekatie

If you’re looking for fun,
Adventure and excitement,
Look to the Lutari Roxton --
It’s time worth spent!

With Professor Fairweather
They sought the Lost Isle.
What they ultimately found
Was definitely worthwhile.

He led a team of voyagers,
Fighting hard along the way.
Trekking through the island,
Late at night and by day.

He’s chipper with his hat,
Equipped with his gear.
He’s determined to succeed,
With nothing to fear!

He went to the Lunar Temple,
To meet The Wise Gnorbu.
He sent him on a quest,
Starting from Shenkuu.

He would travel Neopia
To protect it from harm.
Enjoying all his travels,
With his friendly charm.

So, to Roxton I say this:
Enjoy this Lutari Day!
We’ll go on an adventure,
Please help lead the way!

Lutari Paint Brush
by Silent_snow

Lutari Paint Brush, offered up for trade.
How did you get there? 
Have you been mislaid?
Your bright feathers tempt me, 
They promise colors new...
I'll buy you, strange paint brush, 
To see what you can do.

Lutari Paint Brush, lying by the pool.
Why won't you work here? Have I been a fool?
You scorn the mild waters, 
My coat remains the same...
You've tricked me, strange paint brush, 
But I must hold the blame.

Lutari Paint Brush, you're a mystery.
Where did you come from? 
What's your history?
No shop seems to sell you, 
You're random to obtain...
I want you, strange paint brush, 
But you've become a pain.

Lutari Paint Brush, sitting on my shelf.
Why did you make me part with all my wealth?
Your secrets still tempt me, 
But I know what to do...
I'll sell you, strange paint brush, 
And start my search anew.

The Stalwart Explorer's First Invention
by Biscuitqueen

A rivet tightened, a tiny cog twisted:
The Lutari engineer persisted
On his great invention, unassisted.
His body slumped, but his mind insisted.

Lutari are known as curious creatures,
Often explorers, scientists, teachers.
Where there are stars, 
There are Lutari reachers.
It's one of these 'pets' very best features.

Tom Cotterpin, Seeker, was no exception.
A scientist of stunning perception,
He'd worked hard since his project's inception,
Sure it would garner a great reception.

He wanted to travel to Moltara,
To study the flow of its hot lava,
And have forged for him a special type of saw,
All without burning a single blue paw,

So he devised a clever invention:
Metal wings that would grant him ascension!
Of his body they would be an extension
And take him to another dimension.

The wings worked perfectly, 
And Tom was borne
Above the lava with the wings he'd worn.
Not a single 'pet could offer any scorn;
The wings were as wonderful 
As Tom had sworn.

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