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Happy Chocolate Ball!
by Indulgences

I want a chocolate Draik so bad.
I love its special hue.
It's topped with frosting, sprinkles, too.
I love it through and through!

I cross my fingers, zap my Draiks.
I simply will not quit.
The lab ray MUST zap chocolate.
I'm driven, I admit!

It's Chocolate Ball day, and 'pets are out
In celebration of
Their rare and lovely chocolate selves.
Their sweet, brown selves I love!

For now, I have no chocolate 'pets.
The Draik is my sole goal.
Oh, chocolate Draiks are so supreme.
They're dark and rich as coal!

So, happy Chocolate Ball day, you all!
Hug all your chocolate 'pets!
They're simply irreplaceable.
Much better, you can't get!

An Ixi's Chocolate Dream
by Sugarypixiestix2

She had just one true wish this year,
which was simple, honest, and sincere.
Chocolate was her dream colour base,
to her this look is of lavish grace.

Her owner painted her in many shades,
spending lots of Neopoints on trades.
No other colours felt right for her,
they felt unnatural against her fur.

There was nothing her owner could do,
as the Ixi only wanted to be one hue.
Everyday she goes to the Wishing Well,
asking to be a pretty chocolate belle.

She's also trying a rumoured technique
that she read in the Editorial one week.
Some say if you eat chocolate routinely,
you'll turn chocolate rather serenely.

Nothing has worked but she continues on,
this Ixi's determination is pure brawn.
Hoping that she's truly getting closer
to being more than a chocolate poseur.

A Cultured Chocolate Celebration
by Silver_azalea

This day shall be one
That is full of confections
And good cheer all 'round!

The decadence this
Day is dedicated for?
Divine chocolate!

It can be found just
Anywhere and everywhere
This glorious day.

Especially in
Edibles, but also in
Novel wearables,

Such as the lovely
Chocolate Frame from last year’s
Wild festivities.

There are many 'pets
And their companions whom are
Chocolate coloured.

If you’re lucky with
Zapping from your two rays, you
Might just obtain both!

The revelries are
About to start, so I must
Now bid you adieu;

Have fun on this day.
(And load your pockets with all
The sweet, free samples!)

No Swamp Gas Techos Allowed!
by Dr_tomoe

The Chocolate Ball is here!
It's a most wonderful day!
And, of course, it's the
Tooth Faerie's favorite holiday.

And chocolate 'pets from all over
come to enjoy the sweets.
And everyone's invited to
take part in these treats.

There's just one exception,
and this rule is quite special.
The biggest rule is a ban
on the swamp gas Techo.

It might seem cruel,
and it might seem unfair,
but do you really want
those smelly Techos there?

The aroma of chocolate at
this mouth-watering event
all overpowered by that
horrible swamp gas scent?

Oh sure, they try
to find a way in each year,
but with Skeith security
there's nothing to fear.

(Except that one time last year
a swamp gas Techo in white
came in through the window
and danced through the night.)

So, enjoy all the candy
and don't worry at all,
there will be no swamp gas Techos
at this year's Chocolate Ball.

A Dance At The Chocolate Ball
by Tyuio_k50

Once a year it comes and goes,
Where it happens, nobody knows.
Rivers of cocoa, Borovan for all,
A joyous event, The Chocolate Ball!

Wondrous beauty, a twinkling eye,
None can compare to the large chocolate pie.
The grand chocolate cake, 
As tall as a mountain,
Set just to the right 
Of the great chocolate fountain.

Decor made of dark chocolate
And carpet red velvet cake,
Beyond the Borovan garden 
Is the cocoa lake.

Pudding and ice cream 
Made into chocolate malts,
And when it's time to dance, 
Do the Cocoa Waltz!
'Round and 'round they dance 
As each song will repeat,
Then, at 9 o'clock, it comes time to eat!

Candles made of white chocolate,
Cocoa served instead of punch,
Around the table lay crunchy cookies
And biscuits to munch.

Chocolate carved into a table
Sits in the dining hall,
The guests are then seated at
The feast of the Chocolate Ball.

Around the grand table
They wait in anticipation,
Then the Host and Hostess
Read aloud the Cocoa Proclamation.

At the end of the feast
They auction the chocolate art,
Then the guests grab their coats
And, for home, they depart.

The location stays secret,
A pleasure not known to all,
A most joyous event,
The Chocolate Ball!

The Chocolate Ball Bandits
by Leila_lea

A day to gather, a day to cheer,
A day to celebrate another successful year.
Excited whispers between the elite,
Last year's ball will be hard to beat. 

A high class affair it's sure to be,
With lots of delicious treats 
Being sampled for free.
Rumours are spread far and wide... 
Who will be invited, and who denied?

A mysterious Kiko hosts the ball,
Upstanding, strong, proud, and tall. 
He enters the room looking dapper but quaint, 
The ball is sure to be a hit, 
He's never received a complaint. 

He watched the guests dance 
And shout out with glee,
They hoped the night never ended, 
That was their plea.
Alas, the poor Kiko could not have foreseen, 
The approaching misfortune 
That would make him so mean.

Outside the darkness quietly crept, 
Shielding the secrets it earnestly kept.
Hidden in the shadows so dark, 
Two young Aishas hoped to leave their mark.

Purrow and Meesha crouched upon the roof,
They knew, to get in, they'd need a ruse. 
They came dressed up in expensive finery,
Their clothes and shoes 
A beautiful shade of ivory.

They filled their sacks with chocolate goodies,
Cakes, biscuits, and Chocolate Ship Cookies.
When their sacks began to overflow,
They finally decided it was time to go.

They tried to run, 
But all they could do was wobble,
They wiggled and jiggled 
And began to squabble.
Into some guests they nearly did crash,
Trying to make a quick-footed dash.

Into the night the bumbling thieves fled, 
Leaving a trail of gingerbread.

Be Kind To Chocolate 'Pets
by Biscuitqueen

It's the Annual Chocolate Ball, hurray!
But, a few words of caution I must say --
Though this is a time to let yourself eat
As much as you possibly can that's sweet,
Please remember to be careful 
And not to offend
By taking a bite of 
Your chocolate-colored friend!
'Pets can be made to look like fancy truffles
If they go to the lab 
And get their colors shuffled,
But looks do not taste make, you know.
A chocolate-colored coat is just for show.
A chocolate Draik is not a creamy treat,
And a chocolate Aisha won't melt in the heat.
Chocolate 'pets are not, of chocolate, made,
And if you try to eat one they'll feel betrayed!
And so will you, when you discover
The taste of fur 
Doesn't please a chocolate-lover.
So, a word of caution to 'pets who are smart:
Be kind to chocolate 'pets 
And stick to chocolate tart.

Annual Chocolate Brawl!
by Lilahne_aluoki

Chocolate syrup in your hair.
Marshmallow stuck between your fingers.
Have you, at least, the slightest care
That toffee in your teeth still lingers?
Is there nothing you wouldn't do?
Dipping your fingers in the Chocolate Fondue!

Dressed up in your finest clothes,
Icing stains your stiff lapel,
Adding to your laundry woes,
Yet you grin like all is swell.
Gorging yourself on the Candy Bouquet,
Pretending your tummy will be okay!

It's a free-for-all
At the Chocolate Ball,
And you went and
Started it all!

Having duels with licorice whips.
Flinging handfuls of whipped cream.
Licking caramel off your lips,
As invited guests step back and scream.
Grab a handful of chocolate-dipped fruit;
The Chocolate Ball has the best kinds of loot!

Your buttonhole's filled with a lollipop.
You've been splattered by a crème-filled Negg.
You've been noshing gummies now non-stop.
Honey's dripping on down your leg.
Behind your ear there's a candy cane,
And I'm wondering if you've gone insane!

It's a free-for-all
At the Chocolate Ball,
And the invited guests
Don't like it at all!

Take a moment to rest and mull
While pulling wisps of candy floss.
Snacking on an ornate sugar skull,
Doing your best to avoid the boss
Of Neopia's Chocolate Factory --
Who isn't looking very happy!

So what if you didn't get an invite
To the Annual Chocolate Ball?
Who really minds a candy food fight?
(Ignore the guests 
crowding up against the walls.)
The point, isn't it, is to just have fun
Before the Chocolate Ball's over and done!

It's a free-for-all
At the Chocolate Ball,
Come join in on
The Chocolate Ball brawl!

The Chocolate Gala
by Limo8

Walking through the darkly-lit corridor,
I see an extravagant pair of doors.
Dark and light the brownish hue,
I take a breath and what a view!

The scent comes rushing to my nose,
It's clearly chocolate, shaped as a rose,
Dancing gleefully in a pretty manner,
I see a large white satin banner.

I stare right then and it does say,
"Welcome to our chocolate gala," what a day!
There's ballroom dancing in plain sight,
I twirl and twirl with pure delight.

Everything beautiful in sight to see,
Is covered with chocolate filigree!
The walls have chocolate diamonds and jewels,
I even see some chocolate pools!

A chocolate Chia comes right on up,
"Here! have some chocolate, drink it up!"
The flavor of the milk is grand,
Flavors from a priceless unknown brand.

As soon as dancing winds on down,
I notice then I have a frown.
The chocolate decor is taken down slow.
In this chocolate gala, I certainly did glow.

I know again I get to enjoy,
Next year the Annual Chocolate Ball glory!
Here's to the best holiday 
Of the Chocolate Ball!
I shall come again to the splendorous gala!

Make Ready For The Ball
by Flufflepuff

Rich and smooth, dark brown
catches light on its surface,
wrinkled with stirring.

Poured into a mold,
its substance retained, but not 
its identity.

Much preparation
of this sort is required
to celebrate the

Chocolate Ball, the
grandest party in all of
Neopia. Casts

are removed. Their lush
contents have solidified
as elaborate

shapes. A large, ornate
chandelier is hung with care --
double-dipped, of course.

Slowly, like master
artisans drizzling their 
chocolate with spoons,

so does the ballroom
take its shape as if crafted 
from unique settings.

All is ready, all 
is well; the fountain fluid,
the floor wide open

for dancing. Let us 
gather in the middle of
the Gathering month,

in the middle of 
the dance floor, and spread out like
oozing, rich brown hearts.

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