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Elephante Day The Right Way
by Hiasaki

Elephantes swinging to and fro,
here and there around they go.
Although they have lots of fun,
they fall asleep when the day is done.

It is important they get their rest,
because the next day is a special fest.
On Elephante Day,
they all must play.

While activities can be tiring,
their spirits are still firing.
The Elephantes know how to celebrate;
something we can all appreciate.

They eat so much,
their stomachs they clutch.
But they will eat even more
and be more full than before.

And then, when the fun must end,
they won't be afraid to play pretend.
Every day is Elephante fun,
for me, for you, for everyone.

Ellsworth, Our Neopies Host!
by Dr_tomoe

Perhaps it's a coincidence,
perhaps it's purest chance,
for the Neopies to cross into
Elephante Day is worth a glance.

For our gracious host, Ellsworth,
as we look at the past year's tales,
is an Elephante of stature, even when
giving the award to Dragona's e-mails.

While others pick the winners,
he hands out the prizes,
and we wonder where he gets such
nice-looking suits in those sizes.

And don't believe those rumors
about bribery. That's false, see!
(Psst, bring some Juppieswirl Bonbons.  
You'll get in, trust me.)

No, Ellsworth is a host of great
stature, grace, and taste.
Even when discussing last year's
great water / wraith debate.

With credentials like that,
it must be the reason why,
Elephante Day now falls
during the Neopie season.

Edolie's Phantastic Finds
by Catglove

There's a little house,
In a little clearing,
But the mess inside
Is anything but small!

The owner of this house,
Is an Elephante known as Edolie,
Craving some adventure,
She's circling the globe...

When she returns,
Her thirst satisfied,
Her bags are fuller than ever!

Oh Edolie, won't you ever learn?
Too much stuff equals too much clutter!

But this silly little Elephante
Has built up her collection,
Treasures spilling off her shelves;
Why, her bed's filled with them!

Bangles and bongles,
Leafs and letters,
Trophies and teabags!
Mess and clutter
Makes the maids scream!

Oh Edolie, won't you ever learn?
Too much stuff equals too much clutter!

Luckily she's come to her senses,
And purchased a looking-glass;
But this big task is for no Neopet alone
And she turns to you for help...

If you help her,
In reward,
You'll receive a beautiful treasure,

For Edolie is quite kindhearted,
And wouldn't let you work for free!

Elephante Key Quest Tokens
by Chavo_guerrero

Do you like Elephante's at all?
I'm quite sure that you do,
Everyone loves these Neopets,
I know this to be true.

In the Mall there are four tokens,
That hold the Elephante's mighty form,
And I am here to help you pick -
I just want to inform.

First there is a blue one,
That gives a nice surprise,
A brilliant Blue Paisley Scarf,
Is what will greet your eyes.

The next coloured one is disco,
With a Disco Ball Staff inside,
So you can look great on the dance floor
As you scoot and jive and slide.

Third, there is one painted pink
That gives a pretty thing,
Luminous Pink Heart Garland,
All hung up on a line of string.

And finally, the Starry one
Gives an item of its own,
Starry Tights and Shoes to wear
Around your Neohome!

Why not pick one out today
When you visit the NC Mall?
Or better yet -- if you can't decide,
Why not get them all?

Pacha The Veterinarian
by Silver_azalea

Tyrannian with
Loving heart for all the small
Petpets in his shop

An Elephante
Named Pacha treats Petpets of
Whatever ails them.

Pacha, however,
Was not always a brilliant

He was once quite young,
Like everyone is at some
Point in their timeline.

This Elephante
Was a well-fed lad, with friends
That he would play with.

Then he caught Neopox;
Back in the day, there was not
Medicine for it

(At least for the old
Tyrannian version of
This vile sickliness).

Fortunately, a
Doctor Chombasha found a
Cure for this disease;

Just in time for young
Pacha to be saved from its
Deadly, foul clutches.

He decided to
Dedicate the rest of his
Life to doctoring.

Finding that hardly
Any doctors specialized
In care for Petpets,

Pacha focused on
them, helping the small creatures
Get through their tough times

Of sickness, to find
A loving home for them once
They are fully cured.

Pacha The Elephante
by Sweetiepie044044

As an Elephante in his prime,
Being sickly was almost a crime.
On the verge of losing hope,
A doctor came and helped him cope.

Newly healed and feeling blessed, 
His life, he decided, to assess. 
He decided that the career for him, 
Was to help those who were feeling grim.

So, in Tyrannia he began --
A Petpet shop, he had a plan!
He took in Petpets that weren’t well 
And fixed them up so they felt swell!

Then he placed them in his shop
And waited for a Neopet to stop.
One by one, he found them a home, 
A stable place, not forced to roam.

And through his dedication to career,
He’s found an everlasting cheer.
So, if you’re ever in the land,  
Drop by to witness something grand.

The Elephante Pharmacist
by Blessed_faerie

When you wake up feeling weird
And think you might be sick,
Head to Neopia Central 
And see the Elephante pharmacist

He might pat your head
And look in your eyes,
And listen to your heartbeat
While he makes you sigh

All this has a purpose;
It's a diagnosis he's trying to find,
Then he'll explain to you
What kind of treatment he has in mind

Once he knows what's wrong
He might give you a shot or an injection,
The pain will only last a second
And it will surely cure your infection

There are other options, too,
He might ask you to take a pill,
Twice per day with food --
It will stop you feeling ill

Whatever he says,
Heed his good advice,
This pharmacist is smart
He'll make you feel nice

When you take your medicine
You'll stop feeling like before,
Just one proper treatment
And you won't be sick anymore

Elephante Heroes
by Dortho

Elephantes are quite kind, you know,
They pride in helping others' hearts smile, 
Stomping above and flying above and below,
Whatever it takes, even 100,000 miles. 

If you're pining for a fruit up in a tree,
Or wishing for something 
Deep beneath the sand,
Way up into the trees their trunks can reach, 
And their trumpeting noses 
Can clear off the beach!

If the Warf Rescue Team 
Happens to be on vacation, 
And your Kadoatie is in a tree, 
What a complication! 
No need to worry, no need to frown, 
Your area Elephante will 
Help get your little kad down. 
Safe and sound, 
And from the branches, now unwound. 

These are only a few examples 
Of how sweet and helpful Elephantes can be. 
Can't you see? They're here for you and me,
And all the others.

We can all sing together, or just say, 
To all the Elephantes out there, 
Thanks and have a happy day!

Zombom's Defeat
by Pinkcrown123

Rohane walks up the stairs
of the Mysterious Tower,
Defeating ghosts and skeletons
With great power.

As he reaches
The top floor,
He spies an Elephante...
Rohane is done for.

This Elephante is Zombom,
A skilled wizard,
"You shall die!"
Zombom booms,
Confident of his power.

As quick as a flash,
Zombom casts a spell,
It's Decimate,
And it damages Rohane quite well.

Quickly Rohane,
Get back on your feet,
This wizard must meet his defeat!

Rohane recovered from the attack,
He runs up to the Elephante
And slashes him quite fast.

Zombom barely suffered any damage,
He cackles mischievously,
This wizard has a big advantage.

Zombom is about to cast another charm
When Rohane switches tactics
And throws a Blast Potion of harm.

Zombom is knocked back in shock,
Weak and tired,
He raises his hoof
To cast Aid, 
A healing spell.

Rohane knows
This is his opportunity
To defeat Zombom,
Once and for all.

Without any hesitation,
Rohane drinks a potion of speed;
He dashes to Zombom,
Quicker than a flying Eyrie.

Rohane slashes his sword
A couple of times,
When Zombom gives a yelp of surprise,
He drops to the ground,
Defeated and dead.

Phantastic Edolie
by Beckykbrooks

Phantastic Edolie is a true favorite of mine,
A camouflage Elephante whose life is divine.
Searching and seeking just for sheer fun,
More special, by far, than some other ones.

She sits in her already-overflowing home,
Pondering which kingdom she wishes to roam.
Each filled with so many 
Special treasures to seek,
She is certain to find 
Something new and unique!

Edolie, you see, is a collector of sorts,
From hats to Petpets and even some quartz.
Happiest by far when out exploring the lands,
Coming home with her 
Newfound treasures in hand. 

So many new things, 
But not nearly enough space,
She will simply make room 
On the crowded bookcase!
Each new treasure, it seems, 
Has a place all its own,
Until she can’t seem to find 
Anything at all in her home.

This usually happens about twice each year,
And requires some help 
From those she holds dear.
We all get to help find her misplaced things,
And, in turn, she rewards us 
For all our searching!

So, keep an eye open for when it might start,
And add those magnifying glasses 
Right into your cart!
You wouldn’t want to miss 
Something this grand,
Edolie’s Phantastic Finds, 
The best event in the land!!

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