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Neopets Poems

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Quiguki Paradise!
by Dr_tomoe

Some folks may say that
Usukis are the best,
but there's a better toy
that features the best 'pet.

Instead of a stuck-up
Usul to play with,
get yourself some toys
in a Quiggle style instead!

The hair is just as nice
and shines with a glean,
on the skin of a Quiguki
that's a lovely shade of green.

Their grin is adorable,
and their eyes, bug-eyed and round,
and sometimes they make 
a lovely ribbiting sound!

They're collectable and fun,
with many varieties,
like Hagan and Kass
of Neopian society.

So, for Quiggle Day this year,
get yourself a toy,
since Quigukis are a blast
for all to enjoy.

Solace For A Quiggle Mutant
by Silver_azalea

I am a mutant
Quiggle, which many out there
Loathe for no reason.

Well, I guess I do
Drool from time to time, and it
Dribbles down my front.

And I have three eyes,
Which freaks some others out, three
Not being the norm.

(My friends, mutant
Ogrin, Pteri, and Usul,
Know this very well,

Since they all also
Have three, lovely eyes with which
To see objects with).

Rather than having
Padded fingers and toes, I
Have thorny black claws.

My body is shaped
Like a malformed Aqueena;
Not as colourful.

Plus, unlike most of
My species, I have wrinkled
Skin and bits of hair.

Despite these features
That are quite unflattering,
I know in my heart;

Somewhere out there, I’ll
Find an owner that loves me
Just the way I am.

My Handy Dandy Quiggle Backpack
by Sugarypixiestix2

On the first day of school I got it,
since it was all green, I must admit.
But my Quiggle Backpack was much more
than I'd thought of it at the store.

My backpack is so sturdy and roomy,
while keeping me from being gloomy.
Its cute green face is never boring,
that during Math I wasn't snoring.

Becoming used to it on my shoulders,
happily holding my books and folders.
For sure it's going with me this summer,
this way, no day will become a bummer.

With my Quiggle Backpack at my side,
I'll never feel like wanting to hide.
We're going to play in the backyard,
without any care or worry to regard.

Now items like my kite it does keep,
staying under my bed when I sleep.
Tomorrow I am taking it to Kiko Lake,
I'm so excited I can't wait to wake!

The Quiggle Wiggle
by Hufflepuff

If you're bored in your Neohome
And need a fresh new phase,
Then check out this latest dance --
It's the newest Neopian craze!

You might be aware
That Quiggles have style.
Learn, and watch them get loose,
You can't help but smile!

You stand on your toes
And move like a Quiggle,
Jump in the air
And do a few wiggles!

You don't have to be disco
To bust a killer move,
You don't have to be a Quiggle,
Just wiggle and groove!

Nothing is more fun
Than learning a new dance,
Now wiggle those toes,
Just take a chance!

So, grab a Neofriend first, then:
Jump and spin, wiggle and split.
This dance is so easy, 
Even a Nimmo can do it!

Everybody gather 'round,
Listen to the bands,
Let's all act like a Quiggle,
Dance and join hands!

Dance your heart out,
Be stylish and giggle,
Everybody's doing it,
Do The Quiggle Wiggle!

The Quiggle Strongman
by Dortho

The Quiggle Strongman is a force to avoid. 
He's not bad, 
But could easily throw an asteroid! 
Through any pond he could quickly glide, 
And set all his worries aside. 

Like anyone with a heart, he has his worries, 
He hears cries of distress and off he hurries, 
Across from the pond, 
He heard someone calling, 
And the sound of a large branch falling. 

Without a second thought, 
Or even a second breath, 
Off he swam to examine the distress. 
The branch had fallen on a baby Quiggle's leg,
Who looked up at him with eyes that begged. 

Being so little and not as strong, 
It wasn't long, 
Before the Strongman Quiggle 
Removed the debris,
And don't you see? 
Quiggles can have quite a camaraderie. 

It was an easy task 
For the strongman, you see. 
For the little one, it could have meant doom! 
Removing the fallen branch from that tree, 
Which was just as heavy as can be. 

When it comes to Quiggles, 
Never underestimate them, I say, 
And wish them all a happy Quiggle Day! 
Filled with flies and cakes 
And some happy songs, 
Plus lots and lots of fun in the ponds!

Quigquig Plushie
by Flufflepuff

The gifts from an accursed wheel,
Said to bring bad luck,
Are oft a loss of Neopoints
Or changing things to muck.

The wheel’s true gift, however,
Its coolest prize by far,
Is held, by some, in high esteem,
More than its avatar.

A twin tribute of Quiggles' faces
Sewn with a lack of care,
Creates a whole new kind of plush
From their top halves to spare.

It flatters eyes of all Quiggles,
Expressive, and so sweet.
This charming plushie has it all!
(Though there’s a lack of feet.)

The misfortune wheel hands out this prize,
With its bottom half lost,
But think: this plushie has twice the
Fun, with half the cost.

Quiggle Joke Book
by Pifflish

Upon the shelf, I thought I did espy
A tome far brighter still than all the rest,
Whose cover caught my sleep-encrusted eye,
A Quiggle stamped and lavender-caressed

"What scrap is this?" I wonder as I look,
And take this text of mystery in hand
To see what purpose hath this meager book,
That it should show upon my bookcase grand

"There were three Quiggles," I begin to read,
"Of red, and blue, and green, 
Who walked the road;
The red one said then to the green this creed--"
But no such words upon the page were showed

I've put the question hard to all my staff,
But still, I cannot say why Quiggles laugh

A Jelly Quiggle
by Yarslov

My Quiggle has a lot of fun,
May it be rain or sun,
He enjoys making others laugh,
With all of his jelly "fat."

When he runs,
He jiggles,
Which makes everyone giggle.
If he falls down,
He bounces back up --
Because he is made of jelly,
He never gets stuck.

The only thing that he fears
Is when hungry Neopians are near.
To hear the sound of grumbling tummies,
Is the worst sound,
So he wiggles,
And jiggles,
All the way home,
Safe and sound.

Besides that, he loves  to play,
Juggling jelly all day,
For if you are sad or blue,
Come see my Quiggle,
For he will know what to do,
To put a smile on your face...
Just stand up and wiggle in place.

Ode To The Wheel Of Monotony Quiggle
by Comawhite333

Some call me a killjoy,
On that I won't dispute,
Even talking is draining,
I prefer to be mute

Spin the Wheel of Monotony and win whatever,
I'll just stand here bored...
You won the avatar?
You expect me to be floored?

I really don't care,
That should be obvious to you.
Now, go away
And find something better to do.

I'll just stand here in boredom
Until someone else comes along,
I'll yawn and stretch,
Gosh, my days are so long.

I'll even fall asleep while leaning on the wheel,
I'll get a nasty sunburn
That will eventually peel.

I'll count rocks out here,
Over and over again,
I'll watch unaffected
As you squeal at your win.

I'll stand here in silence,
Every single day,
Watch Tyrannians eat omelettes
And run off to play.

If you're looking for enthusiasm,
You've come to the wrong place,
Now, run on along,
I need my space.

You're wrong in thinking I'm unhappy,
I never cry or sob,
But goodness gracious,
I need a more exciting job!

Quiggles: Splash and Play!
by John778__ii

What do Quiggles need on a fine summer day?
A pond, of course, 
Where they can splash and play!
The sparkling waters are nice and cool,
Providing relief from the sky’s blazing jewel.

In ponds, Quiggles have much to do,
Be it conveyed to you, in the form of haiku:

Quiggles are sneaky
Swimming in the pond’s water
You will get splashed

Flies are quite yummy
They buzz around the Quiggles
Filling their bellies

Lily pads float about
Quiggles will take restful naps
But also sometimes sink

Quiggles love Petpets
Especially ones that swim
They love pond buddies

Nimmos are also there,
But Quiggles rather play than think,
So Nimmos frown

Happy Quiggle Day!

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