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Korbat Day Games
by Chavo_guerrero

It's Korbat Day again, I see,
A time for fun and games,
Each Korbat signs up for a race,
A lengthy list of names.

There's flying relay races
Where the winner gets a prize,
And even diving through some hoops
Could earn you a surprise.

There's contests made for hanging
Upside down upon a tree,
And you can hear the Korbats laughing
Out of pure and happy glee.

For there's nothing that they like better
Than a day of games and fun,
And when it is all over,
They don't care if they have won.

Just being with the others,
In a flock on Korbat Day,
Makes them all so very happy
As they frolic and they play.

So feel free to join right in
If you think you'd like to try,
But I'll tell you now; you cannot win,
Unless you learn to fly!

The Korbat Defender
by Dr_tomoe

Neopia is a large world
in the great void of space,
but it is still quite
a wonderful and happy place.

The citizenry are cheerful,
the lands are unique,
and helpful Neopians can always
help you find what you seek.

But not all are good
and decent in this land;
there are a significant number
who prefer to be evil, man.

For those who try to do harm,
and those who commit heinous crimes,
the Defenders of Neopia will arrive
just in the nick of time!

And, among the many of their rank,
there are plenty of unknown defenders
like this pint-sized hero,
The Korbat Defender.

Little is known of him,
not even his codename,
but just because he's unsung
doesn't mean a thing!

A team requires everyone,
Both the big and the small,
and the Defenders wouldn't be
the same without him, not at all.

So, today, we celebrate you,
the unknown Korbat Defender.
You're a vital part of the team
that makes evil surrender.

We hope one day to know more about you,
like favorite food, game, and your name.
But until then, enjoy, for this poem
will be just the start of your fame.

The Mysterious Dark Korbat Hero
by Sugarypixiestix2

If you ever have to walk home alone,
along a dark path that is unknown.
There's no reason for you to worry,
or to feel like you need to hurry.

Because Neopia has a true protector
who is as mystifying as a spectre.
Some say he is not to be trusted,
and that his mind is maladjusted.

While others talk of his bravery
when he's up against the unsavoury.
He is called the Dark Korbat Hero,
and his losses against evil are zero.

Wearing an all-black, armoured suit,
this hero can challenge any brute.
Villains tremble when he's nearby;
it is something they cannot deny.

While he's not a typical defender,
criminals know he doesn't surrender.
So, even if he opts to stay hidden,
his presence shall not be forbidden.

Alfred The Neovian Storyteller
by Rielcz

Sitting 'round a campfire somewhere,
A Korbat weaves numerous tales.
You may join him if you dare:
What Neovian myths will he unveil?

His name is Alfred Pensworth the Third.
He researches, ponders, records;
Many hearts and minds he's stirred,
The supernatural he explores.

"Remember that nurse," he'd say,
"Who died in Meepit Oaks?"
"Or Mrs. Prenderghast," he'd relay,
"That mansion-haunting ghost?"

"Recall all those ghost Meepits
Who brainwashed those kids' minds."
"The room Mr. Krawley's smile lit...
We thought he was so kind."

"Else, the dark-magic family
Who settled on this great land.
Their vaults may hold the key;
The time to sight a monster's at hand."

The Korbat closes his dusty tome
And lets the audience catch their breath.
He asks, "Do you wish you were home?
Have I spooked you yet?"

With a grandiose farewell
He slips away from sight.
More stories he will tell,
But on another night.

Shadow Korbat
by Phadalusfish

Dark shadows dart over the Neovian soil,
Cast not from the trees, or ghosts
Looming in the doorways of the oldest
Buildings, but from above.

Wings extend to blot out the moonlight,
And a shrill, high-pitched cry carries
Through the midnight sky, bouncing
Against what's in the shadow Korbat's path.

He circles over the town, keen
On everything going on below him --
The 'pets still scurrying between shops,
The lit windows of insomniacs.

A door opens to an unmarked shop,
But nothing in Neovia escapes the
Shadow Korbat's notice:
It's the Almost Abandoned Attic.

He swoops down and cries out.
The Chia squeals and drops her package,
Fleeing. Shadow Korbat swoops it up
And takes it back to his lair.

Just mild mischief, he thinks
To himself: soon, though, the real
Games will begin. He flies another
lap around the Neovian skies.

The great clocktower clangs. Once, twice,
A dozen times. Midnight. He vaults a
Screech upward in celebration
And Neovia cringes below:

Halloween has begun.

The Ghost Korbat
by Pinksunflowr

Flying through the dark and starless sky,
flapping wings soundlessly way up high,
with skin so smooth and leather-like wings,
the Ghost Korbat is searching for things.

Valuable, shiny, and rare items
are all things that should belong to him.
Whenever a prize catches his eye,
Ghost Korbat'll dive in, scoop it, and fly.

Should you attempt to put up a fight,
beware of its sharp teeth and strong might.
Best make truce and offer him some fudge,
as Ghost Korbat tends to keep a grudge.

Keep your valuables stored in at night.
Your bag may be full, but still be light
enough for the Ghost Korbat to steal,
leaving your 'pets hungry with no meal.

Chained to his greed for eternity,
Ghost Korbat will always be greedy,
and constantly wanting more and more.
Nowhere is safe, not even your store!

Ghost Korbat will be an enemy
'til you collect it in TCG.
The 58th card when you browse the list
is the trading card you should not miss.

Zombie Korbat Plushie
by Treeword

The only thing in my life
Of which I have to grieve --
My birthday, you see,
Falls upon All Hallows’ Eve.

Why so bad, you ask,
Would this dilemma be?
The only gifts to me
Are Halloween related, see.

For one, just the other day
Received a gift, did I,
A Zombie Korbat Plushie,
So like it, I must try.

Purely out of obligation
I sat it on my chest,
Yet, ever that day since,
No longer can I rest.

Every time I toss and turn
'Midst the dark of night,
My eyes cannot but fall
On this gruesome sight.

The toy, its skin aglow,
With white eyes, it stares,
Sends a shiver up my spine
To the root of my hairs.

The splotchy skin
Gives me such a creep,
Leaves me ever-waking,
Unable to sleep.

My friends do think me nuts,
For I have no way to prove
That one night, I swear,
I saw this thing to move!

They know not that Halloween
Fills my heart with dread,
So next year, please,
Give me cash instead.

The Korbat Who Couldn't Hang
by Pillarbox

The Korbat who couldn’t hang
Stood limply by her tree.
She hissed at it with pointed fang
Where nobody could see.

She crept further into the wood,
Leaves crunching beneath her feet.
She got as far as she would,
Afraid of who’d she’d meet.

She peeked up at the many twigs,
Spying friends in their play,
Swinging from their leafy sprigs,
Laughing all the day.

Returning home, she cried all night.
Perched on the damp ground,
Frustrated at her odd plight...
Looking up, she frowned.

Why was she the only one
Whose balance wasn’t there?
What had she ever done
To deserve this despair?

Determined, she scrambled skyward,
Stumbling to a good spot.
She concentrated really hard...
And landed on her bot.

Korbat Monarchs Of The Night
by Kaibeau

Evening, midnight, deeper darkness,
Calling Korbats to their flight,
Haunted hymnals, crowned in starlight --
Monarchs of the sacred night.

Beyond the day, the skyroad opens.
Night wind murmur, low and long.
Fleeting dance of shadow children,
Voices swell in arcane song.

When the blundering sun comes rising,
Splintering night peace in its passage,
Mindless of its interruption --
Its tendency to rake and ravage.

Korbats are cast into slumber
Until the evening gleams once more.
Eyes blink open, wings are rustling,
Wind blows high and voices soar.

Eau de Korbat
by Indulgences

The bottle is crafted of lavender glass.
It sparkles and shimmers with radiant class.
It's topped with a head 
And two twinkling jade ears.
An elegant pair of jade wings is so dear!

I hold up the bottle to catch the sun's rays.
It glimmers and flashes, like goldfish at play.
I'm bursting to know what the scent is inside.
I open the cap, and my brown eyes go wide.

Oh, marvelous makers, 
What sweet bliss is this!
A strong scent of roses, and lavender's kiss!
There's lemon, uplifting my spirits and soul,
And sea air to mimic a sunny beach stroll.

My mind is awash with the feelings and scents
That, in this small bottle, 
Are pure and condensed.
I clearly remember my childhood and teens;
My first school and first job, and all in between.

They say that the Korbat is worldly and wise.
Each Korbat has wings 
And two glimmering eyes.
It travels 'tween country and country, you see.
Not tethered to land, it is brilliant and free!

And this explains why this perfume is so lush.
Each whiff is like thousands 
Of flowers were crushed.
They hail from the lands 
Where I never have gone,
But also remind me of seasons bygone.

I carry this bottle tucked deep in my purse.
I spray my two wrists 
And my bad moods disperse.
I spray on my neck and my senses are rapt.
This scent, it intoxicates me and I laugh!

So, buy your own Eau de Korbat and you'll see:
You'll live life with spirit and maybe some glee!
Keep track of the memories you can recall,
For this lovely perfume will revive and enthrall!

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