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An Ode For Illusen Day
by Auraichadora

Sweet Illusen,
On this day of shamrocks and green,
It's quite the perfect time to honor you
As the appropriate queen.

You protect Meridell from your glade,
Keeping the darkness at bay,
And making sure that evil Jhudora
Will never have her day!

When Neopians curiously wander in,
Seeking artifacts of earthly power,
You give them an unknowing smile
And tell them they have less than an hour.

While some may dislike you
For your impossible quests,
I honestly don't mind at all;
I like the challenges, the tests!

Today I wish to thank you
For your ever-watchful eye,
In helping keep Neopia safe
When evil takes presence in the sky.

Seasonal Illusen Snowglobe
by Raezyr

Winter lingers even now.
It fills our world with white,
Making us feel weary
Of things cold and pale and bright.

Yet safe within a crystal sphere
Amongst the fallen snow:
A hint of vivid green and brown,
Like living things that grow.

Illusen gazes outward,
Her steady gaze serene,
Reminding us that even
Amidst this winter scene,

Spring will always come again,
Refresh the world anew.
Grass will grow and flowers bloom
And we will all get through.

So, when you're chilled straight to the bone
And winter just won't end,
Take out your little snowglobe
And smile at your friend.

Illusen's eyes will speak the truth
From winter's deep domain:
Though you may be cold right now,
Warmth will come again.

The Illusen Faerie Doll
by Vltava

Bright black button eyes
Shining beatifically;
All the while a half-moon smile,
A mouth that never sighs;

In a little Neopet’s bed,
Tucked beneath the covers
And clutched in paws
So small and tightly held;

She keeps secrets whispered
Of faint hopes and dreams,
The reveries she hears
Settling in her ears
All those she’s heard;

Her wings like broad leaves
Soak up heartbroken tears
When the child grieves,
With their soft green felt
Smoothing away cares;

What is she thinking
Behind her shining eye?
Is she maybe singing,
And does she ever cry?

The Illusen Faerie Doll
Flies through the air
And twirls and whirls,
Without leaving the ground at all.

Illusen's Cream Cookie
by Dr_tomoe

A kind earth faerie
in the land of Meridell,
living in her secluded glade,
defending the land with her spells.

And, should you choose to help her,
which I know you want to do,
you'll be rewarded greatly with
her special rainwater shampoo.

But another treat that those who come
will certainly want to see,
is to get a bite of of Illusen's
famous cream cookies.

A tasty treat with a hint of mint
and her famous shade of green
is perfect for snacking at any time,
even Sloth Day or Halloween.

She makes a fresh batch daily
for all her wonderful helpers,
to help make Neopia a better place
from all those Jhudora questers.

So, take a bite and enjoy dessert,
for, on this Illusen Day,
have her cookie, they're tasty and sweet,
and don't have any calories!

Illusen: The Faerie Of Meridell
by Silver_azalea

She lives in a glade
In fair, rustic Meridell
By the Cheeseroller.

No single faerie
Is greener; the kind-hearted
Illusen lives here.

Like a regular
Earth faerie, she gives out quests,
Though not randomly;

You see, instead you
Can assist her once per day,
But you race the clock.

She must quickly have
The correct ingredients,
Or else her spell fails.

Counter to normal
Earth faeries, she does not ask
For just magic frills;

Illusen may need
A plushie for one quest, then
A Petpet the next.

Are endless, though she asks for
Rarer things later.

Her rewards also
Are different; she does not
Give stat increases,

Such as strength, defence,
Agility, or even
Hit point for your 'pet;

No, rather she gives
Novelties that relate to
Herself and nature,

From a delicious
Cream cookie up to her Staff,
Great and powerful.

Just remember that
Time is ticking away; you
Have sixteen minutes.

So, why are you here?
Get going and deliver
Illusen her want!

Leaf Taco
by Flufflepuff

Shadows crawl across the land
As day to dark does drift.
Poor Illusen, she aches to rest,
But through her tasks she sifts.

For loyal friends and questers, she
Must forge and write and brew.
Though exhaustion clutches her,
Her love it can't outdo.

With supple arms strong as tree boughs,
She hammers a new blade,
Then scrawls her story in a book
About life in her glade.

But after dusk has turned to dark,
A power rises fast.
Illusen, she must succumb
And eat something at last.

Inspired to make something new,
The sweet faerie retrieves
Lush forest ingredients
Like berries, nuts, and leaves.

With forging's great intensity,
As she brews precisely,
Like her novels writ with zeal,
Her food takes form nicely.

A taco clad in leaves is born,
Too valuable to eat.
Illusen restrains herself:
It's handcrafted and neat.

The taco's stored for faithful friends.
Before she goes to bed,
Illusen sets out more food
And has salad instead.

Illusen Day
by Outonthehighway

Woodland wonder woman, she
is sitting in the greenest glade,
Her home of cedar, oak, and pine;
Illusen waits in tall trees' shade.

Approach her and receive a quest;
the emerald faerie is in need
of trinkets, but with riches grand,
Illusen will reward your deed.

One day I met a Kyrii boy
who said he'd met Illusen fair;
he'd fetched for her a tiny charm
and brought it to her leafy lair.

But then there came an evil cloud
of purple smoke and awful smell;
Jhudora made to hurt the child;
Illusen saved him with a spell.

Jhudora is an evil thing,
she hurts those standing in her way;
but our earth faerie saves us all
and keeps her dark sister at bay.

For her we give our thanks; for her
we celebrate Illusen Day.

From Jhudora
by Toffeedatepudding

I hate this day, I'll stay in bed; 
Anyone who wakes me will be dead!
Forget the green and paint me grey;
I can't believe it's Illusen Day!

Why honor a faerie who's ugly and smells?
Why make that trek to her dump in Meridell?
Oh, what I'd do just to cut that braid
Of that redhead faerie in that glade!

Isn't it weird how she loves her plants?
Can someone give her a pair of pants?
You'd think someone who copied my quests
Could try to be a bit better dressed!

Remember last year when I kidnapped her?
That was hilarious and caused quite a stir!
Her fake message, yes, I did record;
And I replaced her with a cutout of cardboard!

Rumor says she's a witness to my evil deed,
Truth is her head is filled with mead...
Unless she coughs up solid proof,
She's nothing but a faerie goof!

Illusen, you remind me of a fat Stramberry...
Gah, why am I still thinking of that silly faerie!
Now I'm upset and in quite a huff,
Forget this poem, get out of my bluff!

The Faerie Illusen
by Mamasimios

Long ago Illusen bade goodbye to Faerieland; 
She grew weary of living aloft on
The impermanent firmament 
Of the floating realm,
Choosing instead to reside where she could
Walk freely, solid earth beneath her toes,
Sunlight filtered through screening canopy,
Underneath the showers and their ablutions

In that time, Illusen reigned supreme over all
The growing things; the vines curled beneath
Her touch like stretching felines; blossoms
Opened wide their faces 
Like soldiers on parade
When Illusen passed them by; 
The trees strained
To grow ever higher 
To the heavens, attempting
To bridge the gap back to her inception

And then disaster struck, and Faerieland
Foundered, collapsing to the ground,
Coming to rest on the hard bulk of Illusen's
Own habitat; where once she strode alone,
Illusen now shares her loamy home;
No one would contest that Fyora is the queen,
But within the boundaries of her glade,
The faerie Illusen yet reigns supreme

Illusen And The Moustached Moach
by Coco_bella

It was a fairly warm day in March
When Illusen decided to go for a walk.
And as she traipsed through the forest,
She heard a tiny little squawk.

“What was that?” she began to wonder
As she curiously looked around.
And after a minute or two
The owner of the voice was found.

As she looked down in surprise,
She saw a moustached little bug.
But then she noticed, with horror,
That the Moach’s leg was trapped under a jug.

“Oh my! What happened?” she softly cooed.
“How ever did this happen to you?”
The bug looked at her sadly and replied,
“A silly Neopian tossed it on me 
When he finished his brew!”

Illusen lifted up the dirty bottle
And freed her newfound dapper friend.
“That’s the problem with littering,” 
she muttered.
“Nobody ever thinks about 
What can happen in the end.”

“Oh yes, I know,” the Moach replied,
as he gently nursed his injured leg.
“But please don’t worry about me anymore,
And don’t you dare make me beg.”

Illusen softly laughed right then
As she stared at the little guy. 
“How can I not worry about you?” 
She asked him-
“After all, I love all things, 
From the earth to the sky!”

“This accident was truly tragic, 
But this I must say:
I am ecstatic that I got to meet you 
On this Illusen Day.”

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