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Neopets Poems

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The Truth About Grey Day
by Saqo

Oh, so it's that day again.
It comes every year, I see.
A day when Neopians want to
celebrate grey 'pets like me.

But you see, I'm not quite
in the mood to celebrate.
It's not so much fun being
colored like this: grey.

Sure, there are grey plushies
and even grey faeries, too.
But if you were painted grey 
you'd be sad, wouldn't you?

Sure, there are some 'pets
who try to deny this fact.
"I'm grey, but I'm happy!"
they say, but I just laugh.

A soft, sad laugh. For I know
the truth, my Neopian friend.
Be painted grey, and your days
of happiness will soon end.

I know it first hand, indeed.
So as you celebrate today,
think twice, please, about 
painting your Neopets grey.

Let Grey 'Pets Be Grey
by Flufflepuff

Soaked with rain and bitter grief,
Unwilling to rejoice,
On his rare and special day --
It’s oft the grey one’s choice.

Not colorblind but loath to see
From reddened, tearstained eyes,
His view is monotone, muted.
For colors can tell lies.

And silent are the raucous hues,
Therefore his world is pure.
On April fourteenth come his dues:
‘Tis joy he must endure.

No mercy for the peaceful 'pet
Whose perspective he’ll keep,
Despite the shouts: “Happy Grey Day!”
Though he just wants to sleep.

When that day comes, be quiet when
Approaching.  Whisper, “Hey.”
Then drop your gift on their doorstep,
And let grey 'pets be grey.

Happy Grey Day!
by Chavo_guerrero

Have you seen the grey 'pets,
Monotone and dull?
Drooping down in sorrow,
From their feet up to their skull?

Have you seen their eyes all red,
Or their mouths all turned right down?
How is it they manage
To keep that perma-frown?

But just because they all look sad,
Doesn't mean it's true!
Maybe they're as happy
As me, and of course you!

It's not their fault they look so down,
That they never seem to smile,
It's just the way they're painted,
In the perfect Grey Day style.

Let's wish them Happy Grey Day,
And let them be quite sad,
And I'm sure that deep inside
They will probably be glad!

My Grey Peach Pie
by Sugarypixiestix2

On this gloomily special Grey Day,
I decided to make a Grey Peach Pie,
but I'd no grey peaches, to my dismay.

Tears began to drip down my face;
I saw I did not have enough to buy more,
so I quickly ran to Baelia's place.

The door bell rang, rang, and rang...
it seems, sadly, she was out and about.
Seeing me so down, her Grey Weewoo sang.

A holiday without pie is unthinkable;
if only I could buy one bag of them,
then my celebration would be unsinkable.

Starting to feel like I was painted grey,
just then I heard a knock on my door.
Looking out my window, I let out a "Hooray!"

On my porch was the one and only Baelia,
"Thank Fyora her Weewoo 
told her I'd come by,"
said I as she told me she was with Taelia.

She then asked what I was looking for:
sighing, I told her of my peach dilemma...
she snickered as I let her in the door.

Then, giving me a basket of that dull fruit,
telling me it was her gift to me today,
being so happy, I tripped over my own boot!

Thanks to my friend, Grey Day was not lost.
Immediately I warmed up some Earl Grey Tea,
while she helped me 
with the dough I'd tossed.

Faded, Jaded, And Grey
by Ohgodkillit

Gloomy, grieved, and glum,
Melancholy, mournful, and morose,
The feeling of grey is grum --
A constant feel of woes.

Grey ‘pets are highly unique,
For a smile is never worn.
Tears are nothing unusual,
For they are forever in mourn.

Their fur, feathers, and scales are tattered,
So they are easily distinct,
And since the Grey Paint Brush is not retired,
Grey ‘pets will not soon go extinct.

Unfortunately, everyone feels sorrow.
The grey ‘pets will always reflect it,
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow...
Feeling faded, jaded, and rejected.

Regardless of color and emotion,
These 'pets are like any other.
They don't receive their deserved commotion,
So in their sadness they will wallow.

Hidden In The Grey
by Lilahne_aluoki

Oh, awake this morning;
This drizzling, darksome morning.
There's not a single bird singing
In the gloom the rain is bringing,
Just a faint sense of warning
On this dismal morning.

There'll be no joy today;
No adventures, not today.
All color has faded away
To a uniform shade of grey.
Greet the morning with dismay
For this Grey Day today.

Grey 'pets sadly sigh;
The sky itself does sigh.
And you might wonder why
You should give this day a try
When even faeries refuse to fly...
Then you hear a different sigh.

She walks from 'pet to 'pet;
She comforts every 'pet.
"Dearest, oh, well met!
You mustn't ever fret,
Or that dark faerie might win yet,"
She warns every grey 'pet.

Grey Baelia carries hope;
To each grey 'pet she brings hope.
"My friends, you mustn't mope.
You have the strength to cope
If you can understand the scope
Of such gladly glowing hope."

So, although the day is grey,
And all seems drably grey,
There's reason to celebrate today.
Give a rousing... sigh... hurray.
Everything will be okay,
For hope is hidden in the grey.

Baelia's Tale
by Guddi6

Sunlit realm of departing dreams, 
They seem to whisper as they leave,
In the newspun rays of morning sun,
You may see her, should you please.
You may see her, should you wish to look,
Bathed in glow of celestial beam,
You may see her, should you wish to know
How one sorrows, 
When all the world doth gleam.

A beauty once, a creature of light,
She fell to powerful charm,
A fatal spell of poison and rage,
A curse that could not be disarmed.
A wicked faerie with a darker past,
And tainted magic to match her might
Took Baelia’s powers in one thunderous blow
And stole her gift of flight.

Too strong this pain, too sharp to heal,
Baelia was lost in a tide of tears,
She wandered Neopia alone, afraid,
 Forever shadowed by her fears.
Her peers they whispered as she passed,
And she caught their scornful tones
“Why, a faerie without wing or will,
Without magic -- a cypher, she’ll roam!”

Abandoned by the friends she’d had,
Heartbroken, she hid away,
Even the sun could not bring her to smile,
Nor the moon light up her way.
She lost her colour, her rainbow hues,
Her locks and her raiment became
The dullest of darks, a dreary grey --
She could not stop the rain.

Now you know of Baelia’s tale,
Why her heart can never heal,
Why neither kind word nor harsher ones
Can stir her, or drive her to feel.
The sun cannot overwhelm the grey,
Nor spark it into light,
In sunlit realm of departing dreams,
Her dreams are lost to sight.

Utterly Grey
by Trubiekatie

“Why don't you just paint me grey 
If you're gonna leave me like this?”
His owner misunderstood:
Upon this day he will reminisce.

Oh, what a lonely day today.
It’s bleak and cold outside.
This grey Neopet wandering,
Looking to confide.

His day has been grime;
Nothing has gone right.
With a grumble in his heart,
His future is not bright.

With the tears in his eyes,
He walks along the street.
His skin a dark shade of grey,
Like the colour of concrete.

When he strolls into town,
More grey 'pets appear!
He realizes what happened;
The owner’s gesture was sincere.

It’s Grey Day, you see!
So now his 'pet fits in.
Everything is understood,
So let the celebrations begin!

Grey Flowers
by River_of_optimism

Grey is the softest of shades,
It’s not depression you’ve made,
But now all their shyness fades,
So they can express 
Who they feel truly they are

Sensitivity and honesty aren’t bad,
They’re who your grey pet had
Always been, please don’t get mad
They’re still them, and they are absolutely ours

Finally, when they’re happily crying,
Their red rimmed eyes still trying
To show you they’re not lying,
They’re joyous in this moment, 
Day, and very hour

They still love you no matter what,
Accept it without a single "but,"
Tell the naysayers to shut up,
On Grey Day, 
Celebration of the late blooming flowers

by Geniusbulb

Listen closely and I'll sing
of Baelia, who lost her wings. 
Once a faerie glowing bright,
now a faerie missing flight.

A dark faerie's evil spell
is the reason why she's unwell.
Ridding her of faerie wings,
and happiness and other things.

Gray and gloomy, weeping tears,
with many troubles, many fears.
Wearing a dress patched and torn.
Wandering the world, forlorn.

Forgotten by most Neopets
(For, how quickly we forget!),
But it's Grey Day, now, in spring,
And so, of Baelia I sing.

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