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Kougra Day
by Chavo_guerrero

Many Kougras of all types,
All of them with lovely stripes,
Give a cheer -- hip, hip, hooray!
Because today is Kougra Day!

Every Kougra loves this time,
It makes them all feel so sublime,
They raise their heads and give a shout,
Not one of them will be left out.

There's hats and balloons and bits of cake,
Jelly, ice cream, and coconut steak,
Fun to have and games to play,
Because, of course, it's Kougra Day!

Music sounds throughout the land,
Upon the stage a Kougra band,
Everybody’s dancing 'round,
No one wastes time sitting down.

So, come along and join right in,
Let the Kougra party really begin,
Wish them all a happy day,
And get stuck in at the buffet!

Many Kougras of all types,
All of them with lovely stripes,
Give a cheer -- hip, hip, hooray!
Because today is Kougra Day!

Professor Clodbottle
by Dr_tomoe

There is an amazing world
populated with bugs,
some of which are so cute
that you must give them hugs.

They exist in a world
called the Habitarium,
which is sort of like a
bottled bug aquarium.

This system was developed
by Professor Milton Clodbottle,
who loves to study Petpetpets
and watches as they waddle.

This Kougra professor
developed the Habitarium, you see,
so others could enjoy the 
study of these bugs, yippee!

And if you ask, the professor
will give you your own to enjoy.
Filled with Mootix and Pinchits
and Larnikins, oh boy!

If you run out of bugs, never fear,
Professor Clodbottle has several,
so your Habitarium can go 
on running forever.

So, this Kougra Day, let's celebrate
this amazing professor
and his Habitarium system,
which has never been better.

Adventures Of Jake
by Kuroge

An adventure-worn fedora
sits patiently on his head,
waiting for the next land
where Jake will tread.

Inside caves and corridors,
from the dirt to the sand,
through the snowy hills
and even the treacherous land.

There isn't a jungle where
Jake has not explored,
with each perilous journey,
the thrill is his reward.

Undaunted by the dangers
of the unexplored unknown,
to him there is no such thing
as an unconquerable zone.

Orange Kougra Make-Up Case
by Toffeedatepudding

Oh, Orange Kougra Make-Up Case, 
Seeing you makes my heart race, 
On my desk, beside the vase, 
My Orange Kougra Make-Up Case  

Sweet Orange Kougra Make-Up Case, 
Filled with goodies for my face, 
No lipstick will ever be misplaced,
In the magic box it is encased  

Every morning, I will embrace 
This Orange Kougra Make-Up Case, 
I wear a dress of cream and lace,
Look at the mirror, lost in space...

But, oh, Orange Kougra Make-Up Case 
Will prove to be my saving grace,
With eye shadows and foundation base, 
Beauty contests I'll surely ace

Make-up on, time I'll chase,
Head high, I go to every place, 
Wrinkles, blemishes? No trace! 
Thanks, Orange Kougra Make-Up Case!  

Kougra Day will now take place, 
With Kougra friends I will touch base,
"Is that an Orange Kougra Make-Up Case?"
Yes, I brought it, just in case!

Katsuo's Dream
by Coyote90

Katsuo's task was soon at hand.
He’d trained for all his life.
For, to be a guard in Shenkuu's palace,
It would be worth all of his strife.

He trained under the Ogrin Master,
To excel in his martial art.
The exercise strengthened his body
And the lessons strengthened his heart.

The time had come to take the test.
It was a dream come true!
He needed to show off all his skills,
To show how much he grew.

The test seemed very simple.
There were boards he needed to break.
Katsuo knew concentration was key;
He had to not shiver or shake.

Katsuo broke boards with great skill,
Until, on the board, jumped a Moffit.
He couldn't continue until it left,
So he waited until it jumped off it.

Distractions increased at every step,
With Moffits and a flag-waving guard.
The Kougra needed to concentrate,
For the test was beginning to be hard.

He was soon before the Emperor,
The highest ruler in Shenkuu.
Katsuo knew that, to fulfill his dream,
This Gelert, he needed to woo.

When Katsuo broke the final board,
The Emperor began to stand.
The Kougra was recognized for his great skill,
And was made a guard in the land.

Katsuo was happy as could be.
His dream had finally come true.
For, to be a guard in Shenkuu's palace,
Was the only thing he wanted to do.

My Idol, Rorru
by Blessed_faerie

If I could be a character,
Anyone in Neopia, big or small,
There' s one Kougra I'd go for,
The most mysterious of them all.

Green fur with blue stripes
And bright yellow eyes.
She's almost as stunning
As she is witty and wise.

She's my idol in Neopia:
A Kougra named Rorru.
She's creative and great with words,
And spends her days writing haikus.

Rorru lives on Mystery Island;
She's a respected elder there.
She takes time to meditate,
Then writes with so much flair.

Every morning she gets up
And pens a new haiku.
You can read each one,
And maybe get an avatar, too!

She inspired me to write poetry,
Of all different forms and styles.
Celebrate Kougra Day like she would:
Sit and write for a while.

Kou-Jong Champ
by Trubiekatie

Watch for this pink Kougra,
The master of this game.
Involved in many plots,
She’s established quite the fame.

When the Gaze first docked
In the city of Shenkuu,
Linae played Kou-Jong,
And that’s all she seems to do!

It’s a game of speed,
Where you match all the tiles.
Work your way down
To remove all the piles.

Linae is too quick for me,
Since she practices all day.
I watch her move so quickly
Each time she goes to play.

It doesn’t look so hard!
But then I’m quickly stuck.
Linae simply taunts me,
“Well, that’s rotten luck.”

So, on this Kougra Day,
Linae, I’ll play another game.
Even when you beat me,
It’s fun all the same!

Visiting Rorru
by Lilahne_aluoki

I visit Rorru
Mystery Island is home
to this green Kougra

There in the market
Rorru and I meet for lunch
Hello there, my friend!

I visit often
Rorru greets me happily
and offers a Phear

Her conversation
is confusing yet pleasant
I smile and agree

I am complying
to what there is no knowing
oh, here comes the check

It seems I'm paying
for our meal this afternoon
I'd have eaten less

If I had but known
that I'd be footing the bill
I would have brought lunch

Rorru is tricky,
since no one can understand
her quirky haiku

But she eats quite well
charming Kougra fools us all
into buying snacks

Yet still I visit,
hoping to earn her respect
and an avatar

Tyran Far, Not Fire Paw
by Biscuitqueen

A tip for dealing with Tyran Far:
Never, ever call him Fire Paw.
Though these Kougras look almost the same,
Red as hot forges with eyes like flame,
Equating them earns you a sharp claw.

Fire Paw's gentle, heat resistant,
And never works as a shop assistant.
Tyran Far, by contrast, is quite tough,
Brute Squad levels of rough, gruff, and buff;
Owns a weapons shop not too distant.

Tyrannian Weaponry's filled
With weapons that Tyran Far can build,
But Fire Paw's never crafted a spear,
So you won't see his fiery self near
A shop that houses a blacksmith skilled.

Though both have harnessed fire power,
One is peaceful and one is dour.
So please, for your own good, keep in mind:
Name him wrong and Tyran won't be kind!
Be wise, unless you want to cower...

Raitorn The Corrupted
by Flufflepuff

All who’ve ever faced him know
That he was a powerful foe.
When thund’ring yellow paws drew near
His opponents shook in fear.

One stroke of his mighty claws,
Or one bite with ghastly jaws,
Had his foe land with a crunch --
They’re barely spared from being lunch.

A faerie noticed Raitorn’s skills
And whispered twisted lies until
He was convinced the Faerie Queen
Was much more evil than she seemed.

The darkness faerie told him to
Lead the strongest army through
Faerieland, and conquer it.
Raitorn wasn’t one to quit.

Around his neck, bandana red
Marked him as the army’s head.
With many ‘pets behind his back,
He roared the signal to attack.

Shortly after they’d begun,
The army very nearly won
Complete control of Faerieland,
‘Til one appeared with sword in hand.

The Battle Faerie faced Raitorn,
Defending where she had been born.
The Kougra lunged and clawed and bit,
But she would endure none of it.

She swung her swords and hit her mark.
Strong Raitorn, blinded by his dark
Thoughts, reluctantly conceded
And collapsed, pride hurt, defeated.

Despite his “conquest” without shame,
Raitorn’s not fully to be blamed.
For dark thoughts roam, still seeking prey,
And lead even fighters astray.

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