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Happy Meridell Day
by Horsecrazyirishgirl

Heroes and legends in a land once lost, 
A discovery worth a celebration.
Plots where swords once crossed
Plagued the young nation,
Yet peace came to last.

Meridell now has lots to offer
Everyone who passes through:
Rolling cheeses may help your coffer,
Illusen has special prizes for you,
Double your money with a coin toss, 
Explore for treasures others threw,
Look out for potatoes flying across,
Lavish kisses on Mortogs for something new.

Dive into all Meridell is known for,
And you will come to adore
Ye olde land of lore.

Meridell Countryside Background
by Indulgences

You want to visit Meridell,
But haven't got the time?
Just wear this bonny background and
Your 'pet will feel sublime!

It features lovely flowers that
Grow only in this land.
It also hosts a castle that
Has several towers grand!

Today's the Day of Meridell,
And everyone has cheer,
For Meridell was found this day,
A land we all hold dear!

But sadly, I do not have time
To visit Meridell.
I'm busy with restocking, and
I have too much to sell!

My 'pet is sad, she mopes and cries.
She'd love to take a trip.
A great idea occurs to me,
A thing she can equip!

The background features Meridell
In all its majesty.
It has such proud distinction, and
Such grand nobility!

I let my 'pet adorn herself
With this amazing find.
She will not miss her Meridell.
I've comforted her mind!

So, celebrate this holiday
My dear Neopians!
Go buy your 'pet a background, too,
To make them clap and grin!

To Skarl...
by Rielcz

Oh Skarl, how you vex me,
Your crass behavior serves to irk.
And worse, you just cannot see
That you are a big jerk.

You sit there, on your throne,
While people tell you jokes.
No benefit to your community is shown,
Never do you help the town folks.

While not all in Meridell are unhappy,
I certainly wouldn't live under your rule.
You're ravenous, indignant, lazy...
You didn't do the best in school.

If you want a tip, this you may try:
Attempt to be like your brother.
He's intelligent, social, beloved, and wise...
A monarch like no other!

Consider this message I sent; 
An attempt at reform would delight!
Choose the path toward enlightenment
And make your kingdom bright!

(A letter from a concerned citizen who is probably not your exceptional brother.)

Meridell's Advance Guard
by Sugarypixiestix2

The Ixi Hunters must always stay alert,
to keep Meridell from any kind of hurt.
Protecting their borders at all costs,
even in winter when the ground frosts.

They're superb with the bow and arrow,
with their eyes as quick as a sparrow.
Gruslens are these hunters' Petpets,
who back them up during all threats.

Ixi Hunters train from a young age,
they also refused offers of a wage.
Doing this out of sheer loyal duty,
wanting to defend Meridell's beauty.

King Skarl himself, in times of war,
asks a select few to guard his door.
Known through Neopia as unrelenting,
no one argues when they're consenting.

Proud to be Meridell's Advance Guard,
never will they give this disregard.
If you live in this land, be assured,
that your home is faithfully secured.

King Skarl's Humor
by Dr_tomoe

A timeless land ruled
by a large blue king,
where potatoes fly
and minstrels sing.

And where jesters try
to bring some cheer
to their grumpy leader
that they hold dear.

Old King Skarl sits
on his throne with a frown,
watching them try to please him
by acting like a clown.

Most jokes are terrible,
leaving him worse than he was.
When that happens, you'd better run
far out of Meridell, because

His temper is legendary and
he is quick to anger, that's true,
but he does give a second chance,
So hope for the best with attempt two.

But his humor is fickle,
As others surely have
found out -- that he does get sick
of hearing about that tin of olives.

So, give a try, see if you
can make old King Skarl laugh.
If you can, you might get lucky
and win some stale bread halves.

The Pilots Of Meridell
by Geneames1

Aviators far and wide
tell the tales of pilots true,
who ply the skies over Meridell 
and their various feats of derring-do.

Flying machines travel to and fro,
delivering cargo and messages, too --
An important and a difficult task,
entrusted to a privileged few.

"Pilots of Meridell" known 'cross the land
as only the bravest and best.
Fending off pirates and weathering storms,
Putting themselves to the test.

So, when you hear the rumble of engines,
Look overhead to the sky.
If you are lucky you may catch a glimpse
of a Meridell flyer going by.

Meridell Day At Illusen's
by Tryan15

The banners were up,
The tables were set,
And the only thing left
Was to have fun in a party hat.

That was what it was at Illusen's, 
Where there was a special dance floor
Made to commemorate the day...
Meridell Day, totally not a bore!

Yes, it was Meridell Day!
Time to dance in joy,
Celebrate like there's no tomorrow,
And throw sandballs made of soil!

And on this amazing day,
Neopians far and wide gather,
All itching to join the fun;
The sun was out, it was some great weather!

And Illusen the kind earth faerie,
Invited every single Neopian 
Of Meridell to her feast,
Alton, Kayla, Sinsi, Gilbert, and even King Skarl,
All present at the event; 
Kayla even bringing potions to sell!

What a party it was,
It was just plain wild;
Everyone certainly had a blast,
You could even see a laughing King Skarl!

Soon the party ended,
Everybody bid their goodbyes.
And as Illusen cleaned out the place,
She thought to herself
It had been such a great time!

Though the party could not last,
It had certainly held a place in our hearts,
For it was the date of birth 
Of a magnificent kingdom;
It could even be more than Faerieland 
If it was played right (I mean the cards!)

Happy Meridell Day!

The Meridell Jester
by Daedric_darling

Regale, you ask, the tale I tell
Of wit and of courage and guile?
Then sit, dear friend, and comfortably so, 
For you may be seated a while.

I was but a travelling fool, you see,
But foolish a jester I was;
I never made anyone smile or laugh,
As any half-decent one does.

But I heard a tale of downhearted King Skarl,
In desperate need of a joke,
And he’d opened the gates of his castle to all;
To the noble, to us common folk.

So I walked to the castle 
From my home of Brightvale,
(A trek that is not for faint hearts!)
But persistence paid off and before me it lay,
The halls where I’d show off my arts.

The guards led me down 
To the throne room, a walk
That made me quite anxious, it’s true.
But seeing that Skeith, 
With his robe and his crown...
'Twas no comfort, that royal of blue!

“My liege, I have marched 
Through the bogs and the fields
To bring you a smile!” I spoke.
King Skarl looked me up, 
And King Skarl looked me down,
And he stated, “Then tell me your joke.”

So I uttered my quips, 
And pronounced all my puns,
Yet his face remained stone-like and cold.
I looked to my feet and I knew I was doomed;
My repute I could not uphold.

“When should you trust the adventurous Draik,
Who searches the Wishing Well?”
I cringed at the words that I’d uttered; I knew
That this was the worst joke I’d tell.

But King Skarl looked surprised, 
And eagerly smiled.
“Oh, do tell me, jester, just when?”
“When they’re holding a basket of silvers?”
He called for a paper and pen.

“Good jester,” he laughed, 
His joy knew no bounds,
“I beg you to write down that gag!
For that, my friend, was the greatest of jokes,
And as payment I give you this flag!”

So that, weary traveler, 
Is what happened that day,
And on which my name has been based:
The Meridell Jester, and one thing’s for sure,
That, in jokes, King Skarl has NO taste!

by Comawhite333

We'll always remember 
The day we stumbled across Meridell.
We'll remember the dangers brought
By the Darigan Citadel.

We'll always remember 
The ones that were lost,
But freedom must reign,
No matter the cost.

We'll always remember
The bravery brought,
Whether they be knights or peasants,
United as one, they fought.

We'll always remember
The sweet taste of victory,
Amid the bountiful land
Blessed with an age-old chivalry.

We'll always remember 
The day we discovered Meridell...
Will we ever have that feeling again?
Only time will tell.

So, tonight, when our fires
Cool down to embers,
Think back on this day
And always remember....

Limericks For Meridell
by Almedha

I’m pretty sure old King Skarl
Doesn’t know how to laugh or to smile,
Because my joke was so funny,
When I told a Cybunny,
He laughed as he walked a whole mile.

I knew I was down on my luck,
When a Grundo bet me a Nuk,
It’d be better to gamble,
But now I’m in shambles.
All for kissing a Mortog -- eww, yuck!

I didn’t know this was a game.
Maybe you had thought the same?
Grab up some cheese,
Roll on with me, please?
Appropriately, Cheeseroller’s the name.

An Ixi named Sinsi has tricked me.
Her game, metaphorically, kicked me.
She said, “Hey, you, there!
Come match tile squares!
And we’ll see if you’re smarter than me.”

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