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Neopets Poems

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Cybunny Dreams
by Nova_829

Quietly the Cybunny sleeps,
Dreams of a carnival sweet,
Candies, plushies, and contests,
Soft spring grass around their feet.

Happily the Cybunny dreams
Of the day of joy, for everyone,
A day so soon, just for them,
Just one small day of fun.

Dreams dance through the heads
Of all Cybunnies each night,
Dreams of the carnival near,
Each day excitement grows bright.

The carnival day, hurray!
It is better than all those dreams,
As Cybunnies frolic with glee,
Today is the best ever, it seems.

Princess Lunara
by Geniusbulb

Beneath a lovely parasol,
near mountains far and wide,
sat a saddened Cybunny,
a Kazeriu at her side. 

This Cybunny was a princess,
and Lunara was her name.
And she was feeling lonely, so 
she went to play a game.

The Emperor found she'd vanished.
He searched all of Shenkuu.
A pink Aisha assisted him,
answering questions, too.

And then, much later, they found her,
no kidnappers in sight.
"There were no kidnappers," she said.
"I know it wasn't right."

"But I was so bored and lonely!
I'm sorry, everyone.
I only wanted to play a game.
I thought it would be fun."

And so, the Cybunny princess
walked 'cross Shenkuu, back home.
But she was no longer bored
after her mountain roam.

And that's the tale of Lunara,
a princess playing a prank.
But it made an interesting game.
For that, we've got her to thank.

Ode To Cylara
by Trubiekatie

There’s that famed Cybunny,
Who comes from outer space.
Starring in her own game,
She need not place with Ace.

She blasts in Moon Rock Rampage,
And hails from that moon Kreludor.
She helped defeat Sloth again;
There’s no reason we can’t adore!

Dear Cylara, you are great,
For everything you’ve done.
Helping Neopians everywhere,
You do it just for fun.

Your family was kidnapped
By Commander Garoo.
Instead of panicking,
You knew just what to do.

Now that Sloth is gone,
You relax on your moon.
You appear in Time Tunnel,
With its wonderful tune.

So Cylara, here’s to you,
And all your wonders so far.
You’ve truly helped Neopia;
One of its shining bright stars!

A Cheeky Cybunny Gnome
by Sugarypixiestix2

While watering my roses this afternoon,
I saw something jumping in my garden --
at first it looked like a red balloon.

Getting curious, I crept closer to it,
sounding like it was quietly giggling
inside a small, newly-created dirt pit.

By then I knew it could not be a toy,
which had gotten me even more curious,
also worried it might be here to destroy.

My rose garden is very dear to my heart,
protecting it was what I'd willingly do;
just then I saw a gnome carrying a cart.

It was a grinning Cheeky Cybunny Gnome --
caught off guard, I didn't know what to do.
He told me not to worry about my home.

For this was his home, too, which he adored,
he would never try to cause it any harm,
showing me that he was this garden's ward.

This brought me such comfort and relief,
knowing now that my roses were always safe
from any kind of mischief or flower thief.

After his explanation he got right to work,
checking each rose bush to see if it was fed;
watching this, it gave me quite a happy smirk.

This Cybunny gnome was a blessing to me --
thanking Fyora for him living in my garden,
I decided to even get him his own house key.

Join The Cybunny Carnival
by Chavo_guerrero

I do not have a Cybunny,
But I can still join in
With the Cybunny Carnival,
Which always makes me grin.

I like to dress my Neopets
For this very special day
In Cybunny disguises
And put them on display.

An Ogrin wearing Cybunny Ears,
Cybunny Pyjamas for my Lupe,
Dressed up oh-so-splendidly,
They make a fancy troupe.

My Moehog wears an apron
With a Cybunny on front,
And my Grarrl's dressed in a hoodie,
Though he's being quite a grump.

If a lovely Cybunny
You find you do not own,
Dress up all your other 'pets,
Even if they moan!

Then you can join the carnival,
Which is a bouncy sign of spring,
And with your costumed Neopets
You won't have to miss a thing!

Waiting For Cybunny
by Thisisbutterfly

Last year I heard a rumor
That, in the month of Eating,
Cybunnies do abound,
Although, at best, they're fleeting.

So many fluffy friends
Found new owners on one date.
So then I made a promise
That this year I won't be late.

The 'pet that I've been waiting for,
But scarcely can be found
Through potion or through plushie,
Creation or through Pound...

That 'pet becomes available
To add to a happy home.
I cannot wait to find
A Cybunny to call my own.

Green or yellow, red or blue,
I don't mind any way;
I must be quick and pay attention
To get a Cybunny today. 

I'll complete my Neo-family
On this bright and happy day!
Oh, finally my 'bunny
Will come hopping my way!

Happy Birthday, BeWitchy!
by Lilahne_aluoki

Happy birthday, my darling BeWitchy!
Happy birthday, my plushie Cybunny!
You're so splooshy and cute,
You're so well-dressed to boot,
And you find all my jokes to be funny!

Happy birthday my dear plushie 'pet!
There's really no reason to fret.
You'll find your birthday cake
Is not the least over-baked,
For I haven't frosted it yet!

Happy birthday, sweetest of the sweet,
Of all the lovely Cybunnies we meet!
Your large, pale pink eyes
Can never disguise
Your joy at the new 'pets you greet!

Happy birthday, and here is your gift!
For the very nicest and the most swift
Cybunny around
That we've ever found,
Who'll gladly give lost Slorgs a lift!

Happy birthday, and a hearty hurray!
For this, your very own day!
Of course you're the best,
Better than all the rest!
(It's what all Cybunnies want you to say!)

The Lost Desert Curer
by Flames_unleashed

Though her name is unknown,
Her job is no surprise,
For when your Neopet is sick
She has plenty of supplies.

Many people know not of her,
For her cures don’t always work,
She doesn’t have something for everyone,
But that doesn’t make her a jerk.

Appreciate what she does,
Making cures isn’t easy,
Especially in the desert --
The heat makes you queasy.

So, when you feel better,
Stop by her tent.
This Cybunny deserves thanks,
Make her special day decent.

Sasha, The Dancer
by Dortho

Sasha the Cybunny loves to dance! 
Dances so happily everyone must glance. 
Moving those feet and shaking her 'bunny tail, 
Making everyone smile without fail. 

It was a cold day in Altador 
And rain began to fall, 
Would this stop Sasha? Not at all! 
While everyone else ran for cover, 
There was no kind of weather 
That could stop her. 

As they watched 
From the windows and balconies, too, 
Her happy dancing cleared the skies 
As the sun shone through! 
Then everyone came back out to play, 
And needless to say, 
They all wished Sasha a happy Cybunny Day!

Lucie's Dream
by Mojoschweni

“The best toys are in plushie form!”
Lucie greets you at the door.
As you browse her fine collection,
It’s hard to find what you’re looking for!
Lucie, however, seems in her prime,
Her beloved stuffed toys all over the store.

You think to yourself, 
“Didn’t Lucie love Usukis?”
And I won’t deny that you’re right --
But Lucie’s no Usul, as I’m sure you can tell,
And for her that is really some plight.
We all love our Cybunnies, 
Their ears velvet soft,
And that cute little hop is quite a delight.

Dear Lucie, too, loves her Cybunny-ness,
And dances and cheers on this species day.
There once was a time 
Where she didn’t, however,
Wishing she was an Usuki instead.
She’s found happiness 
In her species since then,
Thinking of what could be lying ahead.

She’ll be holding 
Her own lucky rabbit’s foot this morning,
Waiting for the Rainbow Pool 
To reveal a new paint brush.
Not any new Neopet color, you know,
But an Usuki PB for Cybunnies, one and all.
But don’t dash her hopes, just let her gush,
If you see her there on this exciting holiday.
For, who knows what magic 
The Pool has in store --
Dear Lucie may have a fabulous Cybunny Day.

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