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Neopets Poems

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Grey Day
By Concertogreat_8

The sky rains grey,
Oh, most lachrymose day:
The villain's plot is ruined;
He stands, outlined against the sky,
From his lips escapes a 'Why?'

Through the darkness seeps a chill,
A cold, damp mist creeps o'er the hill.

The Citadel spins in a twisted wind,
Down fall the tears of a ruined mind.
Lord Darigan has been broken,
His mangled wings flap open.

All my fears, all your tears,
Come down in a rain of a hundred years.

Fyora weeps, pronouncing doom,
The day is rank with eerie gloom.
Faeries' strength difficult to muster,
Fragile wings have lost their lustre.

Oh, Grey Day, when even the villains cry;
Oh, sad day, when even the heroes lie.

An empty silence has settled like a pall,
Neopia is washed and empty after the fall.
A soft moan breaks free from locked jaws,
A head slumps down onto bony paws.

All around, hopelessness abounds,
And Neopia is rent with weeping sounds.

A Very Grey Celebration
By Jokerhahaazzz

Everyone assumes
That grey pets are sad,
That we cry all the time
And our lives are bad.

To this assumption
I must protest --
To occasional happiness,
I can attest.

To be sure, our lives
Are generally grey.
Others ignore us;
We don't get our say.

The weather is miserable
Most of the time.
Happiness seems
Like a veritable crime.

Our woes are many,
Our pleasures are small,
And yes, I detest life
All in all.

But you must not think
That it's always so:
Around once a year
I am happy, you know!

On April 14th,
Grey pets feel fulfilled.
We let everyone know
About greyness's thrills!

Rainclouds Over Mushroom Circle
By Reggieman721

Rainclouds over mushroom circle,
Gloomy eyes, shaded with purple.
Sad grey Chomby, no umbrella,
Lies among them -- poor young fella.

Drops that fall with little splatters
Don't annoy him; nothing matters.
Sad grey Chomby 'midst the mushrooms
Listens to the rainfall's hushed tunes.

Some might think it quite poetic,
In a novel, from their bed, sick,
They would read about the Chomby,
They would frown and muse upon the

Rainclouds over mushroom circle,
Gloomy eyes, shaded with purple.
Passages like this, pets would read,
And yet it would not seem quite real.

Real it is, yes, this sad story,
'Midst the mushrooms, hopeless for he
Wishes he were elsewhere, yet knows
Somehow, he will always see those

Rainclouds over mushroom circle,
Gloomy eyes, shaded with purple.
Sad grey Chomby, no umbrella,
Lies among them -- poor young fella.

Grey Peophin, a Portrait
By Larkspurlane

An experiment in
The monochrome,
Using that Grey Paint Brush,
And now look at her --
Pale grey mane limp and lifeless,
Hooves heavy with grief,
Head lowered and incapable of rising
For the weight of misery.

She rests, tinted with sorrow,
As the snow-clouds
Looming grey in the frosty sky,
Release their burden
In great feathery flakes.

Silent and self-contained
She holds herself within herself,
She has so internalised the grey
That she takes no colour
From the outer world.

Like a Gloomacinth She Sits
By Mamasimios

A grey faerie sits all alone,
Aspect dismal, so forlorn,
In colourless garments, ripped and worn,
Quoth the faerie, "My name is gone."

No longer in the air to soar --
Wings are clipped, the feathers shorn,
As the enemy of darkness is she forsworn.
Quoth the faerie, "My wings are gone."

By weary palms her head is borne,
Pale grey eyes by tears adorned.
What deep loss does this faerie mourn?
Quoth the faerie, "My powers are gone."

Like a Gloomacinth she sits and warns
To not tempt a dark faerie's scorn.
She awaits a name to be reborn;
Quoth the faerie, "I am unknown."

A weighty sigh through her lips is born;
It falls to her garments, ripped and worn,
Surrounding her, more anchor than throne,
Quoth the faerie, "Help me get home."

A Single Grey Flower
By Iloenchen

On the table in the kitchen corner
Stands a lonely single grey flower.
Petals have fallen on the rough wood,
Its leaves hang down, devoid of all power.

The owner of the house is not home,
Is outside in the pouring rain,
Cannot see his flower wilt,
Cannot feel the flower's pain.

The wind howls, shakes the Neohome,
Rattling at the old window-frame.
Rain drums against the window, which
From lack of care milky became.

A petal falls and hits the table.
Grey, all colours have now faded,
Or maybe it has always been
Colourless, just grey shaded.

And so it stands on its lonely table,
While outside the rain is pouring down.
A single grey flower, almost forgotten,
On this Grey Day here in town.

On Grey Day
By _Razcalz_

On Grey Day, the flowers sag,
And clouds do hide the light.
Day of sadness, gloominess,
No laughter nor delight.
Neopia's grey populace,
They wander 'round, astray.
Staring at the same dark clouds,
Eyes blinking tears away.

Aisha grey conceals a frown,
Drooping are her ears.
Wistful smile on Chomby's face,
Recalling these past years.
Grey Eyrie's feathers are spread out,
Yet flight shall ne'er come.
Frizzled is the Kacheek's tail,
His eyes are downcast, glum.

"Why are they so sad?" you ask.
I sure would love to know...
Stories come with every grey,
A thousand tales of woe.
True feelings are revealed instead,
Pure uniqueness shown.
After all, it earned for them
A day to call their own.

Pitied are the grey Neopets,
With glances, they're surveyed.
But now, there will be none of this,
If only for one day:
No longer are they odd ones out,
No whisper nor strange gaze.
For on this day, the flowers sag...
In honour of the greys.

Neopia in Shades of Grey
By Anjie

The broken boughs of Haunted Woods
Are bleak and helpless, dull.
Silent are the Fairground's gates,
So endless seems this lull.
Faerieland awash and dim,
Its colours fade to bleak.
The light of Altador is out,
Its harbour's shine is weak.

Neopia, but once a year,
On one most gloomy day,
Doth lose its colour; all is faint,
Awash in shades of Grey.
The Money Tree does droop and weep,
Lost Desert's sands grow dim.
Maraqua's waters slowly sigh,
Its tide seems dark and grim.

Sunlight does not linger here,
Dark clouds shall gather fast.
Rain will drizzle, slowly drip,
A storm that shall not pass.
Neopia, the mood is grey,
A glimpse, have many found.
Into the lives of greyest pets,
Who're like this, year around.

While Brightvale does dim its glow,
Extinguishes its gleam.
A world that's cast in sorrow's shade,
Not bleak as it may seem.
For grey pets do embrace their form,
It's different, many say.
They live like this the whole year through,
Awash in shades of grey.

A Grey Sonnet
By Precious_katuch14

This is the greyest sonnet you would read,
Shrouded in rain clouds, drab and colourless.
No rejoicing for great heroic deeds,
For I weave verses of grey that depress.

I tell stories of flightless faeries sad,
Of despairing pets, of downcast Petpets.
There are no words like "happy" or "glad"
Or, "I gazed upon beautiful turrets."

The sun does not shine, rainbows don't appear
To dispel the grey that is here to stay.
Tears do fall like rain, laughter is not here.
Everything is grey, at least for today.

But when tomorrow comes, I'll decide to write
A sonnet with colour, so cheery and bright.

Looking a Little Grey
By Pansyparkinson14

Why so sad, young Neopet?
What makes you look so down?
Is it because you're feeling ill,
That gives you such a frown?

Perhaps you've caught a cold --
Do you have a case of the Bloaty Belly?
Or maybe that sickness, oh, what's it called:
The one cured by magical socks that are smelly?

Not ill you say, then what is it?
Did your Petpet run away?
Or did it get eaten by the Turmaculus,
Which completely ruined your day?

Other things could make you look so sad:
Did the Pant Devil snatch your codestone?
Did the Tax Beast steal your Neopoints?
Or did the Snowager chill you to the bone?

Not these, you say; then I'll keep on guessing:
Is Jhudora responsible for your droopy ears?
Did she screech and menace at you,
Galvanising your fears?

I am out of ideas now, but I see you smile,
So I hear what you have to say:
Upon hearing your explanation, I nod -- of course!
You've just been painted grey!

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