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Neopets Poems

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My Homemade Valentine's Day Card
by Rielcz

My Homemade Valentine's Day Card,
Crafted just for the one I adore,
Chosen were your pink-purple hues
And your frills cut ever-so-fine.

My Homemade Valentine's Day Card,
Not purchased from the store,
How could my adoration refuse?
Soon love will be mine.

My Homemade Valentine's Day Card,
Made from love toward love,
More magical than a faerie's work --
You are a piece of art.

My Homemade Valentine's Day Card,
No imperfections to speak of,
Not even Sloth, at your sight, would irk;
With you I can win any heart.

My Homemade Valentine's Day Card,
Proof tradition lives proudly on.
One of a kind for one of a kind,
Creativity and passion go hand in hand. 

My Homemade Valentine's Day Card,
Inside hearts and flowers are drawn,
Elegantly, our names are signed;
It's the most beautiful card in the land!

The Forgotten Valentine Sword's Anniversary
by Sugarypixiestix2

Where it'd come from no one knows,
it sprouted up one day like a rose.
Rising straight out of solid rock,
all who witnessed it were in shock.

February 14th is when it came to be,
since then many try to set it free.
The Forgotten Valentine Sword's use
is unknown until it can be set loose.

A wizard once inspected its design,
he said it was true love's shrine.
Only with pure love in your heart
will the sword and rock come apart.

Decades have passed since its birth,
but still it remains in the earth.
Neopians try with all their muscle,
pulling as if they were in a tussle.

Alas, it does not move even an inch,
showing onlookers it is not a cinch.
On its anniversary it glows pink,
making one wonder if it can think.

The sword itself smells of brownies,
and it flows through many counties.
If you catch its scent on the wind,
you'll feel like you're being pinned.

Because it is reaching toward you,
asking you to help it break through.
Hoping one day it finds its owner,
so its no longer equal to a loner.

The Quiggle And The Draik
by Chavo_guerrero

"Will you be my Valentine?"
Said the Quiggle to the Draik.
"We could have a little picnic
On a blanket by the lake?

I'll bring some cake and soda,
And a bouquet just for you,
And I'll look deep into your eyes
As we sit there and chew."

Said the Draik unto the Quiggle,
"Are you sure that would be wise?
Would you not rather dine, my friend,
On a buffet made of flies?

I would not wish to stop you
From enjoying our Valentine feast,
And if you'd rather eat a bug or two,
I wouldn't care the least!

For I'd find it most enchanting
To sit there beside the lake,
And I wouldn't want you thinking
That you'd made a bad mistake!"

The Quiggle blushed bright red and said,
"My dear, you as so wise,
For it's true that as you love your cake,
I'd rather dine on flies!

I'm very glad you noticed,
And for our Valentine tea,
I'll pack some cream cakes just for you
And some crunchy bugs for me!"

A Bottle Of Love
by Dr_tomoe

This Valentine's Day,
there are many ways to show
just how much you appreciate
all the Neopians you know.

You could give them all candy
and wonderful gifts to enjoy --
perhaps an NC Mall gift
or a shiny new toy!

But I feel the best way to go,
the item to pick out of
the many you can choose, is simple:
get a Bottle of Love.

It might seem like a simple gift,
but think from the start,
about how much your friends would like
a small, red paper heart.

You can sprinkle them anywhere
and give them in bulk,
to make even grey Neopets
break out of a sulk.

And, with such a full bottle,
there will be plenty to go around --
to the mewing Kadaoties,
to 'pets stuck in the Pound.

It can make their day better;
All you have to do is try,
by taking the paper hearts out
and then letting them fly.

A Valentine For A Magical World
by Blessed_faerie

This year, I’m celebrating a special love
On Year Sixteen Valentine’s Day.
It’s a wonderful place where I grew up
And, this year, I’ve got something to say.

Neopets, would you be my valentine?
I’ll send you flowers and a Sweetheart Gram!
We’ve been through thick and thin together;
By now you’re a part of who I am.

You’ve been a constant in my life
For more than thirteen years.
I never would have guessed that, 
On a children’s site,
I’d smile, laugh, and even shed tears.

I’ve logged on during good times and bad;
I’ve made some new best friends.
My 'pets have cheered me up on sad days
And I’ve browsed the boards for hours on end.

To everyone who makes this place so magical,
Thank you for always being there.
From Comastar to snarkie, 
And everyone in between,
Today it’s my turn to show I care.

Happy Valentine’s Day, TNT!

I *Heart* Valentine's Day
by Binky1260

I *heart* Valentines Day,
Its pinks and whites and reds,
The fancy cards and flowers
And the chocolates that turn heads!

It’s the time to be especially nice
To faithful Neopets;
Surprise them with a special treat
And you’ll have no regrets.

My Maractite Draik likes music;
I’ll be her shining star
When she tears apart the wrapping
To find a Valentine Guitar.

For my shy and mellow Shoyru
I've picked a Valentine's Rug;
I know she’ll be delighted 
And reward me with a hug.

My other Draik is a bit vain
And favors lots of bling;
She’ll thank me most profusely
When she spies her Silver Valentine's Ring.

And I can’t forget my poor lab rat
Who has risked bodily harm;
His bravery will be recompensed 
With a Valentine Fyora Charm.

So, from my Neohome to yours,
Have a happy Valentine's Day!
Close your eyes and hold out your hands...
*gives you a Valentine's Bouquet*

by Tenabee

How many NC cards did you buy last year?
To calculate that number I deeply would fear.
I know there would be at least four digits,
Because I remember going crazy 
Buying capsules and wigets.

Just around the corner is Valentine's Day.
There are New Baby Shoes 
And a tree of hearts that sways. 
You ask, "Do you really need all those?"
I stare at you blankly and crinkle my nose.

Valentine's Day is to celebrate 
The things you love, 
And spending NC at the Mall 
Is what I dream of. 
I want ever single item, from wigs to mits.
My closet needs to overflow with Shenanigifts.

I get overwhelmed sometimes 
When visiting the NC Mall. 
Do I want to buy more clothes 
Or try my luck at the Wonderclaw? 
Once I went to the mall, 
But forgot what I went there to see.
But didn't leave empty handed -- 
I got a dozen of Noda's Fortune Cookies.

I cannot explain this popular phenomenon. 
It's just something that has been going on.
So, don't ask me to stop. The damage is done.
Buying NC will always be exciting and fun.

Receiving NC gifts from friends 
Will always make me smile. 
Opening Sweetheart Grams 
Will never go out of style. 
As you celebrate Valentine's Day 
With candy and chocolate pretzels, 
I will be watching my calories 
As I spend my money on pixels!

Joys Of Valentine's Day
by Treeword

Here comes Valentine’s Day,
Where 'pets go in a pair.
Yet, if you find yourself alone,
Try not to despair.

For this day of hearts
Can be fun without a friend,
Just think of all the Valentine’s
You won’t have to send.

This day, most of all,
Gives you the best excuse
To eat more sweets
Than a chubby Bruce.

Who says you can’t buy
Chocolates for your own,
Flowers in a pretty vase
Or a heart shaped scone?

Valentine’s is not a date
To sit alone and pout,
So stuff your face in chocolate,
That’s really what the day's about!

Happy Valentine's Day... Tree?
by Indulgences

The Valentine's Day Tree is a marvel to behold.
A handful of scarlet 
heart-shaped leaves adorn it.
So small and petite, it packs quite a punch.
My goodness, this tree really is exquisite.

Although it barely reaches the top of a JubJub,
And hardly half of a hovering Draik,
It proudly displays 
With its scattering of branches
That it's a lovely creation and not a mistake.

So, happy Valentine's Day... Tree! 
Buy one for yourself!
It's quite affordable and it looks really nice.
While other trees may be expensive and posh,
The Valentine's Day Tree 
Has quite a sensible price!

Happy Valentine's Day, and may all your 'pets
Be adorned with their favorite wearables, too!
Buy them something rare and covetable!
Buy them something pretty and new!

A Mysterious Addition
by Flufflepuff

Two stony, watchful eyes gazed on the pile
Of treasure gathered over many years.
The worm of ice, he slid ‘round and around
Majestically, though not without his fears.
He strives for naught but constant vigilance
As he, like everyone, grows weary still.
For every waking moment he defends
His precious wealth 
With which he’d formed a hill.

At last, the mighty hammer threw itself
On eyes that closed, 
Although they tried to stop.
The Snowager, with one last scrap of strength,
Gave in to sleep and neatly coiled on top.
With rhythms of the gentlest waves of brine,
His silver-blue scales did contract, expand.
The breath that left was but a teasing chill
To thieves -- to show its pow’r 
Was close at hand.

The day of love is celebrated once
Each year by thieves 
Who sneak around and take.
However, one Draik born with scales of grey
Crept slowly so the ice worm would not wake.
He came not from the Guild, for he was slow
And stumbled every other step he took.
With difficulty, he climbed to the lair,
While crawling close to get a better look.

The Snowager stirred once, but was immersed
So deep in deathlike sleep to which he came.
For, in his mind, he added to his hoard,
With ease that made it seem much like a game.
That did not stop the sluggish, wizened Draik.
He reached into his cloak with trembling claw,
Then softly pulled a pink and rounded Negg.
A wrinkled grin did crease his languished jaws.

The Negg was decorated with a heart,
Which almost glowed in th’ icy bluish light.
The Draik then placed the Negg among the pile
And slunk away, too ancient to take flight.
The icy worm reared up and sensed a change
He often felt upon awakening.
While searching through his hoard, 
He found a strange
Occurrence: he lacked not a single thing.

And yet, he wondered, something is amiss.
What filthy trick has just been played on me?
His eyes then fell upon the Negg at last
And then had filled with th' rarity of glee.
So let this be a lesson to you, child:
E’en those with whom 
The world won't share a part,
Can yet be shown true kindness, which has full
Capacity to melt th’ most icy heart.

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