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Neopets Poems

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A Coral Crown
by Sordid

An endless cobalt, flows the sea,
Each wave crests, pure white.
To break upon a spread of gold,
Serene such lovely sight.
There where sunlight meets the blue
And shimmer greets the sea.
You’ll find the one with coral crown,
She’s drifting, floating free.

Idle patterns trace her form
To light aquamarine.
Swirling alabaster flows
Graced by the sunlit sheen.
The swirls trace the sea itself
To decorate each fin.
Sapphire, the gaze serene,
Such wisdom dwells within.

Like ballerina doth she move,
Forth from the cresting break.
The current guides where she will dance,
The journey she will take.
A sudden dive to far beneath,
Where sunshine may not go.
A realm so silent, ocean floor,
A darkness deep below.

The knowledge of the ageless blue
Doth shine in Flotsam’s gaze.
Secrets of the depth-less flow,
Beyond the gleaming haze.
She lets the tide carry her forth,
The bubbles are her gown.
Sunbeams filter from above
To light the coral crown.

Mediocrity Rules For Flotsam Day
by Agedbeauty

You know that mediocrity rules,
And if you doubt, just ask Plesio.
And what could be more mediocre
Than heading up the sea division
Of a prehistoric Neo land?

And for this Tyrannian Flotsam,
Mediocrity suits him just fine.
It doesn’t require enthusiasm
And he does not have to fake a smile,
Nor does he have to fake a big frown.

For Plesio, mediocrity
Is the best middle ground you can find.
And, even today on Flotsam Day,
Mediocrity is his top goal,
Because then he can’t be disappoint!

To Catch A Flotsam
by Mamasimios

To catch a Flotsam, some will say,
You'll need a boat and nets,
A crafty plan and many hands,
Some traps that you can set

They say that if you make a cry
Like a baby Flotsam in despair,
Then many adults will rush to help,
Making them easy for you to snare

But to catch a Flotsam, I will say,
You simply need to follow
Where the silver sunlight on the waves
Meets the sunrise of tomorrow

Make your way to some spit of land
And wait for the coral dawn:
Soon the Flotsam sunseekers
Will merrily come along

And even now, to catch a Flotsam,
You'd need neither hook nor lure,
Nothing more than a simple song
To sing earnest and pure

If your intention is sincere
Then a Flotsam you will have caught,
For a Flotsam will follow and be a friend
To all who touch their hearts

Too Many Recipes!
by Dr_tomoe

The poor Flotsam Chef,
long since kept from his home,
ever since the massive whirlpool
destroyed the Old Maraquan dome.

He served the royal family
way back in the old days,
but now, he must serve Mumbo Pango
and feed him when the coconut says.

And being a giant coconut
would make anyone hungry,
so he must cook and cook,
so the coconut doesn't grow angry.

But the demands keep coming
more meals to be made,
every five minutes he orders
and the Flotsam Chef must obey.

Fried Octopus and Scallion Tortillas,
Pureed Chicken with Beef Pie,
Stuffed Olives with Beef Mash --
it's enough to make the chef cry.

Pureed Spinach and Lime Meatballs,
Creamy Neggs and Mustard Pancakes,
Stuffed Tomatoes and Fishy Samosas
(which, for some reason, contains Slug Flakes).

There's too many recipes
for one chef to handle alone,
so give a Flotsam a hand
and bring him that Acnefruit Scone.

by Aldurswolf

A savior of Tyrannia,
The commander of the Sea Division.
His swimming skills and brains,
Propelled him to a leadership position.

But, alas, this dear old Flotsam,
Despite his amazing feats,
Is better known as the keeper
Of the Wheel of Mediocrity.

There may not be much water
Surrounding their prehistoric land,
But when the Monoceraptor comes
He'll do what he can.

So, next time he stares at you
And says he's having "so much fun,"
Remember, for a moment,
The great things he has done.

Pause for a minute
As you hurry on your way,
And, perhaps, make him smile
With a "Happy Flotsam Day!"

Plesio And The Wheel Of Mediocrity
by Honeybee54321

Deep in the Tyrannian Jungle 
Sits a Wheel of Mediocrity, 
Neopians come to hear the rumble
And hope for a shopping spree. 

But one Flotsam, Plesio,
Is not as happy as can be.
His flippers are always crossed;
A smile is nowhere to be seen!

Managing the wheel night and day
Seems very challenging,
Plesio expects nothing more
Than mediocrity.

Here’s to Plesio -- smile for a change!
It’s Flotsam Day, let loose!
Head out to the golfing range
And be a silly goose!

No one should be grumpy 
Every day, all year long.
Today’s the day to have some fun,
And maybe even sing a song!

Plesio And His Prosaic Wheel
by Silver_azalea

This wheel, run by a
Flotsam, is known to give out
Mediocre things.

There are six spots that
Will net you a nice amount
Of gold Neopoints.

One will give you a
Primeval Tyrannian
Petpet; another,

A sweet food item!
You can win furniture, or
A sludge-covered thing.

Three spaces can harm
Your 'pet with damage, or Bones
Might just shriek at you.

Day in and day out,
The Flotsam Plesio sees
Customers come spin.

He is quite laid back
In nature, though he once was
An adept captain.

Less energetic
Now, he prefers to lay on
His trusty rock slab.

It’s a hum-drum life,
But someone has to run the
Average wheel, right? *shrug*

Return To Mystery Island
by Larkspurlane

of water
that tastes of
home – finally, she has 
returned to her  beloved Isle
of Mystery, slicing the familiar
blue-green waters with her swift fins, 
and dancing amid the high swells that 
crest and crash on that long white ribbon 
of beach as the island’s night-time symphony 
begins, crickets and Korbats greeting each other
and her like old friends in the green hills. And 
night drops her dark veil over the gentling sea, 
and the moon calls up, sweet song, once
again, her endless music from the 
sea’s surging tides.

The Flotsam Raider
by Phadalusfish

Dear Reader:
I am here to tell you,
On this momentous occasion,
Flotsam Day,
Of a terrible creature.

While you’re out celebrating
The existence of this finned species,
Their playful nature, their loving hearts,
The joy they bring to sand stretches,
Someone must sound the warning.

Off the coast of Mystery Island,
Where the deep waters are murky,
Where they churn, and sizzle,
There is a shadow creature.
I call him the Flotsam Raider.

Dear Reader:
For years, I have shouted his name,
For years I have tried to make
Neopia take heed. But, alas,
He lurks there still.

Have you ever wondered
Who stocks the Rock Pool?
What abomination of Neopia
Hunts the poor maritime Petpets
Of these tropical waters?

Let me tell you about him.
He blends into the swift-moving water.
He prowls the coral forests
And the waves of kelp
With dangerous precision.

Dear Reader:
He stalks those poor Petpets,
He watches them swim,
He despises their smiles,
And their happy natures --

And while I’m sure most
Of those poor Petpets
Find a happy home again,
Because the inhabitants
Of Mystery Island are kind --

How awful must it be
To be stolen away from your home
By a fearsome Flotsam!

Plea To A Darigan Flotsam
by Ktkdk

Mister Darigan Flotsam, sir,
Terror and master of the sea,
Please listen to my plea. 
I am much better at flattery
Than being eaten, you see. 

Mister Darigan Flotsam, sir,
I adore the shade of your skin:
A deep yellow from tail to fin --
Except for your belly of cream
And red eyes that make me scream.

Mister Darigan Flotsam, sir,
There is something else I like:
Your impressive black spikes.
You may eat me with them; though,
I hope they are just for show. 

Mister Darigan Flotsam, sir,
I have one more thing to say,
Then, hopefully, I'll be on my way.
You are simply a wonder to see. 
I just wish that you'll let me be!

So Mister Darigan Flotsam, sir,
I beg you: please let me go. 
I will praise you above and below. 
Then more will come to visit you,
So you'll have better food to chew!

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