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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Random Poetry

The Tale of Mr Krawley
by aurorapearl

Listen, if you will, a tale unjolly
of a Krawk who once so unlawfully
fed someone a brew
and disfigured them anew - 
His name was Mr Krawley.

And things spread as they do rather awfully,
and many more bought potions in folly.
It gave the whole town
a rather monstrous renown -
And the cause was Mr Krawley.

To restore all those who had wrongly
been transformed into beasts so ungodly,
a witch immature
sought to concoct a cure -
And gone was our Mr Krawley.

The witch tried for years, by golly -
Every potion and even a voodoo dolly -
But she needed a flower
With a healing power -
And it was provided by this Mr Krawley.

So concludes this tale I've told softly;
Now I ask you this rather solemnly:
he had this town cursed
and then had it reversed
but why do it at all, Mr Krawley?

Organic Foods
by spukl1

Mmmmm it is time to eat,
Breakfast or lunch it won’t be sweet,
Only the healthiest, the most organic,
If it is not fresh, I’ll start to panic!

Organic Leeks are just so much better,
Regular ones are gross & slightly wetter,
Same goes for walnuts, & broccoli too, 
If it ain’t organic, I’ll have to say adieu!

My organic garden is above the rest,
With onions and apples, it’s simply the best!
I love my mushy peas and butters,
Only organic! Milk straight from the utters!

Please transition to this healthy life,
You can taste the difference in just one slice. 
Sure, it’ll cost more from your bank,
But worth it, I tell ya, and then you’ll thank.

Organics are the only choice for me,
I couldn’t go back even if there was a plea. 
So natural and clean, it makes me smile, 
They give me the energy to run the extra mile.

I love my cherries, peaches and apples galore,      
I don’t even care if it will make me poor. 
Organics of Neopia are just the best 
Fruits & nuts aplenty, I feel so blessed.

Clash of Swords
by donaldmcronalds

When two swords clash they sing a song;
Of who is right and who is wrong;
The buzz who bests the beastly brute;
Or by the brute's hand shall the buzz fall;

The sharp sound rings loud and long;
For all to hear its tale;
Whom shall win this epic duel;
The righteous shall prevail;

But the wolfish lupe grasps his sword and swings a mighty blow;
The buzz blocks the beastly blade but his sword is cracked and low;
With one last whack the lupe finishes the blade of the brave little buzz;
In twain the buzz's sword has been rendered a fearsome foe if ever there was;

One last chance one last try;
One last moment it's do or die;
With a fearsome yell the buzz did strike;
With the hilt of his blade and all his might;

Unconscious the fearsome Lupe lay bravery and valour won this day;
When two swords clash strength and might will not always win;
For a fighter's true strength comes from within.

Balthazar's Day Off
by outlander_

Tired from his night of hunting faeries,
Balthazar plops on the couch,
His arms weary from the pack that he carries,
All his neopoints spilling from his pouch.

"All night I used to roam,
But now it is all I can do just to come home,
What is wrong with me?!
Can it be?
That I am getting old?"

He looked at himself in the mirror,
He looked old,
Then a thought came clearer:
The Neolodge- he would behold.

Out the door he ran,
To the Neolodge large and grand,
He got himself the Astrovilla suite,
With a restaurant- all he could eat.

He added grooming,
Jacuzzi and Spa,
He would be Balthazar again scary and looming,
Making the Faeries scream, "Ahhh"

But that would be later,
For today he would relax,
Being waited on by the waiter,
And being brought snacks.

Slushie Slinger
by dragonsfriend1021

They come in just after a game,
"A slushie, please!" they exclaim.
And then I have to scurry
So they get fed in a hurry
And can see the next match; that's their aim.

Each client has their own favourite flavour
That they want to consume and savour.
Chokato, Zeenana or Jumbleberry
But any one will make them merry,
For with them, their hunger won't waver.

It started out as a breeze,
When I served the first few customers with ease.
But then things got really busy,
And I started to get dizzy,
As I rushed to each customer to please.

I enjoy seeing a satisfied patron smile,
But if I can't get to them for a while,
They start to get angry,
And then I get cranky.
Why can't patience be part of their lifestyle?

The customers just keep coming, you see,
As one customer will turn into three.
This Tuskanniny's fed up
with the Altador Cup!
And I dream of the month of Swimming with glee.

Sometimes I think of transferring to Kelp
Where, unlike here, the customers do not yelp.
Then an idea comes to me.
It's as simple as ABC!
Why don't we just hire more help?!

The Lab Rat
by alien_ation

Feathers, fur, and scales
I’ve had every single skin
You couldn’t quite imagine
Just how many pets I’ve been

I remember that first zap
Feathered wings instead of fur
And a long and winding tail
Everything felt like a blur

I could barely stumble out
I was shivering with fright
But that all went away
When I learned I could take flight

Since then I’ve been a Mynci
Climbing nimbly up a tree
And a multi-coloured Koi
Riding currents in the sea

I’ve been a swift-footed Cybunny
Faster than a cannonball
I’ve been a large and hungry Grarrl
Eating dinner, plates and all

But also, I’m still me
Even as things come and go
I have my heart and mind
That is what I’ve come to know

And so I’ll stand and welcome
Anything and everything
There is always something good
In what another day may bring

Yooyuball Struggles
by lil_reef

As the whistle blows and the Yooyu drops,
You see the metallic sheen and your heart nearly stops,
A Clockwork Yooyu has been put into play,
And you try to decide whether to get out of the way.

The timer counts down and the flashing intensifies,
And you realize that running away may have been wise,
As the goal is no closer than it was before,
And the Yooyu is about to burst with a click and a roar. 

Once again the whistle blows and you take a look,
To see if you have been let off of bad luck's hook,
And have been blessed with a Yooyu that might cooperate,
and fly across the field both true and surely straight.

Unfortunately upon the field it is revealed,
That the fate of the game has surely been sealed,
As the purple winged Yooyu taunts your team,
A Darigan Yooyu is your worst dream.

To the right you aim and to the left it flies,
To your wishes it definitively never complies,
As into your own goal it passes swiftly,
Leaving you stunned and completely surprised.

Is there any chance of victory at all?
You begin to wonder as you peek at the next ball,
And the whistle pierces through the fan's cheers,
Revealing something that brings to your eyes tears. 

The beautiful Normal Yooyu, brown and round,
Has been released and is towards their goal bound,
As you run gleefully across the field and score,
Basking in the uplifting cheering fan sounds!

Though it is always quite a mystery,
The different Yooyus are a party of history,
And bring to the game a quirky twist,
That without, would surely be missed.

Mystery Picture
by andypopo

The glint of the pixels across the page,
now is the time to focus and engage. 
It inspires confusion mock and rage, 
what is this picture? You attempt to gauge. 

Pink blue green and white, 
where could this image come to light? 
You scour the pages of this site, 
but sadly no image comes to bite. 

Where is this image you demand,
the colours remind you of Faerieland!
You scour the towers of this land that is grand, 
but nothing has those pixels quite on brand. 

You open the doors to many a shop, 
you see the colours of this image pop. 
In your mind the picture you crop, 
but it's not a match but rather a flop. 

You take a step back reconsider you must, 
in your self and your skills you should trust. 
You must expand, your search is robust, 
you pivot, furrow your brow and readjust. 

You realize that the colours might be the map, 
you think I have found it, in the corner you snap!
You submit your answer is it a wrap?
No you must wait a week for a prize to fall in your lap. 

Can I ever stop playing this game? 
Sure! That is easy you claim. 
You can't be sure your thoughts you attempt to frame. 
For mystery picture is its Name. 

Now what? Next week another picture is to come, 
You sit there wondering, your fingers you strum.

Sinsi's Thoughts
by nawada

Entertaining the Neopians was a passion 
lit for a long time in my chest
The logic spark activated, no cession
attentive to every possibility of success

Like a flame, intelligence through curious eyes
changing from form to form without losing its essence
All the knowledge resume to a few tries
The shape in its most ephemeral presence

Recreated altered attempts, successes, failures
The difficulty is hiding somewhere in this shapeshifting
Challenging the limits that we imagine, our behaviours
Between the muffled mixes of laughter and sighs of quitting

Suddenly something tells me, "look to where you took them, Sinsi"
I hold my breath and get carried away by confusion
When at last I hear a youthful voice convince me
"I made it! I'm glad I didn't give up"  Brought me back from my delusion

And then a hint of a smile appears in my eyes  
and makes me think that this is a moment of glory
to which game designers like me dedicate their lives
"Shapeshifter" is a part of Neopia's story

Ode to the Obelisk War
by businesscook08

Oh, how do Ye fair? Is it the Sway the Brute or the Awakened that shall prevail?
Kandiest the Kacheek wants to sign-up, choose sides, but who is right and who is wrong?
Oh, it is so hard to decide!
The Sway today, the Brutes tomorrow, what if the Awakened fall?
How can I choose sides, I guess I choose…

Her dreams of helping win a war are now possible!
She turns to her brothers and sisters to join by her side!
They have been training for this day all of their lives!
With speed and agility, they help wage war to defend those who cannot defend themselves.
Win or lose they will know they gave it their all!

If Kandiest and her siblings pick wrong then no boon is to be had.
If they pick the right side then how do they decide which boons are worth getting?
All the Boons are wonderful, they may have to do rock-paper-scissors in order to decide!
Although they may get a boon, Kandiest and her brothers and sisters did not join for wares.
Remember, in War, some sides win and some sides lose but you have to take the good with the bad!

So as the Obelisk war goes on, it will be harder and harder for fellow Neopians to stay silent.
Will you stay on the sidelines or fight alongside your neighbours?
Have heart in knowing your sacrifice will not go unnoticed!
Win or lose you will forever be remembered as the Neopian who put others before self!
As the War of Obelisk drags on I say to you, dear Neopian, fight and fight well!

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