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Neopets Poems

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A Moehog Day Ode
by Yadoking

Moehogs! Oh, Moehogs...
Once you were just some little sprogs,
And now, grown up, in snazzy togs
(Are those your feet, or just some clogs?
Those must be awkward when one jogs --
Or when it's raining Albats and Mortogs --
Either way, avoid all bogs,
Or all your journeys will be slogs!)

Though the night might be thick as fog,
Or black as some oppressive smog,
Keep up your cheer! Be glad, agog!
Because none can stop a brave Moehog.

It's your day... hooray! Ten grogs!
And feast on a platter of Stuffed Frogs!
Or sip on some hot Neggnogs
And spin around like Moltaran cogs,
And go to sleep like little logs...
Oh Moehogs, oh Moehogs.

Morguss The Wicked
by Kuroge

Morguss is the evil witch
covered in worn brown rags,
always lugging around her
wand and some potion bags.

After the great war ended,
she now resides by the bog,
where life is poisonous
and the air filled with smog.

It is in her decrepit shack
that she conjures new spells,
ones to fire a new nova storm,
ones that control the skulls.

Her cooking pot is always 
brewing with a new color;
a potion to destroy enemies,
or one that turns you smaller.

Her origins are unknown
but her intentions evil,
her knowledge is vast,
and her powers very lethal.

Cloud Moehog Kite Days
by Sugarypixiestix2

The month of Hunting is divine,
you always see the bright sunshine.
It's perfect weather for playing,
so buy a kite without delaying.

I have a cute Cloud Moehog Kite,
it is great to watch it take flight.
As the weather gets warmer every day,
the more I can let my kite sway.

It sits on my porch awaiting me,
never can I be bored when it's free.
So, I take it whenever I have time,
going to the park is just sublime.

My Neopets always want to join in,
they love watching my kite spin.
Cloud Moehog Kites soar up high,
being made so well they're not wry.

Faeries even enjoy a kite sighting,
flying alongside it, which is exciting,
especially if I'm by Roo Island Pier,
oh, I wish it was like this all year!

Moehog Footpad
by Mamasimios

There was a time, not so long ago,
Yet near forgotten to be sure,
When Meridell was under siege
And Skarl sent the knights to war

One would think that, at such times,
The community would be allied;
That the folks would fear the Citadel,
And not the others on their own side

Yet, when the Meridell main street
Had citizens who dared to walk it,
From the shadows skulked Moehog Footpad,
That most callous of pickpockets

With hooded cape to shield himself
And leather boots upon his feet,
The thief was neither seen nor heard;
He was despicable and discreet

Moehog Footpad's hooves were delicate,
Could pick a pocket in a flash,
And with his victim none the wiser,
The thief would make his grab and dash

Could there be a crime more vile
Than to target compatriots?
In times of war, it's a sign of cowardice
To strike when guards have been sent off

The Bringer Of Night
by Howiesgrl_24

Across the sand
where the pyramids loom,
awaits a powerful Moehog
in a Lost Desert tomb.

The stuff of nightmares
is the Bringer of Night.
Haunting your dreams;
a legend of fright.

The guild of thieves 
once gathered to plot.
A "key to the heart"
their shady leader sought.

A map with strange symbols
was all the thieves had,
but their crafty ways
would soon lead them abroad

to where the sun scorches down
and the water is thin.
The map's next clue said,
"Awesome power lays within."

And so, with the help
of a few wicked pals,
the last resting place
of this Moehog was found.

Many years prior,
the Bringer of Night
terrorized the Bori,
and they were frozen in ice.

But now his tomb's disturbed.
His power, it grows.
Can the courage of the Bori
defeat this great foe?

The Bringer of Night
has a desire to seize
the Heart of the Mountain
and put an end to a species.

But the Bringer's one goal
was foiled by a key,
held in the mittened paws
of a friend of the Bori.

Instead of victory
he was turned into ice,
much to the disappointment
of the Bringer of Night.

The Undead Citizen Moehogs
by Vltava

When we were young Moehogs
playing in the dirt and dust,
climbing the fences,
watching with wide eyes;

bye and bye,
in the amber lands
of our childhood city,
our hoofprints fade
until they are no more -- 

abandoned toys
lie in time’s sands,
swallowed whole.

Are we cursed,
just doomed to roam,
forever attacking,
never relenting?
Can we find peace,
or only the clamouring
of this disease?

We have forgotten
how it is to live;
in our undead form,
on and on we go,
and we are Moehogs
no more.

Moehog Memory
by Toffeedatepudding

I once had a Moehog 
Given by the lab. 
I first thought, "Yuck!" 
But it wasn't that bad. 
Just for a day, 
I'm sure it'll be okay. 
Just for a day, 
I'll own a blue Moehog.  

Come the next day, 
Amidst a big crowd, 
In the lab I zap...
Oh dear, I got cloud! 
Just for a day, 
I'm sure it'll be okay. 
Just for a day, 
I'll own a cloud Moehog.  

It must be a sign, 
I see the silver lining. 
I join the Beauty Contest 
With zero advertising. 
Just for a week, 
Let's see what unfolds. 
After a week... 
I win BC gold!  

It's been a while; 
My Moehog is gone. 
I smile and think 
Of the trophy she's won. 
Just for Moehog Day, 
I'm sure it'll be okay. 
Just for today 
I'll remember my Moehog.

Hog. Agent 00 Hog.
by Dr_tomoe

All the card sharks in Neopia
(Spectre not included with the rest),
know of one player out there
that's considered one of the best.

It's not Capara, who has more
tricks than skill to show,
or Brucey B, who hasn't won
since the Lucky Coin fiasco.

It's the smooth secret agent
who can hold off the mob,
you can call him by his code name:
Hog. Agent 00 Hog.

He's got nerves of steel
and an unbeatable poker face.
Is he lying, telling the truth?
He already controls the pace.

You find when he plays that
he's almost impossible to beat,
which is why, all around Neopia,
he's considered one of the best at Cheat!

Jeuru Stripedmane
by Flufflepuff

He stands up straight and proudly snorts,
His head he'll toss in scorn and pride.
For no one dares to cross that line
That marks his home, his turf, his side.

His half of space, that's his alone.
No one will exercise their right
To recover their former home
And face the Moehog's wrath and might.

His mane of stripes sets him apart
From Moehogs who are weaker,
More docile ones who seldom fight
And aren't quite as eager.

Jeuru Stripedmane knows his land.
But the shining obelisk
Is magical, and ancient, too.
He's wise to not take risks.

Judge Hog
by Yarslov

Who is the bravest Moehog around?
He will never let the bad guys 
Sleep safe and sound,
You can find him at Defenders HQ,
That's right he is Judge Hog,
One really cool dude.

He believes that every Neopet 
Should walk the world safe,
So he puts on a mask
And he dons a cape,
He is the leader of Defenders on Neopia 
And he needs YOU!

On a mission you shall undertake,
You have to beat the Cave Chia...
A piece of cake.
He will reward you with 
A trophy for your case,
Oh no!
Something is out of place.
The news reports 
That something is amiss,
To which Judge Hog says with bliss:
"Defenders of Neopia will be there,
To protect the innocent and those who care."

Judge Hog,
You are the hero that we all want to be,
Not afraid to stand up for what is right,
To scare the bad guys 
In the middle of the night,
I am proud to say 
I work with you everyday.

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