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Neopets Poems

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Quiggle Day Special

An Ode to the Quiggle
by shrimpy_stan

What is that creature down the road?
Is it a frog, or maybe a toad?
The way it moves, it has quite a wiggle,
I know what it is, it must be a Quiggle!

Short and round, Orange or Blue,
There is a Quiggle made for me and you.
Green, Glowing, or Gold,
There is nothing better than a Quiggle I’m told.

They come in Robot, Rainbow, and Royal,
There is no pet so loyal.
You might find a Plushie Quiggle down the hall,
Or maybe even a Quiguki doll.

Dress them up, or dress them down,
Always with eyes, big and round. 
Wearing a dress, or wearing a wig,
There is no pet with a love so big.

Quiggles can do it all, one is a knight,
While Leeroy might give you a fright!
Some can be clumsy and maybe even plump,
While others compete in the Altador Cup.

Some love the water, and others the land,
Wherever you go, a Quiggle can be your right hand.
Feed them some veggies, it’s their first pick,
Just don’t give them cream or they might get sick.

Although a Quiggle may be small,
They will always be a friend to call.
No matter what adventure you pick,
Take a Quiggle as your sidekick!

Ealyn Hawkshanks, A Quiggle
by niddyz

When a Quiggle goes from Pirate to space,
A rush of grey thoughts surely takes place.
Am I good enough? What did I do wrong?
How ever will I learn Kreludor’s fight song?

If Ealyn Hawkshanks felt this, he said not
When he left his Pirates for a bit of moon rock.
See, that’s his game: do the job, then get out;
Let others reap the glory he can do without.

He’s never complained, never raised a dispute,
And certainly his passing skills match their repute.
Purple and Orange on a Quiggle might seem garish,
And yet he soldiers on to help his new squad flourish.

Looking forward, who knows if another team will claim
His prodigious skills someday? And no doubt the same
Sad questions might plague any veteran. But Ealyn,
Doubtless, will rise to the occasion, wailing

Away on each new opponent as if back on the deck—
Is it of a boat or a spaceship? Can’t be bothered to check.
So on this Quiggle Day, celebrate your humble friends.
May our recognition of their drive, like Ealyn’s, never end.

The Sign-up Quiggle's Quiz
by dennykins

The Altador Cup is drawing near,
Start warming up your wrist.
A question we are keen to hear:
To which team will you enlist?

A Quiggle with a clipboard waits,
To help you with this choice.
“Answer this quiz,” he plainly states,
In a croaky and bored voice. 

Is Altador your team to pick,
Or perhaps Faerieland?
Will you and Terror Mountain click,
Is Moltara your brand? 

While you may care and be intrigued,
This Quiggle’s clearly not.
He looks defeated and fatigued,
He huffs and sighs a lot. 

Even whispers of a brand-new team,
Do nothing to excite.
You ponder ‘bout the new team’s theme,
He looks impatient while you write.

You end the quiz and hand it back,
To this Quiggle painted Blue.
He picks a random welcome pack:
“This team, I guess they’ll do.”

Quiggle Battledomer
by ophiopogon

I brought Quiggle weapons to the 'Dome to fight,
Filled with determination and might,
I packed for defence,
I packed for offence,
But the results of the battle weren't quite right

I first sent my Clockwork Quiggle
To the Battledome arena's middle
But it slowed to a stop
then fell over -- Plop!
Which I must admit, did make me giggle

Good thing I thought to equip
My ingenious Quiggle Tongue Whip!
It lashed out here,
It lashed out there,
But somehow caused MYSELF to trip!

Umm... Well, that sure was... Interesting.
Time to try Sticky Quiggle Flicky Thing!
From what I understand,
It works just like a Sticky Hand,
Except there's a Quiggle at the end of the string!

Now that Sticky Quiggle's stuck on me,
Which makes my next move rather tricky,
Quiggle Leaping Boots,
Let's jump over- OOPS!
I guess not reading the manual was a bit risky!

Now I'm the Battledome laughing stock,
So I'm just gonna stop
Guess battling
Is not my thing
Instead, I think I'll just hop!

Happy Quiggle Day!

The Princess of Quigara
by spukl1

The Princess of Quigara is blonde and Green, 
With petticoats abound in gold like a queen.
Her lipstick is bright and her eyeshadow bold,
Her favorite color is pink…and purple when it’s cold.

The Princess of Quigara has many dreams,
Maybe marrying a prince isn’t all that it seems.
Xanstalon was evil and a frightful sight, 
If only she hadn’t kissed him, they’d be all right.

Prince Frogar was an imaginary prince, one dreamed up,
But he was much better than the one that really showed up.
It may have been April Fools but it surely felt real.
The whole kingdom was gone, with Xanstalon’s steal.

The Princess of Quigara will forge her own path,
No more kissing frogs, she learned of their wrath.
She doesn’t need a prince anymore…
She would rather prevent another war.

The Princess of Quigara is an amazing lass,
With beauty and grace … and a little sass.
She is the future of Quigara indeed,
We wouldn’t want anyone else to lead.

An Ode to the Flycatcher Quiggle
by i_lovee_icecream

Slumber, nap,
Jump and leap!
Spend a day at the pond,
Catch some flies or sleep.

Find the Quiggle,
In radiant Pink hues.
He’ll teach you his techniques,
Before he takes a snooze.

Set your eyes,
On a line of flies…
Wait for the right moment,
To unveil your disguise.

Yummy bugs,
For the taking.
This Quiggle shares,
His catches painstaking.

Now that you’ve eaten,
And had your fill.
Doze off on a lily pad,
Serene and still.

The Flycatcher Quiggle,
Is a peaceful friend.
He’ll help fill your belly,
His hospitality transcends.

Leeroy is Nuts for Coconuts
by oppseas01

I know I seem shady, but I’m misunderstood,
I am a beacon of light in The Haunted Wood!
My prizes are outstanding – the best around!
You can look, but no better prizes will be found!

If I made it too easy, they wouldn’t be worth a cent,
And then no one would visit my little coconut tent!
These coconuts, my beauties, deserve the best,
And if they always fell over there’d be no rest!

They have feelings, my coconuts, they tell me so,
They get very sad when they fall from a throw.
If my coconuts are sad, I am not pleased,
And they could get a coconut disease!

That’s when my beauties turn into prizes,
When they fall, their cheery demeanour capsizes!
Then they become the evil coconuts you know,
Good for collecting, but not good for the soul!

My sweet little babies, I must bid them adieu,
Because of that ball that one of you threw!
So of course the accusations are true!
I nail them down, and you would, too

..If the coconuts spoke to you

Kooky for Quigukis
by shenkuun

June 13th (2003) was the day,
When Quigukis first came out to play.
Froggy and green,
They hit the scene.

A parody to the Usuki!

They are yellow wide-eyed,
Their collectors satisfied.
Goofy and loveable,
Don't forget, huggable.

A collector's dream come true!

Inspired by Quiggles they are,
There's also a Quiguki Pop Star.
Queen Fyora, Mime, and Kass,
There's a Quiguki for every class.

King Hagan Quiguki wields knowledge & charm!

Innocently smiling back,
Glimmering on a rack.
Treasured and prized,
Each wears a disguise.

The more for one to customise!

Their stare can seem vacant,
But love for them is blatant.
They are sold in the Toy Shop,
Just over the tabletop.

Where dreams and whimsies hop!

Leeroy's Lucky Loser
by dihybrid

SO! You found my little game
Within the Haunted Woods.
Could I offer you the chance to win
Some of my exclusive goods?

“No, thanks,” you say, and break my heart.
Why, I just want to see you win!
The only thing that fuels my fire
Is seeing my customers grin.

“Well, maybe,” I hear, a glimmer of hope
That you could have barrels of fun!
And imagine how splendid your walk home will be
After you’ve finally won!

“Just one throw” is uttered, an exchange is made:
One hundred Neopoints for a good toss.
A bullseye! It moved! But only a bit.
I’m sorry kid, that’s a loss.

“I’ll try again,” is music to my ears,
And I bet you this time it’ll fall!
Oh dear, you missed. And you missed once more.
Do you need a different ball?

“Just one more chance,” I hear you plead,
“I know I can get it this throw!”
No more throws, sorry, you’ve had yer lot.
I’ll see you again tomorrow!

A Quiggle’s Eyes
by xxjenraexx

A Quiggle’s eyes stay afront,
It’s good for staring or a hunt.
They never waver or even shut,
I even wonder if they can get cut. 

Some Quiggles cannot see,
Like Burlaps, Halloween, Robots, and Zombie.
However, what they lack in sight is made up in color. 
No right Neopian would even mutter.

The intensity of their eyes can draw one in,
Or send others running to their kin.
If you catch one staring at you from afar,
Would you think the moment’s quite bizarre?

I’ve heard many Neopians voice their frustration,
While many others are overcome with infatuation. 
For a Baby Quiggle, its eyes show hope.
And that’s enough for some Neopian folk.

At the end of the day, a Quiggle’s eyes reveal much information.
About its health, mood, or mere creation.
Many owners will attest to their reputation,
And for that Neopia will come together for a celebration.

Quite Quirky Quiggles
by chai7705

There is a Neopet that never fails
To make me chuckle and giggle 
Whether with a good joke or funny face
Of course I’m talking about Quiggles!

They’re often found in and around ponds
Or puddles, making riff-raff
They’ll bounce, they’ll croak, and they’ll splash
Whatever it takes to get a laugh!

Even their shape is quite fun
Their bodies so squat and near square
And who can resist that wide smile
With big googly eyes that do stare!

Just make sure they’re fed carefully
Health foods are best — hold the cream!
If a Quiggle gets so much as a taste
They’ll get a case of the Neezles so extreme! 

But you may know this from the Flycatcher
There’s something, unlike meat or sweets
That Quiggles do love to munch on
Buzzy flies, to them, are a treat!

Though too long without fun’s a drag
They’ll try to not let it get them down
That Wheel of Monotony Quiggle works real hard
Spending hours bored as it spins ‘round!

So let’s celebrate this Quiggle Day with some laughs
“The Giggling Quiggle” - that sounds just right
Or “Quiggle Joke Book” could be quite good
Anything with Quiggles is a delight!

The Health Foods Quiggle
by maddie_bangz

Grocery shopping can be tricky
If you’re trying to be healthy
But there’s a shop in Neopia
That’s not just for the wealthy

Neopian Health Foods is the spot
Run by a Quiggle who loves his greens
Veggies are the powerhouse that
Keep this Quiggle running like a machine

He’ll stock up on all of your favorites
Like vitamins, fruits, and veggies of course
He’s got some soups and sandwiches
That’re so good you’ll just have to endorse

And because they’re healthy you’ll feel so good!
Full of energy for the day ahead
This Quiggle will be so happy too
He loves to keep his customers fed

Sometimes you might catch him snacking
On the greens hidden under the table
They’re his favourite, he can’t help it!
They’re the best foods to keep him stable

So if you want a balanced diet
Give the Health Foods shop a chance
And prepare for a delicious meal
That’ll make you want to jump and dance!

Collecting Quiguki
by therainbowsheep

Some display cases sparkle and shimmer,
Their contents possessing unique glimmer.
But mine is simply emerald green,
The finest colour you've ever seen!

I do not collect trinkets or Usuki,
You guessed it - I favour Quiguki!
Their playful charming face
Is more my kind of pace.

Each Toy Shop visit ends in a haul,
Since I aim to collect them all!
But some are extremely rare,
The shopkeeper never has spares!

Like Pop Star or Blushing Bride,
I take the missing ones in stride.
Still, what I've managed to grab
Thus far is rather fab!

Summer Fun and Pirate are my faves,
And over Gamer Quiguki I rave!
They all look so cute in a line,
I am proud to call them mine!

I swear Quiguki are underrated, 
By some, they're even hated!
But there's nothing more sweet
Or delightful and neat!

Reminiscent of the lovely Quiggle,
These toys make me giggle!
I am forever happy with my collection,
And will always give it affection!

The Wheel of Monotony Quiggle
by alagfalaswen

This is a slow shoutout to praise
the Quiggle who deserves a raise
for doing what many avoid,
as it would make them most annoyed
to watch the Wheel of Monotony
creak round and round p o n d e r o u s l y 
and click through each bracket  s  l  o  w  l  y.

A single spin alone can drive
me into madness; yet, he thrives
with that ennui on his face
as ‘tick-tick-tick’ keeps on its pace.
“I’ve got all day,” this Quiggle says,
as I stare at him in a daze.

I barely last a daily round,
yet he seems immune to the sound
of the wheel’s monotonous
turning that seems to be endless. 
He even acts appropriately
When the prize is shown finally.

So props to you, Wheel Quiggle sir,
for being a steady presence here
on this hot and humid plateau
to maintain this slow wheel running so.
Cheers to your well-worn tolerance
and consistent indifference.

The Money Tree Ghost Quiggle: A Neopet's Lament
by _brainchild_

This Quiggle is a rotten brute!
The nasty thief has no repute.
He hangs around the Money Tree
And steals donations with great glee.

He's dressed in mummy wraps and chains.
You look at him and know he gains
His Neopoints illicitly,
Unlike the pets dressed normally!

This scoundrel simply loves to rob.
Instead, he ought to get a job!
Kind people donate, yet the Quiggle
Steals it with a selfish giggle.

I never want to see this frog
Again. All that he does is hog
Donations for the ones in need.
He's overtaken by his greed.

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