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Neopets Poems

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Notable Gnorbu
by Darling25

Today we want to celebrate
An underrated kind of Neopet
Although they are really great
We don’t know much about them yet

The famous Gnorbu aren’t many
But I assure you that they do exist
You may have thought there wasn’t any
But some names they do make the list

First of all is a captain of the seas
Tuan the brave commands a ship
That sails high up above the trees
And he makes sure you enjoy the trip

Igneot is another well-known guy
He's a wise man in Moltara's cave
Ask him something, don’t be shy
The way to wisdom he will pave

We also have Apple Bobbing Bart
Who is mean and prone to cheat
But when you're visiting his cart
You might get something good to eat

Another captain makes the list
Mirsha Grelinek plays Yooyuball
She leads Team Shenkuu through the mist
And is the fiercest of them all

Princess Terrana most know by sight
The Shenkuu Warrior is she
Very agile, brave, and light
And can climb up in every tree

These Neopets are only some
I’m sure there will be many more
Famous Gnorbu yet to come
Stranger things have happened before

Help Shear The Gnorbu
by Chavo_guerrero

The weather still is cold outside,
So who would shed their wool?
Save the lovely little Gnorbu,
Who never acts so dull.

Although it might be frosty,
It's time to shear him down,
Of starting on "Spring Cleaning,"
The Gnorbu wears the crown.

Perhaps he is too early,
And I've no doubt he'll be cold,
But still he'll shear his wool off,
Until he is quite bald.

And then he'll grow some pretty wool,
To start the year off right,
And every day he'll have some more,
As it grows right through the night.

So come down to the shearing sheds,
And perhaps even lend a hand,
And help us shear the Gnorbu,
From all Neopian lands.

And when the day is over,
There'll be lots of wool to spare,
So if you got socks for the holiday,
Why not knit another pair?

Shearing Day Revenge
by Jjquil

It's not always easy being part of a herd
Sure, the grazing is easy, company's preferred 
But all the other Gnorbu make me feel absurd 
With their teasing, and mocking,
And cruel words! 

A baby Gnorbu: pathetic, hairless, pink -- 
I never asked to be cutesy, and shrink! 
Now I get sunburnt when I try to drink 
At the watering hole -- this really stinks! 

See, I was a victim of Boochi's ray gun
And all my former buddies 
Have decided to shun 
Me; how unfair, since now I'm the only one 
Without a mane to block out the wind and sun! 

At least I'll get the last laugh today 
As they check their calendars with dismay! 
Whether your mane is disco, cloud, or grey,
No Gnorbu is safe from Shearing Day! 

Go ahead and tease me the rest of the year 
Just keep in mind 
Who'll be wielding the shears!
Watch all your fluffy wool disappear 
As I knit a muffler, to cover up my ears!

Wise Old Gnorbu
by Fleur_411

He studies in his temple
The Wise Old Gnorbu
If you want to venture there
He has a challenge for you.

Look upon his lunar chart
And see if you can find
The answer to his question of
Where the sun does shine.

Study the map closely
For you’ve only got one shot
Take your time and look hard
Lest your choice be rot.

And even if you fail his test
The Gnorbu is still quite kind
He’ll send you off with Neo Crackers
And wish you luck for next time.

Shyanna's Shearing
by Stariefaerie

A shy and lonely Gnorbu waits,
Her heart beating, awfully fast.
Eyes are roving, to and forth,
'Round the dingy shearer's task.

Reclining on a wooden stool,
Waiting for her clipping, here.
Thoughts do wander in her head,
To her pastime, she holds dear.

Nodding off, Shyanna dreams,
Young Neopets would call to her,
"Shyanna, our plushies, please!"
These voices doth make her stir.

She wakens with a startled gasp,
But has a glint in her eye.
A spark that is anew,
Her dream did cause this pacify.

For what Shyanna loves the most,
Is making plushies, more than all.
Seeing children happy with,
Her warm toys, and hear their call.

Grinding her teeth together now,
She feels her coat, slowly go.
Patiently, waits for the end,
As the bald spots start to show.

Her fear has now been overcome,
The shearing caused no pain.
Shyanna is free, at last!
Until next year, come the same.

Click, Click, Click!
by Abductee

Watch out, Gnorbu! Flee, flee!
The shears have been sharpened,
It's that time, don't you see?

Your woolly coat will soon disappear!
The mane you wear proudly,
It'll be made into winter gear!

For a whole day you'll be cold and sad.
While your fleece is sheared,
And used for the latest fashion fad!

You see the Kacheek in the fine red mittens?
They're made of Gnorbu wool,
So you really should listen!

You'd best be sneaky, silent, and fast!
A Gnorbu can't hide forever,
Not even behind a Plushie Eyrie Mask.

Be on your guard and listen closely.
If you hear the click of the shears,
Move quick if you want to stay toasty!

On January six in this Year Thirteen,
It's Gnorbu Shearing Day,
So beware of the crafty Neopets Team!

Igneot's Flames
by Kuroge

What do you wish to ask, 
curious young child?
The wise Gnorbu speaks
with a warm smile.

Into a basin of flames,
Igneot throws a coal,
his profound stare
penetrates the soul.

Sparks create fires,
fires echo thoughts,
is this the answer
you have sought?

The light sheds truth
inside our minds,
inside the fire,
what will you find?

Gnorbu Shearing Day
by Meerca1234212

In the fields and farms of Neopia,
There comes a day in each year,
That stands out from all others,
Which every Gnorbu has come to fear.

Oh, Shearing Day -- the name
That rings such terror in Neopets' minds;
It’s the one day of the year,
Where the Gnorbu are hard to find.

With thick manes of luxurious wool,
These finely coiffed 'pets file in a line:
Once the day is done and over,
Their locks will no longer be so divine.

Wool turned into multicolored spools,
Sorted with delicate care.
Knit into warm sweaters and caps,
But the Gnorbu shiver in the frigid air.

But fear not, for wool will grow,
And doubtless the year will fly,
In a year’s time Gnorbu will be here again,
Once again looking so fine.

Lessons On Gnorbu Shearing Day
by Ktkdk

Once there was a cloud Gnorbu
With a very fluffy coat.
He was a bit too proud of it,
Which is important to note.

He would brag to the other 'pets,
"I am totally the best.
My mane is made out of clouds.
That makes me better than the rest."

The other 'pets didn't like this talk
And amongst themselves would say,
"He won't be bragging so much
Come Gnorbu Shearing Day!"

Then the month of Sleeping did arrive,
And the proud Gnorbu no longer jeered,
For the sixth day is Gnorbu Day
And the cloud Gnorbu found himself sheared!

A wonderful thing then happened:
Although the Gnorbu felt he looked lame,
And that no one would like him this way,
His friends treated him just the same.

The moral of this story is:
Your appearance can easily change,
So do not care about it too much.
True friends will like you, 
Even if you look strange!

Lament For Lost Wool
by Lil_bit_95

A worried Gnorbu sat alone
behind a fence of wood and stone.
He looked around for any sign
of someone coming up behind.
He knew, you see, the time was near,
for Gnorbu Shearing Day was here.

This Gnorbu didn't want to be
bald and pink for all to see.
Said he, "I'd rather keep my wool
than go 'round looking like a fool.
For have you e'er seen such a sight
as a hairless Gnorbu? What a fright!"

So, hiding there behind his fence,
this Gnorbu spent the day, quite tense.
But it was all for naught, it seems,
for the moment he succumbed to dreams
the farmer found him sitting there,
and fast relieved him of his hair.

So now the naked Gnorbu sits
and grumbles and complains a bit
to anyone who's passing by.
"And this, my friends, of course is why
I tried to hide," you'll hear him say.
"Oh, how I hate this shearing day."

The Gnorbu's Starlight Festival
by Celticlady91

A sweet Christmas Gnorbu hurried along, 
and as she went, she whistled a song.
Her name was Gnoryou, and she wouldn't wait
to reach Terror Mountain. She mustn't be late.
Now was the time appointed each year
for all of the Neopets 
to share Christmas cheer.
The "Starlight Festival" each longed to see 
was centered around a tall Christmas tree.  
And part of the fun of the Festival was 
that each star was placed 
on the tree with their paws.
Each star was lovingly made in their home,
then brought to the tree, 
which was topped by a gnome.
This statue was made to resemble their friends 
who worked for Santa, and came to attend
the Wintertime Festival held every year 
at Terror Mountain on a day cold and clear.  
She arrived just in time as the melody rose 
from all of the Neopets gathered so close
to the tree that they all 
looked like one big wreath 
as each placed their star 
on that huge Starlight Tree.  
And when they stood back, 
they heard the applause 
of all of the elves, gnomes, and Santa Claus. 
His "Ho, ho, ho!" echoed among the peaks 
of Terror Mountain as he left to seek 
his reindeer and sleigh. For now it was time 
for him and his sleigh 
pulled by reindeer to climb 
up to the heavens and fly through the night 
to bring everyone the joy and delight 
of such toys and goodies 
as were tucked away 
in the depths of the magical sack in his sleigh. 
And as each Neopet watched the sleigh climb, 
they sang out their carols, for now it was time 
to share the gifts they had hidden away 
to give to each other 
on "Winter Starlight Celebration" day.

A Quest For Chocolate
by Abductee

Lambswool waits patiently every night,
And wishes and hopes with all her might,
That someday she'll be as sweet as can be,
To zap into Chocolate is her ultimate dream.

Along the way she's had many colourful zaps,
On Gnorbu Shearing Day 
She'll get lucky, perhaps?
She's been the basics: 
Red, blue, yellow and green,
And so many others 
Like you've never before seen.

Subdued were the colours 
Of brown, shadow and grey,
While cheerful and happy 
Were pink, purple, and faerie.
Tyrannian and mutant had seen better days,
But cloud and white were a wonderful haze.

Being zapped robot 
Brought with it some casing,
Which looked great with 
The colours electric and glowing.
Her first zap was Christmas and a jolly affair,
And the hottest was fire, 
Which she wore with a flair.

Lambswool has had quite the varying fleece,
Too many to properly remember, at least!
On this her third year of continuous zapping,
She'll once again 
Lose her wool while she's a-napping.

She'll go to the lab on the 6th day of Sleeping,
And give the Lab Ray scientist 
A familiar greeting.
While chocolate is her one true goal,
What colour she'll come out as, nobody knows!

Gnorbu Shearing Day
by Xweetok273

It's time to shave your own Gnorbu
Whether it is red or blue,
Baby, brown, and plushie too,
Just shave your hairy pal Gnorbu!

Shave hair off of every spot
Make sure that the hair is caught.
Knit it all into a vest
To make your Gnorbu look its best

Don't be afraid to shave them all,
All your Gnorbu big and small!

Gnorbu Shearing Day
by Sweet_mailynn

It's Gnorbu Shearing Day 
so cast those hairy coats away!
It's time to shear then grow anew
come on and shave your own Gnorbu!

Alas, the time has come again
because it is the season when
all Gnorbu bid their coats "Adieu!" 
Green and yellow, red or blue.

Too bad the Gnorbu aren't compliant
in fact, they are a bit defiant,
but with some gifts and a vacation
they'll restrain from retaliation.

Well, what are your waiting for?
Don't be shy!
Come on, just give it your best try,
simply grab some sheers 
like you've done before
and watch his hair fall to the floor.

Sheriously Shearing
by Sheena_baby_the_cat

Fluffs fall to the ground
Of silky white tufts of hair,
Covering the grass.

The 'pets grow it out
All year in preparation
For this holiday.

Gnorbu prance to this
Occasion from near and far,
All coats up to par.

Come one, come all, but
Make sure you clear the way, it's
Gnorbu Shearing Day!

Happy Gnorbu Day From Shenkuu
by Agedbeauty

Today is Gnorbu Day,
So let’s remember Shenkuu.
That may seem a leap to make,
But wait and I’ll explain it all to you.

You see, the Gnorbu do not 
Call any land their own.
Instead, wherever they happen to be
Will earn the title of home.

But of all the lands
Who might wish to stake a claim,
Shenkuu has the biggest chance
With two famous Gnorbu to its name.

Mirsha Grelinek is the 
Most famous of them all.
Shenkuu’s team captain, 
With unmatched skill in Yooyuball.

Under her leadership, 
Shenkuu wins many matches!
And behind her, her opponents
Can only taste dust and ashes.

But though the athlete is 
Truly quite well known,
We can’t forget Princess Terrana,
Who calls Shenkuu her home.

This royal princess is often lost
In the shadow of her famous sister,
But her warrior skills and poise
Mean that no one should miss her.

And so, with these two 
Famous Gnorbu in its kingdom,
Shenkuu has most claim to say “Happy 
Gnorbu Day from home” -- and then some!

Gnorbu Shearing Day
by Kuramas_kitsune

Scared and frightened the Gnorbu all hide
From the shearer that slowly prepares inside
As they cower they remember 
Last year’s endeavor
A horrible humiliation 
To be remembered forever
One by one each Gnorbu was quickly shed
They even caught the Gnorbu who fled
There was no escape, they were surely doomed
To a day without their precious coat, it loomed
In every Gnorbu mind year after year after year
Being sheared and left pink 
For all to see, oh dear 
All the Neopets they laugh and they snicker
At the poor Gnorbu who couldn’t be quicker
Unable to run and keep their gorgeous fluff
Gnorbu thought it made being beautiful tough
As they waited for the shearer 
To open the door
One Gnorbu rose up like no other before
Gnorbu, we should look at this 
In a new, better way
After all, we are so special to be sheared today
We have a whole day dedicated to us!
This, I assure you, is one big plus
Only our fluff is sheared once a year
It is surely the most appealing, so cheer!
So one day we are left pink and ugly
The rest of the year we are quite cuddly
The Gnorbu cheered and were no longer afraid
They were, indeed, 
The most beautiful of all to be made

The Wise Gnorbu
by Dr_tomoe

In the hills of Shenkuu
far above the mists.
Lies the Lunar Temple
to test one's wits.

Within the temple
a wise Gnorbu stays
and maintains the charts
for Shenkuu's lunar days.

To keep it accurate
and the calendar moving
he monitors Kreludor
and watches where it's going.

And to all visitors
and to all guests
he offers this challenge
he offers this test.

The wise Gnorbu
picks a spot on the chart
for Neopia and Kreludor
and then it can start.

To determine the phase
of the moon at that point.
And, hopefully, they'll correctly answer
or the wise Gnorbu they'll disappoint. 

But right or wrong
a prize shall be won.
If correct, perhaps a fine Lunar Cape.
If wrong, Rainbow Dung.

Wool, Wool, Wool
by Sailorlunacat

Wool as soft as the falling snow
on the crisp, fresh wind of the new year,
wool as warm as the charcoal embers
in the wood stove burning here.

It comes in all sorts of colors,
in shades of warmth and cool hue,
we gather it all up together
the wool fresh from all shorn Gnorbu.

Then there's knitting wool 
mittens and sweaters, 
and lining boots and coats, too. 
There's heaps and mounds 
of the fluffy soft stuff,
it's amazing what wool can really do.

How all in one day? Is it every single one?

Don't ask how they shear 
those who are magma, 
I can't quite envision myself, 
but I would guess it involves lots of water 
and gloves probably will help.

The owners of chocolate Gnorbu 
may be the luckiest yet, 
for every January sixth they can eat  
shavings from their sweet chocolate 'pet.

Snow Gnorbu are sculpted, 
and plush need a trim. 
Is it just me, 
or do mutants look dim?

As for shaving of robots I wonder, 
if that is actually done. 
But maybe my question was moot.
Will you be shaved, I asked one robot
He replied with "Does not compute."

Once a year, every year, the Gnorbu all come, 
to the wooliest gathering and have lots of fun. 

I just feel sorry for them on their shearing day. 
Since it's this time of year, 
for they get their wool sheared 
when it's chilliest here.

Wise Old Igneot
by Kaddiez

A Gnorbu of Moltara’s name,
Painted burning hot.
A mystic seer taming flames,
The wise, old Igneot.

Leader of Moltarans 
Who live past city walls.
Through the molten rock and caves
His jurisdiction falls.

Said to be so powerful,
Controlling lava with his mind.
Upon a garnished cavern side,
Igneot resides.

With words of wisdom for who ask
And wander in his grotto.
Though his advice is strange at times,
Obscurity is his motto.

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