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Neopets Poems

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Elephante Day
by Vinylchloride

The sixteenth of January is a day
That is celebrating Elephantes in a special way.
A friendly Neopet 
That's been around for awhile,
You'll find Elephantes never 
Fail to make you smile.

They love to play around in your Neohome,
Their ultrasteel tusks 
Are good in the Battledome.
If you're feeling sad, 
They always know just the thing
With their big amber eyes 
And tiny little wings

They love any Petpet 
That would bring them food,
It is hard to find an Elephante 
In a sour mood.
A well-known fact that is known worldwide
Is that every Elephante 
Would rather be outside.

Elephantes love Terror Mountain 
And Tyrannia too,
But Mystery Island is where 
They'd rather come to.
They love to lay in the beach in sun lotion,
But even more, they love to swim in the ocean.

Today is their special day, 
Day of the Elephante,
Celebrate with your 'pet in a special way.
And if you're feeling blue, visit the shore,
See the Elephante smile 
And you'll want nothing more.

Pacha The Elephante
by Jokerless

Within the heart of Tyrannia
Lonely is an Elephante's life
However little did he know
It was to be filled with strife 

Struck down from sickness
Healed barely with the cure
Inspired greatly by the doctor
A new life began, as it were

Starting his own medical work
Moving on to help the sick 
Never to leave the disabled
Living his dream as he picked

Nowadays his shop is there
Full of Petpets running about
At the Tyrannian Petpet Shop
Not one Petpet is left in doubt

Now Pacha is an inspiration
Once someone hidden in crowd
On this special day this guy
Is an Elephante to be proud

All Hail Zombom!
by Brittanyftw

Located at a mysterious tower,
Things getting scarier by the hour.
On the 4th level, what can it be?!?
Zombom the Elephante, how scary!

A powerful wizard is what he be!
Casting spells over White River City.
No one can cross, what to do?!?
We need a hero, or maybe two...

With his magic cloak he cast spells!
Making anyone he faces dwell.
He'll cast zeal and begone in great haste!
Or he'll fight and hit you with decimate...

He wants to rule all lands, but is at a loss!
Seeing as he'll have take it up with his boss.
Who later overthrows the king at will.
But that's another story, let's seal this deal.

What's this? A challenger? 
Who dares step up?!?
A young little Blumaroo? Things will erupt.
Zombom knew he was coming 
And has been waiting!
Now to see which one will be fainting.

The battle commences, weapons high!
Zombom zaps Rohane to the sky!
He comes down and cuts Zombom deep!
The mighty villain just met defeat.

Suddenly the bridge comes down, he did it!
All the townspeople celebrate in his spirit.
Zombom gives a mighty heap, and yells in pain!
Now knowing his power was not the same.

As he falls, so do his followers.
All defeated, by a wanderer.
He now wishes he can return to his mom,
But, for now, goodbye Zombom.

The Elephante Stomp!
by Honeybee54321

Did you hear that sound?
It’s an Elephante stomping the ground!
You can hear it for miles around,
When that Elephante does a-pound!

So vast and big,
Breaking every twig,
Eating all the figs,
And doing a little jig.

Pacha loves his Petpets,
He thinks they’re as good as it gets!
With his big fangs and brown fur,
He is really quite a stir!

Elephantes are surely massive,
But their temper is quite passive.
Not a Neopet calmer or kind,
I’d love to call an Elephante mine!

Happy Elephante Day!

The Jazzmosis Elephante
by Mamasimios

Monotonic, shades of grey,
The hues belie the tint;
The rainbow of sound created
By the Jazzmosis Elephante

Fedora, check, upon his head,
He wears a sombre suit,
No tie constricts his bullish neck,
His limbs hang lank and loose

He listens as his bandmates wail,
His feet, they tap the ground,
The Concert Hall is jumping
With smooth, syncopated sound

There's bass, keyboards, and saxophone,
Some drums to keep the rhythm,
But the only instrument the Elephante needs
Is the one that was born with him

Waiting for his cue to start,
He closes his grey eyes
Takes a mighty, lung-filled breath
And begins improvise

Bebopping a bluesy jive
Through his euphonious trunk,
The drab Jazzmosis Elephante
Paints with a palette that's brilliant

Counting Baby Elephantes
by Agedbeauty

At night tucked safe and sound in bed
I might restlessly twist this way and that.
Some would count Babaas to sleep
But not me; I count Baby Elephante Hats.

Yes, when sleep’s elusive
I no longer fret or moan
I simply count the small jeweled crests
And that puts me in the sleeping zone.

One tiny Baby Elephante Hat,
Atop one tiny baby Elephante head,
Two hats, three hats, maybe more
But in lieu of counting, I drifted off instead.

And in my dreams I see 
No jumping Babaas;
I don’t see their wooly heads
Or their tiny cloven paws.

No, not I! You might have even guessed
That instead of woolen Petpets prancing,
I see tiny jeweled caps worn by
Adorable baby Elephantes dancing.

So, as I wake the next morn,
I smile as sunlight gleams,
For entranced by baby Elephantes,
I am refreshed by restful dreams.

Things For Your Elephante
by Fyora_fyora__33

Hurray, it is Elephante Day;
A feast for our friends, hey, make way!
Now, what can we get our cheery buds?
There are so many things to make them glad.

Now, how about a little snack?
Maybe it's the chocolate Elephantes 
That they lack,
From milk to chocolate, they're good flavours;
They're definitely things to truly savour.

How about something cuddly?
You should try the those Elephante plushies!
Carefully patched with you in heart,
No one can resist these works of art!

And also, a good book will do,
Defending Your Elephantes 
Will teach a thing or two.
Don't fret, in store's still a great selection,
Like Elephante Dreams, a great piece of fiction.

And last but not the least, 
If you want to please,
Let's give Elephantes the things they wish.
Make their day bright 
And be sure you have lots
Of their all time favorite -- peanuts!

Ellsworth The Neopies Host
by Darling25

Ellsworth is a famous Elephante.
He is always very slick and elegant.
He is also the most lovely host,
This Elephante is known by most.

Presenting the Neopies every year,
To most Neopians he is very dear.
Always staying neutral and fair,
And has Neopia's shiniest hair.

He’s in the club for gourmet food,
And Ellsworth’s always in the mood,
To talk about his favorite treat,
The finest bonbons you can eat.

For the Neopies show you could get,
A backstage pass for your Neopet.
If you throw him a bonbon or two,
Ellsworth will certainly give one to you. 

Wearing fancy suits with a bow or tie,
It’s impossible not to admire this guy.
A valuable member of Neopian society,
Ellsworth -- the poster child for propriety.

Describing The Transparent Elephante
by Aldurswolf

A perpetual smile sits on his face
Whether he's giddy or cross
But this big ol' lug wears the grin well
For he's the nicest one you'll come across

His heart (as you see) is quite large
(Both in a physical and metaphorical sense)
For with all of the kindness and joy it must hold
His heart has to be that immense

The wings on his back 
Do seem small for his kind
And maybe, just a tad frail
But worry not, my dear friends, for despite this
From adventure he does not quail

He's bony yet bulky and disturbingly cute,
(Though maybe that's all in one's head)
If you see him just smile and give him a nod
The transparent Elephante's 
Not one you should dread

Song Of The Elephante
by Dortho

Elephante with your trunk so long,
How many Neopkins would it take, 
For your sneeze not to create a snot lake?
Just about as loud as a gong!

"I don't have a cold!" he retorted.
He was just looking around, 
No peanuts were found...
While all through the shrubbery he sorted.

Looking for his little lost Snarhook, 
Through all the shrubs he thoroughly moved,
Careful as he could, due to big hooves, 
It is a stragegy he learned from a book. 

Then he heard the sound 
From a little trumpet nose.
Could it possibly be his Snarhook friend?
With all the scenery, it did blend. 
The closer he got, the sound grows and grows!

The little Snarkhook got too close 
To Destruct-O-Match II. 
Piles of rubble on top of the little guy, 
His Elephante friend knows exactly what to try!
With a bag of peanuts, he knows what to do!

He chowed down the peanuts 
And shared some with his Snarhook friend. 
Gently, slowly moving the rubble, 
Those boulders were removed 
As gently as a bubble!
They both trotted off, as fast as the wind.

The Elephante sang 
His happy trumpet song for the rest of the day! The Snarhook chimed in, as you might say. 
If you cross paths with 
The friendly and helpful Elephantes one day, 
You might want to stop 
And wish them a Happy Elephante Day!

An Ode To The Tyrannian Elephante Shopkeeper, Pacha
by Alagfalaswen

No tinkling bells or heavy drapes
will you find in this small store.
Just curious eyes of the Tyrannian kind
of various types and more.

The kindly storekeeper comes to you,
(no gentler giant than he),
and says, in his politest tone,
"Gal-aka-aka-bo! Nah-de!"

While you might not speak Tyrannian,
there's no mistaking the proud look
this Elephante casts on the Petpets
in every corner and nook.

You've heard the various stories 
of how he used to ail,
his skills at rescuing Petpets
is another wondrous tale,

of the hours he'd spent nursing
each Petpet as if his own
before he gently sends it off
to an equally-loving home.

Tipping your hat at Pacha
(for it is this Elephante's name),
you carefully survey the Petpets
for the reason that you came.

By and by, when you exit,
a Niptor under your arm,
you smile as you remember
a certain Elephante's charm.

200m Peanut Dash
by Secant

Although my game is popular all around,
I have to say the rules aren't sound.
My Puppyblew knows, but he won't cry
When I toss the peanut to the sky.

I'm an Elephante, lover of foods.
They feed to all different types of moods.
Marshmallows, chocolate, Soup of the Day,
And peanuts, peanuts -- all the way!

Yet the object of the game is to throw away
This tasty treat that I want here to stay.
The agony! The woe! The pity of it all.
Peanuts are fine foods -- not some toy ball.

So if you have a Bag of Peanuts to spare
Please help me out, please do share?
An Elephante needs his favorite treat
At all times of the day, to munch and eat.

Luck Of The Elephante
by Peircedchic

Lovely Elephante Day is here,
All Neopians are graced with cheer.
Spreading luck here and there,
Random Events are everywhere.

Because the Elephante is a lucky 'pet,
You never know what you might get.
So try your luck at the Neopian Lottery 
Or even on the slots,
Everyone will get to see what you got.

Treat your Elephante to a nice treat,
Maybe a peanut or two,
He will be your forever friend,
Because that's what friends do.

Celebrate the day with lots of games in store
And wait around to see much more.

Elephante Day comes but once a year,
So spend the evening with great cheer.

Elephante's Little Cousin
by Jjquil

Elephante, you smile so sweetly,
Do you know something we don't know?
I do have a question for you, 
I hope it's apropos. 

Elephante, can you guess my query? 
You might answer me with a sigh 
But really, with those tiny wings, 
How can you ever hope to fly?

Elephante, is your cap enchanted? 
Does magic get you airborne?
Could I wear your little hat, then, 
Or is it only Elephante-worn? 

Elephante, can you only hover, 
When you flap your tiny wings?
Are they ornamental? 
We could hoist you up with strings! 

Elephante, do you like the sky,
Or do you prefer solid ground?
I must admit, I like it better, 
When I have you around. 

Elephante, am I bothering you?
I didn't mean to bug! 
I'll let you go off on your way 
Right after one big hug!

The Dark Tale
by Kuroge

A dark tale does shroud
the dark and eerie night,
to those who have no wit,
the scene is only a fright.

The nameless gypsy
picks up a dusty book,
and gives his audience,
a mysterious look.

Listen, young Neopians
who dare tread this path,
let me tell you a story
about the villagers' wrath.

There once was a curse
that turned them into beasts,
only when courage was cast,
was the horrible evil ceased.

As the dark tale unfolds,
time seemed to stop in place,
but when day comes again,
he has left without a trace.

Elephante Surprise
by Duckywaddle

It's no surprise, a Bag of Peanuts 
Is an Elephante's favorite treat,
It beats pot roast, steak, and any fried meat.
They'll reward you 
For feeding them this delicious snack,
They won't feel right if they don't pay you back.

You're curious about this reward, you say?
Well, let me explain, it'll only 
Take a second of your day.
Something wonderfully 
Magnificent has happened!
A shiny new Neoboard emblem 
That's cuter than you imagined.

How much is a Bag of Peanuts, you ask?
Now, gaining all the Neopoints 
For them may be a task.
Yes, a Bag of Peanuts costs quite a bit,
But keep your reward in mind 
As it will be worth it!

A shiny, new avatar is worth every dime,
I assure you, it's not a waste of time.
Everyone will envy your Elephante surprise,
Your love for avatar collecting will certainly rise.

Now, go to the Neoboard,
And flaunt your new reward!
Show it off, be proud.
Your cute new avatar will surely draw a crowd!

The Story Of Pacha
by Ohgodkillit

Ages ago in Tyrannia,
One Elephante had it good.
Not a worry in the world,
But an orchid of food!

Life went on wonderfully,
For a couple of years,
Until one day Pacha became ill,
And had to elude his peers.

There was no known cure,
But Pacha tried to stay strong,
Although life was tough,
Living in bed where he didn't belong.

With some extraordinary research,
Much hard work, and little leisure,
We thank the great Dr. Chombasha,
For finally discovering the cure!

Pacha began to heal,
But not before making a promise,
That he would dedicate his life,
To bring others bliss!

With lots of studying,
Veterinary school flew by,
And with much consideration,
It was in Petpet health that he specialized.

Now he manages his own Petpet store,
And genuinely cares for the Petpets,
If there's one Neopian who needs recognition,
It's Pacha that we should never forget!

Monty The Lonely Elephante
by Nomyle

Said the lonely Elephante
to his only Neofriend,
"I have not a single somebody
on who I can depend."

"Cheer up," said the wise Usul,
"First of all, I like you tons.
Keep your chin up and soon 
your friends will add up faster than you run."

Then came Elephante Day,
on a day so nice and sunny,
though Monty felt that by himself
he appeared rather funny.

Soon he realized, though, all
were celebrating small and big,
and that thought made Monty so happy
he nearly danced a jig.

"Come join us!" cried the Elephantes,
"Today is our day and 
the whole of Neopia
is shouting hip-hooray!"

With his new found friends linked
to his arms dear Monty realiz'd,
that as a special species
he was really rather prized!

Elephante Ballet
by Uberdancingdolphin

Stumbling into a tent,
Of red and white stripes
Cascading in wide spokes from above,
You happen across
A most peculiar spectacle,
An Elephante ballet.

Om, pah, om, pah, om, pah, om,
The brass horns loudly blow,
Padded round feet,
Pound to the beat,
Of an Elephante ballet.

On hind legs they are balanced,
Or on a rolling ball,
So many feats,
That can't be beat,
For no one is so talented
As the Elephante ballet.

The music decrecendoes then,
And the Elephantes fall on all fours
There is a smell of peanuts and of hay,
As the Elephante ballet,
Performs a final bow.

200m Peanut Dash
by Chavo_guerrero

Why does the Elephante spit,
That peanut across the land?
And why does the Puppyblew chase it so,
As though to some command?

The Crokabek is on the hunt,
He wants a tasty treat,
But he must try and fly faster,
Than the Puppyblew can leap.

Jumping over this and that,
He builds up quite a speed,
That peanut means so much to them,
That's it really more a need.

So then, finally, he reaches it,
And with a mighty spring,
He lands with it between his teeth,
The Peanut Catcher King!

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