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Neopets Poems

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Aisha Day
by Tomori_san

With two antennae and a rounded nose,
The gorgeous Aisha strikes a pose.
While celebrating its special day,
It lets Neopia know it's here to stay!

Whether it's food, clothes, 
Or erasers for pencils,
I wouldn't be surprised if 
Aishas appeared on stencils!
The Aisha is a popular Neopet,
Even then, they're not hard to get!

You might have heard 
Of an Aisha named Amira,
For her father was King Coltzan the 3rd.
Now she is the ruler of Sakhmet,
And is known for her beauty, I've heard!

Another thing about Aishas are their colors,
Which range from Darigan to faerie.
But any color you paint your Aisha,
It'll look great, even if it's hairy!

To be more specific, there is the faerie,
With fluttering wings and dainty feet,
But also the Darigan with spikes and fangs.
Either you choose 
Will make your Aisha look neat!

On Aisha Day we celebrate,
For Aishas are the best species.
If anyone disagrees, well, just stay quiet,
It's time to commend, not berate!

Alien Aishas Galore!
by Honeybee54321

Everyone knows alien Aishas have four ears,
Travelling around galaxies 
In space suits for years.
Along the way they've met many peers,
When they arrive all you hear is cheers!

One is always found 
At the alien vending machine,
The love of Nerkmids 
Is embedded in their genes.
Arlhox VII and Farlax V are on the scene,
Finding recipes and placing 
More vendors to be seen.

Alien Aishas enjoy playing many games,
Gormball is where Farvin III gets all his fame!
Another alien Aisha is found 
In Key Quest, so it's claimed, 
He transports you to keys 
And helps your winning aims.

Cards, weapons, books and stamps 
In the name of this friend,
Only way to obtain one 
Is through the lab ray blend.
They put the Hidden Tower mystery to an end,
All alien Aishas ask is you 
Buy more Nerkmids to spend!

Happy Aisha Day!

Jerdana The Aisha Sorceress
by Jokerless

Her first recorded days begin
As a kind, wandering protector
Helping those in need of aide
Grateful for any food or shelter

One night she stumbled upon
The small camp of a young Lupe
Attacked they were by animals
But Jerdana stopped the group

She travelled to his dying city  
At King Altador's request
Amidst a great council of twelve
The city of Altador was blessed 

Since then she grew to legend
Her kindness knows no bounds
Under Jerdana the Protector
Everthing is safe and sound

Her spells have saved many
By lots she'll always be revered
Jerdana if you read this, then,  
Know you're an Aisha to hold dear!

Aisha Appreciation
by Dortho

Aishas, with their floppy ears 
And little ones so cute.
Known for their adorable smile, 
When you encouter one, 
You'll want to stay for a while. 

Very loving and very smart, 
They're bound to steal your heart. 

A varity to chose some, if you were unknowing, 
They even come in the colour of glowing! 
If Krawk Island is more your thing,
There is one with pirate songs to sing!

Alien Aishas are amazing as can be.
They may appear with Nerkmids 
For you and me!
Maraquan ones can create quite a feat, too.
Underwater swimming kitties for me and you.

Then, what's this? 
Something somewhere that isn't loud.
It's a faerie Aisha flying up near the clouds!
Some also come with a bit of a frown, 
A grey one hoping NOT to go to the Pound. 

If you're out and about exploring to expand, 
Just for you they also come 
In island and woodland. 
They even have ice and chocolate for all! Encounter the Aishas 
And you're bound to have a ball! 

Not all have been mentioned, 
But this poem is getting long, 
So I leave you with this little poetic song, 
In honor of Aishas for their special day, 
Regarding Neopets that are bound to stay.

Happy Aisha Day!

Versatile Aisha
by Vinylchloride

Saying "Aisha," what comes to mind?
There are many famous Aishas you'll find.
Most Aishas love to read books,
The Fontaine sisters are known for their looks.

But I am sure while shopping you've seen
The Alien Aishas' Vending Machine.
And if you've ever given it a try,
A lovely prize was sure to meet your eye.

And how could I nearly forget
One of the most well-known Aishas yet.
When it comes to gaming, she's quite fair.
And you know her from the Daily Dare.

The Games Master Challenge, more recently,
She was gaming against her brother, you see.
I am talking about Abigail, of course,
She's so nice, I've heard from a source.

Smart, or beautiful, or good at games,
One thing remains the same:
Every Aisha that you will ever meet,
Is very friendly and super sweet.

Maths Nightmare
by Kuroge

One plus two is three,
the young Aisha counts,
all of her nightmares
her wakened self recounts.

She looks at her maths
with a puzzled stare,
another horrible dream
she cannot bear.

How can I stop them?
she thinks on her bed, 
but the time ticks on,
as she is lost in dread.

Sleep consumes her
as she sees the pests,
another night gone by
without any rest.

In An Aisha Gallery
by Toffeedatepudding

I stumbled upon an Aisha Gallery one day 
I stayed for an hour, I have to say! 
Items from all over, from east and west... 
Let me list the Aisha items I love the best: 

First to catch my eye 
Was the Aisha Cheeseburger 
It looked thick and juicy, 
And provoked my hunger! 
And, oh, just look at that 
Isca Valentine Cookie Pop! 
A strawberry treat drizzled 
With toffee and nuts on top 

The cute Sitting Aisha Gnome 
Made me laugh 
What a silly beard he has; 
It needs to be cut in half! 
Speaking of funny, you have got to see 
The Grandma Bobblehead 
Shaking her head at me 

There were books, too, 
And many caught my fancy 
I remember my 'pet reading 
Orange Aisha Tales in a jiffy! 
Aisha Book and Nerkmid Mania were also there. 
Try and read The Curse Of The Pirate Aisha 
If you dare... 

Of course, how can anyone skip 
The many Aisha toys 
Jerdana Usuki for the girls 
And Farvin Action Figure for the boys! 
There's Lisha Balloon, too, 
Sure to be loved by baby Neopets 
And the Abigail Sock Puppet 
Is as cute as it gets! 

As far as investments are concerned, 
There are items aplenty 
Nerkmids alone, I counted more than twenty! 
I liked the design of 
The Mystery Island Aishas Stamp... 
If I could afford to stick it in my album, 
I'd feel like a champ! 

For Aishas in the Battledome, 
There are items for you 
Golden Aisha Helmet and 
Golden Dual Blade Swords are just two! 
There's the Golden Aisha Wand, 
It looks fancy as well.. 
Just the thing to cast the winning battle spell! 

To commemorate this special Aisha Day 
Can anyone in Neopia think of a better way? 
To appreciate this 'pet, it's just so timely 
Come and enjoy your nearest Aisha Gallery!

Imiya's Math Nightmare
by Dr_tomoe

A long day of studying
It's now time to sleep.
Imiya the Aisha
Is going to sleep deep.

Tomorrow is the big day
Her huge math test.
Therefore it's important
That she get her rest.

No cause to worry
No need for alarm
Imiya studied enough
Sleeping would cause no harm.

So she got her pillow ready
And laid down on top.
And the last thing she did
Was set her alarm clock.

Into her dreams she went.
Dreaming happy things.
Dreaming of butterflies and flowers
And various other cute things.

But then it happened
The dream turned sour.
The cute objects vanished
As the mood turned dour.

The nightmares came
That would make one scream "Aaahh!"
For the math problems came
Being carried by Babaas!

Math was giving her nightmares
Problems that needed solving
And more Babaas arrived
As the problem kept evolving.

Addition arrived first
And subtraction to try.
Multiplication and division came, as well.
Problems so hard the Brain Tree would cry.

Overwhelmed with math
And questions too hard
Her math score would take a hit
And be seen on her report card.

It was too much for Imiya
Who woke with a shriek
From the alarm clocks ringing
Along with her screaming.

At least it was over
Although her sleep was not restful.
Compared to the nightmare
Not even the test could be that stressful.

The Aisha Slide
by Iniuria

Long ago there was a dance
That every Aisha knew
Young and old would gather 'round
And line up two by two

The night would fall on Aisha Day
And together they would gather
Faeries, Darigans, even Tyrannian
Their color wouldn't matter

The anticipation was quite great
When the music began to play
A measure and a beat and then
They began to dance away

Back and forth their paws would weave
In a dizzying display
And to and fro they'd bob their heads
As all their tails would sway

Other species, they could try
To learn the steps and beat
But try as they might it wasn't right
They couldn't master this feat

Neopia will never see again
A more beguiling sight
Than all the Aishas as they danced 
The Aisha Slide in the moonlight

Shhh... You'll Wake Imiya!
by Brittanyftw

No noise, no sound, why are we quiet?
No noise, no sound, make no riot.
No noise, no sound, as someone is sleeping.
No noise, no sound, as the Babaas are leaping.

Imiya is a white Aisha with a lot on her mind.
Thinking and thinking, with not enough time.
She has a test soon and is going nuts!
Thinking too hard, her mind will bust.

Her math test is difficult 
And she needs to study.
Though all of this is making her nutty.
She dozes off and takes a nap.
Nothing can wake her, not even a tap.

She dreams of herself on a white cloud.
It's very silent, not even loud.
As she slumbers away, something comes!
They are silent, not even a hum.

It's a bundle of Babaas, coming to a fence!
It sure does look like they're in a pinch.
Then a bubble appears with a 2+2 in it.
What will happen? We'll see in a bit.

The problem is coming even faster!
Then the Babaa yells the answer.
He says "4!" and jumps the fence!
He didn't flinch, nor get tense.

They all do the same with no fear,
Then the last bubble disappears.
Imiya wakes up with lots of rest!
Then remembers... she has a test!

The Lonely Alien Aisha
by Twilight__rox

A lonely alien Aisha
Once came down to town.
He had no friends upon this world,
So he was feeling very down.

All those who saw the Aisha
Would run away in fear,
For his skin was green and slimy
And odd did he appear.

His antennae hung limp, sadly,
His helmet had some smears.
He failed to wipe it off,
So that none would see his tears.

As he sat upon the corner,
Silently longing for a friend,
A baby Aisha approached and asked him,
"Are you real or just pretend?"

The alien swallowed a lump in his throat,
Then spoke quietly, "Real."
He told how Neopets were scared of him,
And how sad it made him feel.

The baby listened very well,
And at the end he gave a smile.
"I can fix all this," he said,
"Just give me a little while!"

And off the baby Aisha ran,
Leaving the alien alone once more.
He thought the baby would not come back,
And his heart was very sore.

Then suddenly a large crowd,
Came around the bend.
The baby Aisha led them all shouting,
"Let me show you my new friend!"

The crowd all gathered around the alien,
And began to talk with him.
They ignored his scary appearance,
And stayed until the sun went dim.

When the day was over,
The alien sat and thought
That he was very grateful to the baby
And the friends that he had brought.

Whether they are blue and soft 
Or green and slimy,
They still love to run and play.
So let's be kind to everyone
On this lovely Aisha Day!

The Alien Aisha Vending Machine
by Darling25

If you’ve been to the Neopian Plaza 
You’ve seen
That contained in a bubble stands a machine
With buttons and levers and blinking lights
It’s truly one of Neopia's strangest sights

A yellow alien Aisha runs the device
And will let you use the machine for a price
A token called Nerkmid is what she will require 
To grant you a chance to get what you desire

The vending machine 
Can share wondrous things 
Such as paint brushes 
And other gifts worthy of kings
Great gifts are rare but never say never
Just push the right button 
And pull the right lever

The Nerkmids are costly and hard to get
If you don’t get a good prize it’s easy to fret
To use the vending machine 
Is a risk that you take
You can make it or break it, 
There’s so much at stake

If luck is not with you at least you will get
Some Gross Food you can give to your Neopet
And the first time you use it 
You’ll get something nice
A shiny new avatar, to be precise

If your heart’s set on a better prize, then
Just buy a new Nerkmid and try again!

A Glimpse Of Tiny Flutter
by Stariefaerie

Luminescent changing wings,
Fly without a sound.
Twirling in a happy daze,
This Aisha whirls around.
Heading to the Rainbow Pool,
Her origin is here.
A retreat so rarely made,
Her journey does endear.

Staying near the blossoms,
With a countenance, shy.
Peeking over petals,
She does not rise so high.
Peering at the other 'pets,
Who play and splash with glee;
Little Flutter reminisces,
How she came to be.

When Flutter was a tiny tot,
She toppled with a fall.
Right into the waters here,
Letting out a bawl.
Struggling to stay afloat,
A magic came to life;
Saving her and giving her,
Gauzy wings for flight.

Her sobbing did decrease,
And Flutter slowly rose.
Her stun at this creation,
Drew her to repose.
Multicolored faerie wings,
Changing hues, so bright.
Unique to this one Aisha,
Nary is a plight.

A rustle of the leaves!
Flutter glances round.
Two shining orbs purvey,
This minute Aisha, found!
Giggling, she flits away,
Leaving viewer be.
Staring at her tiny form,
Gliding 'way from thee.

Perks of Being a Snow Aisha
by Ktkdk

The month of Sleeping on the third
Is a special day for Aishas, so I have heard.

It is particularly great 
To be an Aisha painted snow.
For the reasons that are listed below:

On Aisha Day there are still snow flurries,
So melting is the least of their worries.

Because there is snow on the ground,
In hide and seek, snow Aishas can't be found.

During the month of Giving, 
They got gifts galore.
Now on Aisha Day, they get even more!

Friends are still around from the holidays,
So all can celebrate the Aishas' special day.

If a snow Aisha wants to grow,
All he needs to do is roll about in the snow.

Other Neopets are hibernating, 
Waiting for the sun.
Which leaves snow Aishas to have all the fun.

Aisha Day is so close to the holidays
That they don't need to work, only play.

Left over from New Year's, ready for lighting
Are extra fireworks, which is awfully exciting!

Everyone else is pasty from lack of sun,
So snow Aishas aren't the only pale ones.

In conclusion, Aisha Day is just great.
Particularly for snow Aishas, 
The excitement doesn't abate!

A Is For Aisha
by Xphieldz

Emblazoned with a unique look,
She keeps her share of secrets.
But most of all, the letter A,
What’s the meaning of it?

Perhaps Astronomical,
As she may come from outer space.
That would certainly explain a lot,
Like the extra ears above her face.

But maybe it means Ancient,
They’ve been around since the start.
They say that wisdom comes with age,
And they do appear quite smart.

Could it be Adorable,
Do Neopians find them cute?
With their short legs and squinty eyes,
That guess may be acute!

It could stand for Awesome, 
Or Amazing could be fun.
Maybe we’re looking too far,
And it only stands for Aisha?

Caylis' Fate
by Kaddiez

Thoughtless voices in your dreams,
That speak only in your sleep.
Telling of the dangers coming
Beneath the seas so deep.

Prophetic nightmares show the truth,
No one dares to say a word.
Dreaming of the vivid sights,
That are yet to have occurred.

Wake up in panting breaths,
The visions so surreal,
But in only moments' time,
The horrors will turn too real.

Try to protect those in Maraqua,
Warn any who still reside,
Of perils lurking in the depths,
Threatening everybody’s lives.

Desperate pleas go unanswered --
No one believes the truth.
And when the terror finally strikes
It'll all be blamed on you.

The Aisha Ghost
by Iloenchen

Welcome to the attic
I don’t want to be dramatic
But have you seen all the clutter?
I wanna throw it down the gutter.

As you can see I have some trouble
Removing all this rubble
It just slips through my hands
As if it were made of sands.

There must have been a time before
When I could have walked out 
Through the door
A time before I turned to a ghost
Before I was more than a shadow, at most.

I only remember bits of it
Memories, images that flit
So quickly through my mind
They just leave me behind.

So, now I’m here in the attic
And I don’t want to be dramatic
Just help me get rid of the stuff
And I don’t have to get gruff.

Alien Aisha Aficionado
by Jjquil

I consider myself quite the leading expert 
Collector, as well as scholar, 
My shelves are lined with books and stamps 
Even their helmets and collars. 

Those curious creatures, yellow or green, 
With a distinctive triangle on their brow:
Alien Aishas! With ray guns and scramblers,
Galactic explorers in the here and now! 

I've memorized names on trading cards,
Commemorating their quest -- 
They found Fyora's Hidden Tower 
Of which they'd been quite obsessed! 

Led by Captain Xelqued 
Followed by Norbekk, pioneer; 
Gargon, Arlhox, Shreegla, Farlax, 
And Beerlap III found a new frontier! 

As much as I've studied the aliens 
My conclusion brought me dismay:
I've yet to meet one face-to-face, 
I must remedy this today! 

I gathered up my precious Nerkmids -- 
My collection of alien currency
Small golden stars, imprinted with markings, 
And none of them come too cheaply!

I've read all about their vending machine,
And I know that it's not far away... 
Today is the day I meet an alien, 
And give their magnificent machine a play! 

When I approached the Nosh-O-Matic, 
Covered in bright lights and levers, 
I was met by a yellow alien Aisha, 
So small, and yet so wise and clever. 

Despite all I knew of their culture and travel, 
I found myself rendered tongue-tied
It was all I could do to deposit my Nerks
And push every button I tried. 

A pile of prizes rose around my feet 
As all of my Nerkmids dwindled 
It wasn't until I had spent the last one 
That I began to feel rather swindled! 

The stack of prizes was entirely food
Bizarre and foul-smelling dishes, 
With dung and grubs, eyeballs and mold,
And many rancid fishes!

I gazed in horror at this garbage
There were maggots and worms in things! 
The alien grinned, and spoke to me:
"This is a feast fit for a king!"

I never knew about alien Aisha diets
I must research this phenomenon!
They surely are missing their sense of taste
Or else, their stomachs are entirely gone! 

I left my food with that alien Aisha 
Who thanked me for my handsome donation
At least I met my first alien friend, 
Even if I could not share his rations!

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