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The Buzz Heroes
by Nova_pulser

A hard day's work has come to an end.
The fields are seeded,
much to your pleasure,
and it is all set in iniquitous stone.

With eyes that shine like stars
and see right through your false visage,
the Buzz will fly right past
and you won't even know until it is too late.

You turn around,
and much to your disdain,
all the seeds that you have lain
have disappeared into the night
and turned to truth and brought to light.

The Buzz, the just, the brave
have arrived and are here to stay
to benevolently sneak about
and stand for sincerity and justice.

Protect your prevaricative fields
and watch ever so closely,
because the Buzz will come
to save the day.

We Love Baby Buzz
by Dr_tomoe

We love baby Buzz
That's all there is to say
And that's why we celebrate the baby Buzz
On their special day.

A baby Buzz
Is better than the rest.
And once you see it
You'll agree its the best.

Too cute for words
As they look with those big eyes
Stare into them
And be filled with joyful sighs.

Watch and listen
As they inch about the ground
And fall in love with
That wondrous, squishy sound.

Just seeing it move
Is the cutest thing you saw
And will make everyone around
Join together and say, "Awwwww."

So, if you have a Buzz
Paint it baby and see
That it was the best use of
Your gift from the Fountain Faerie.

The Buzz
by Dortho

Waking up in the middle of a night so bitter, 
One particular Buzz woke up with a shiver. 
Something amiss and the rest sleeping, 
Away from the hive he went,
Without even peeping!

Getting lost along the way, 
Along came the light of day!
Something in the distance, he could see.
You know how keen a Buzz's eyesight can be!

It's a Tigersquash Tree, without much fruit,
He goes to see what he can find to loot.
He arrives to find, not one of his kind, 
Just a little grey Weewoo, trying to unwind.

With his acrobatic stills, 
He flew 'round and 'round, 
Untangling the bird 
And bringing him safely to the ground. 

The Weewoo climbed safely 
Into the nearest birdhouse.
While the Buzz snuck back home, 
As quiet as a Miamouse. 

The next time you see a Buzz fly by, 
Do not hesitate to stop and say, "Hi."
They mean no harm, 
Though they have a stinger,
If you're wishing for luck, 
They may be the bringer!

Happy Buzz Day!

Those Bright Lamps
by Kuroge

In the dark caverns of Moltara,
the renowned Lampwyck
lights up the atmosphere
with flames appearing with a flick.

He scours the tunnels
for more material,
to make his lamps
that look so ethereal.

What dazzling move of
those tiny particles
make his exotic wares
such fine articles?

Combing Moltara's curious
yet intricate inventions,
the cunning Buzz creates
so many new dimensions.

Even though there exists
no natural light deep under,
his beautiful lamps
glow with wonder.

YourFlyness Is My Name
by Mamasimios

A droning, hissing, faintest hum,
Barely there, but yet,
It is enough to turn your head,
To cause your ears to twitch

Your eyes seek out the sound's vague source
But all that you can sense
Is a glint of sunlight refracted 
Through some clear and distant lens

Focused now, you squint your eyes,
See flashes of purples, red;
The colours coalesce into 
Thorax, legs, and head

The susurration increases
More obstreperous as it draws near
You stand in awe as you survey
The source's form as it comes clear

With wings translucent, gossamer,
More fine than the fearsome jaws,
Eyes red as rubies, sharp and searching,
Long legs concluding in keen claws

At once you recognise the Buzz,
A Darigan of some small fame,
The droning takes on the sound of speech
Saying, "YourFlyness is my name."

Dear Farmers,
by Ccctoshiba

Although our wings are loud when we fly,
We disappear in just the blink of an eye.
We may take your fruit to eat,
But that's just because 
We prefer them over your wheat.

To many of you, we might seem like a pest,
But for sure there are some 
That treat us like true 'pets.
So please just consider becoming our friends,
And we can forgive and forget 
After we make amends.

All we're looking for is the feeling of love,
But instead what we get is 
The push and the shove.
We're truly kind creatures,
With friendly and kind features.

Instead of using repellent 
And making everything a fuzz,
Please accept our friendship. 
Your pal, the Buzz.

Watch Out For Kep!
by Brittanyftw

Today we'll talk about a certain Buzz,
Barely scoring points is all she does.
She's very special, you ask why?
She's left defender, Kep Bonnefie.

A Darigan Buzz is her color,
There's no reason why you wonder.
She plays for Darigan Citadel's team.
Watch out! She can be quite mean.

She's been playing on the team since 2006.
Like that? Then get this.
She keeps to herself, and it turns out alright.
She locks her lips, nice and tight.

The reasons why are outstanding!
She read some articles not too flattering.
Leave her alone or you'll feel her wrath!
Though, she did give an autograph...

So back to Kep's strong abilities,
Going so fast, you won't even see.
Though she lacks in strength, 
She'll make that up!
She'll steal the ball, better duck!

She really can't score, as said before.
Doesn't that sound like a bore?
Well, instead she'll tackle you for the ball!
Or she'll steal it, so watch out all.

That's enough about Kep for now,
Seeing as she's probably on the prowl...
Watch her at her games and cheer her on!
If you don't, I'm sure you'll be gone...

Buzzin' Buzz
by Chavo_guerrero

A day I had but dreamt of,
Dreamt of every night,
The Fountain Faerie appearing,
In a poof of light.

"Please get me this," she begged me,
She didn't have to ask twice,
I was very, very lucky,
To get an amazing price.

And then she said those magic words,
To visit her sometime!
And all that I could think was,
"At last, that avvie's mine!"

My loyal Buzz has waited,
Through years and more of doubt,
We didn't believe this wondrous day,
Would ever come about!

And then he looked at me and said,
With eyes so big and wide,
"Let's wait a while longer,
And take this in our stride.

You just want the avatar,
But I want to look great,
If we wait until it's Buzz Day,
There'll be new colours to create!"

Sound advice this surely was,
And so we wait for today,
When we can visit the faerie again,
And get a beautiful spray.

My Buzz will look so handsome,
In his brand new colour scheme,
And I'm so happy with my avatar,
I could very nearly scream!

Angry Buzz's Wrath
by Stariefaerie

Deep within a hallowed realm
Of twisting shoots and leaves,
Tendrils of verdant earth
Are shifting in the breeze.
Silent, the jungle seems,
Creatures shall not rustle.
Heed the quiet nature, though,
Danger, here, is subtle.

Far across the wooded field
And into shaded ground,
Hidden in the drooping pines
There comes a sudden sound.
A low, mournful hum denotes,
The coming of a wrath.
Enraged, this buzzing gains,
Apace for an attack.

Take heed, naive stranger
For you have crossed bounds,
Of the angry Buzz domain
Soon, they will surround.
Undulating, beryl wings,
And scarlet eyes that peer.
Terrifying features frighten,
The intruder with their leer.

Buzz turned evil by a spell,
From Two Rings Fortress, past.
Sinister magic did prevail,
O'er entire species amassed.
So listen to tale attentively,
Jungle Ruins' path, beware.
Only heroes will venture here,
You may, if you dare.

Pink Buzz Problems
by Ruby_petal

It was a beautiful, bright morning
And the sky was a lovely blue.
Across the ponds and lilypads
Colourful Buzz flew.

All but one little Buzz
Her skin a pretty pink.
This little Buzz could not fly;
She’d fall in the water and sink!

She watched as others soared
Up in the cloudy sky.
“Why is it so easy for them?”
The pink Buzz would cry.

“All they do is flap their wings,”
She said as she watched them dash.
They jump and dive so elegantly
Then they’re in the air in a flash!

“I’m going to give it a try,” she said.
She spread her beautiful wings.
She placed her feet a little apart
Then up in the air she springs!

She fluttered up high in the clouds
And went to join her mate.
“I did it! I can finally fly!
And flying high is great!”

by Secant

Buzzing in formation, though, 
Understandably they wander on their own,

Understandably, they wander off in
Zigzag shapes,
Zippy and carefree, from
Blooming flower to blooming flower.

Zigzag like geometric figures,
Zippy like those speedy Zafaras
But the Buzz, it 
Underestimates the power of sunshine.

Zippy fades into sleepiness, the
Buzzing quiets down.
Under the shade of a large tree,

Buzzing in formation, though,
Understandably they wander on their own,

The Buzz Berry Caper
by Bleusman

It was a rich season, 
and the garden was planted;
the Gelert was nearly at rest.
"These fruits," he said, "must be enchanted --
their flavor is simply the best!"

A traveling Buzz heard the loud boast
and tremored with hunger and glee.
"If only that Gelert would just leave his post,
that fruit will belong to me!"

The Gelert, alas, was settled nearby,
reading a book on an old rocking chair.
Outside on a stakeout, he'd catch with his eyes
any Buzz looking to kidnap a share.

But the fruit was so juicy, the garden so rich --
and so the Buzz crafted a plan.
A stampede of Babaa, provoked with an itch:
in the fuss of the moment, 
he'd pillage the land!

The Babaas, however, were tricky to move:
they shrugged off the Buzz and grazed.
No flower or feather riled their hooves --
they flopped down on the grass and dazed.

The Gelert gathered his berries 
and greeted the Buzz,
then held out a basket of fruit.
"You're a better Babaa charmer 
than there ever was --
here's a gift, if it will suit!"

The Buzz flew away, his basket in tow:
he must have done something right.
No trickery or theft, just cunning and flow --
that's why he'd eat the best berries that night!

The Tide Pool
by Dragonstorm_75

Among the tide-pool calm,
There lies a living star.
Several whistling clams,
And crumbled stony spar.

And yet, before them all,
There coils a blue-tan shell.
Raising claws for music,
As the tide begins to swell.

Up, o clams! Sing your fugue!
Steady voices, keep the tune.
Little fish, stay loud and clear!
Wait a moment, my turn soon.

Up the claws go in conduction,
Antennae bobbing just as quick.
Feeling the tide-pool melody,
With each tap and with each flick.

Silk-soft purring of the water,
Lapping ‘gainst the spar-specked rocks,
The Maraquan Buzz is leading, singing,
Steady amid the Weewoo flocks.

Drops of ink spread on the dusk,
Time is high, time to sleep;
The happy clams close up their shells,
And little fish speak not a peep.

The Weewoos sink into their trees,
With the final rays of gold.
The Buzz does likewise to the sea,
Melting through the water’s fold.

“Buzzin” Around The Fountain
by Beckykbrooks

An amazing 'pet with a Special Day, 
Which one could it be? It’s the Buzz, I say!
The calendar confirms the arrival is here, 
So celebrate the Buzz with a toast and a cheer.

This bug-like Neopet looks like no other, 
And even comes in a variety of colors.
From basic hues like red and green, 
Or even a custom like Halloween!

So, create your Buzz on this fine day,
To celebrate in a special way.
A nice new 'pet to dress and feed, 
And something else you might just need.

For it ends, not here, with this special creature,
A surprise awaits, a quite wonderful feature!
What, you may ask, does all this mean?
An avatar awaits for the lucky, it seems!

Now, how does this wondrous event occur, 
Well, it takes much luck you can be sure.
The Fountain Faerie must help us out, 
With a most rare quest that makes some shout.

But with that blessed quest secured,
A shiny new avatar is yours to procure.
She will need an item before you proceed,
One that is random, but worth it, indeed.

Now that you have her item in hand, 
Take a trip to her fountain in Faerieland.
Just one dip in the pool and you can’t lose,
You can even pick any color you choose!

Just one more great reason to celebrate,
The amazing Buzz 'pet on this fine date.
A quick avatar change now makes others aware,
The“Buzzin” avatar is yours 
So enjoy, it's quite rare!

Happy Buzz Day!

by Jjquil

Truly, no sight in Neopia holds 
More beauty, or more allure,
Than Faerieland's Rainbow Fountain
Flush with waterfalls of magic, pure
The lucky ones who are granted access
Bathe, and make their dreams come true
That Fountain Faerie Quest is rare 
But worth it, to start their life anew!
And yet, despite her quests being random,
Naia noticed an emerging trend -- 
Draiks and Krawks and Kacheeks, each time,
The same smiling faces were those who'd attend.
The faerie began to feel guilty, for
She wanted every Neopet to enjoy
The magic she could offer them 
In return for a book, some food, or a toy. 
"The Buzz," she mused, "visit me the least -- 
I do hope the dear things aren't ashamed!
Why, they can be so many lovely colors!"
And she set out to give them 
A new claim to fame.
The next day the crowds were chattering, 
Alight with the most exciting of news:
"A new avatar was released last night!"
The Neopets gossiped, their voices enthused. 
Naia, the Fountain Faerie, smiled 
And gestured toward her rainbow oasis
Saying, "This avatar is only for Buzz
When they use my fountain, on a request basis!" 
The Krawks all squawked, and Draiks bellyached, 
But the Buzz were all ecstatic!
They rushed to thank the kindly faerie,
For letting them be fantastic!

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