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Neopets Poems

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Waiting for the Festival
By Agedbeauty

Festival of Neggs starts soon,
And I eagerly anticipate
The Neggs, the toys, the chocolate --
So lovely, I can hardly wait!

I loved the daily gifts that Kari sent,
I looked forward to it every day --
I loved my boiled egg on toast,
Though I threw that rotten gob away!

This year I can't wait to see
The pretty prizes up her sleeve --
The quests I'll get to go on
And the shiny prizes I'll receive.

And ah, I can't wait for the games!
I loved Turmac Roll and Bullseye,
Sending scores times five was so nice --
Neopoints up to the sky!

Oh dear Kari, come back --
I want to do it all!
I just have one request --
No more Mynci Volleyball!

Share Your Neggs
By Filter

Springtime is flourishing,
There's work to be done.
The Festival of Neggs is here,
And all-new Neggstravaganza fun!

Kari returns to help our holiday,
Bringing with her all new Neggs.
She chases away the winters,
The fools, and the fake plagues.

Her new Neggs are dazzling;
They shine like tiny rainbows.
They swim with every colour --
Turn off the light and they glow!

Collect them up this holiday season;
Store them in your wicker Negg bin.
Hoard them all or share with friends,
You'll never know what is within!

Find all the hidden treasures,
the treats, and the gifts.
This holiday is good for the soul;
Your spirit it uplifts!

So don't forget to help out Kari;
We know you've got plenty of time.
Help her set up her infamous booth,
It's as easy as this rhyme!

The Perfect Easter Negg
By Anjie

Cybunny soon will amble on
To leave those treasured treats.
'Til then our minds are filled with joy,
And thoughts of lovely sweets.
Some ask "What makes the perfect Negg?"
This question asked, it's true.
I challenge you to answer, though,
A tricky thing to do!

The scattered shimmer, blossoms small,
Of Starflowers in bloom.
For emerald light to filter through,
So scarce, it seems, the room.
This creation a treasured find,
A rarity, delight.
Taste of spring and floral sweets,
A natural scent, so light.

Brightly coloured seems this Negg,
A sphere of pink and gold.
Across the curve of this treat's shape,
Do blues and greens unfold.
Enough to brighten any soul,
So stuck in hue of grey,
This Brightly Coloured Easter Negg
Is sure to make your day.

What about sunflowers bright?
A yellow, gleaming hue.
Of things that may surpass this treat,
I promise you, there's few.
A rainbow choice of Easter Neggs,
And no time left to lose.
Close your eyes, reach out your hand,
Now which one will you choose?

Kari, Kari the Negg Faerie
By Mamasimios

Kari, Kari the Negg Faerie,
As busy as can be;
Helping rebuild Faerieland
While tending the Neggery.

So occupied this Kari was
That she overlooked the calendar,
And as the Festival of Neggs approached,
She beseeched Neopia to help her.

By the thousands did they step forward,
Asking Kari what to do,
Gathering wood and paint and fabric
To build and decorate her booth.

Kari, Kari the Negg Faerie,
With her select team of volunteers,
Hid plastic Neggs throughout Neopia
As the Festival drew near.

Striped Neggs and Swirly Neggs,
Polka Dot and Plaid;
To gather some of every kind,
Neopia went mad.

The Negg Hunt is a sweet reward
For helping this faerie.
Spring in Neopia would not be the same
Without our dear Kari.

The Negg Hunt
By Guddi6

You journey to the Festival,
Where stalls are decked with brightest hues,
Where flowers bloom o'er twining vines,
To sing away the winter blues.
Neggs of all flavours, sizes, and shapes,
Displayed, with much pomp, there lie,
Sweet, sour, some downright weird,
In colours vibrant, and fine.
Soft is the grass below your feet,
And light is heart and soul,
Amidst the festiveness, joy, and laughter,
The Negg Hunt's ready to roll!

Do away with procrastination --
Hard work's the fitting key;
Crack those clues and head out now!
Whatever the mystery.
Neopia lies there, painted with spring's advent
(It abounds in plastic Neggs!).
And once we've got one set of patterns through,
There are rewards awaiting at the end.
So hurry up and grab that basket,
And pull out that old map,
Roll up those sleeves, pull up those socks,
And pull on that proverbial thinking cap!

Easter Negg
By Chocolate_lover67

Easter Negg, Easter Negg,
In the grass you hide,
Rosy swirls amidst the green,
In shades of pink you're dyed.

Easter Negg, Easter Negg,
Now in yellow gold,
Details painted on by hand,
Patterns bright and bold.

Easter Negg, Easter Negg,
Which Kari gave to me,
'Cause I finished a quest of hers,
It was a prize, you see.

Easter Negg, Easter Negg,
You come just once a year.
Eleven months, you're far away,
But in April you are here.

Easter Negg, Easter Negg,
You're special, without doubt,
And that's why I wrote a poem for you,
To you, a bit of a shout out!

Where Be the Neggs?
By Kuroge

Everywhere, Neggs have been hidden;
Neopians gather to scour the land
in search for these Neggs
in the forests and even in the sand.

If you don't search carefully,
you'll surely overlook,
so search those stores,
search every stream and brook.

What's this?
A Negg not far away!
Sadly, it is only plain,
but do not be dismayed.

It wouldn't be fun,
if it were so easy to score,
so get out in the wild,
and search, search some more!

Festival of Neggs
By Turtleawkward

Like silent snowfall
Neggs descend to the land.
The greedy hands of many
Must the Negg withstand.

Admire this Negg
With the tasteful stripes;
Admire that Negg,
Unlike all other types.

The search has begun,
A hectic hunt,
During a celebration,
A simple joyful stunt.

Collect all the Neggs,
Search far and wide,
For each Neopian wonders
Of the Negg: what is inside?

The Hunt Is On
By Smoothiegrrl

Neggs aplenty fill the kitchen --
Plastic, wood, ceramic, glass
Lined up neatly, side by side,
Then carefully hidden in the grass.

Paints and crayons lay all abandoned
As Neopians, both young and old,
Enter the yard, full of excitement,
Seeking tasty treasures untold.

From the tallest mountains of Shenkuu
To Mystery Island's verdant shores,
Every Neopet gathers maps
And tracks down new places to explore.

Behind the bushes! In the trees!
Even down the darkest cave.
Or under the bed from a year ago --
The favourite Negg they'd been hoping to save.

The longer they look, the more they find,
Each one a little hidden surprise,
And the hardest ones always found
By those who swim or those who fly.

Even far beneath the waves,
Slightly soggy Neggs are found,
Tucked into slimy seaweed groves or
Buried in the sandy ground.

All of Neopia will search together
and celebrate with each new gift.
Finally, the hunt is done --
return to the kitchen, fast and swift!

A feast of Neggs shall be prepared,
For this amazing, special day,
When friends and enemies both work together
and don't let differences get in the way.

All of Neopia helped find the Neggs,
And now it is time to all enjoy.
Take a bite of your sweet Easter Negg,
Or play with your new Negg Hunt Wind Up Toy.

The sight of Neggs brings smiles to faces
of all colours, from pink to grey --
For every pet knows what hidden Neggs mean...
The Easter Cybunny came today!

The Negg Hunt
By Chemi_luminescence

"We want a special hunt!" all the pets beg
(So excited they spring from head to leg),
"Where we search for a secret, hidden Negg!"

They look to the Neggery host, Kari,
Who grins, then plans all that's necessary
To make the day extraordinary.

Alas! Kari needs help! She starts a quest
And asks pets to assist, a small request
To which many will gladly acquiesce.

Many pets help assemble Kari's stall,
Trim it with cherry blossoms to enthrall,
Lace baskets with ribbons from a landfill.

At last the beautiful booth is complete,
The rewards come in, new Neggs as a treat!
But Kari has one more task, kept discreet.

For the time being all must sit and wait
In anticipation of what awaits:
The Negg Hunt in which they'll participate!

Listen to every pet found far and near
As they all shout "Hip, Hip, Hurray!" and cheer!
Neofriends, the Negg Hunt is almost here!

Peter the Draik's Negg Day Adventure
By Heyjudelol

Spring has sprung throughout the land:
The time of Neggs was close at hand.
Kari the faerie was smiling brightly,
Thousands of Neggs hidden nightly.

And what a batch of the plastic cuties!
Never was seen such a sight as these.
Striped and spotted, swirled and plaid,
Sure to please any gal or lad.

Five million Neggs was the goal,
So set out the community whole.
One brave pet, however, took the cake.
It was little baby Peter, the Draik!

He flapped his wings with all his might,
Searching high and low, day and night.
His friends chuckled and shook their heads,
Preferring the warmth of their snug beds.

But Peter knew that he could find
His own Negg -- he'd made up his mind!
From Maraqua to Terror Mountain he flew
Until he spotted a glimmer of blue.

Could it finally be? Finally in reach?
Yes! There it was! On Krawk Island's beach!
A Negg of his own! His pride and his joy!
Peter was ready to show off his new toy.

He flew home, as fast as he could
To his house in the Haunted Wood.
He was greeted by clapping and cheers,
The kind that warms you for years.

After the party, he went to sleep,
For his exhaustion had started to creep.
With a smile on his face and Negg in hand,
He whispered, "Happy Negg day, across the land."

The Great Negg Hunt
By Tiptoeboo

Kari's eyes with anticipation glow;
"On your marks, get ready, GO!"
The ticking of the great clock begins.
Neopets race off, fighting to win.
Purple, red, yellow, and green,
Colours brighter than any ever seen,
Behind red brick houses, under grey stone,
Balanced on posts, some lie prone,
Hidden in bushes, and many a tree.
Kari, sitting, laughing with glee.
Chocolate and sugar, filled with spice,
Delicious they taste and look just as nice.
Spotted, striped, you name it, it's there...
How many Neggs will you ensnare?

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