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Neopets Poems

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Flytto, the Kougra Hunter
By Mamasimios

Flytto, sly and sinuous,
Is weaving through the trees.
This Darigan Kougra stalks in silence,
Following scant scent upon the breeze.

Breathing controlled and quiet,
Flytto makes not one jot of sound
As her paws pad through the leaves
Where they lay upon the ground.

With red eyes slit in concentration,
Flytto pierces through the mist.
No swaying branch or hopping Pinchit
Escapes this Kougra's keen focus.

Wings are pressed tight against her body
As she slinks along the forest floor.
Then with one leap they are unfurled,
And into the ink of night the Kougra soars.

Wheeling through the dim lit heavens,
Flytto floats and glides above unseen,
As down below her prey leaves cover;
Teeth and claws flash by between the trees.

Judge not too harshly this Kougra, Flytto,
For displaying her fierce nature;
She is a hunter, and as hunters go,
There was never one greater.

Breaching the Surface
By Cookybananas324

A flash of green in deep water
Sending up clouds of sand
As she rushes over the ocean floor.

Aquatic to her very core,
Unlike her kin, born to the land --
Maraquan Kougra, ocean's daughter.

Through forests of kelp she winds her way,
Swims for the joy of it, adores the deep.
She chases Bubblebees, looks for shells,

Sometimes rides the oceans's swells.
Now her pace slows, and with a sweep
Of her tail she looks up, sees the sun's rays.

She starts to ascend, and with a splash,
The surface breaks; she tastes the air,
A sea creature swimming in sky.

It's almost as if she can fly.
Then she slips back to water, where
She disappears in a flash:

A flash of green in deep water.

Stressful Kou-Jong
By Carrotbreath

With so much to do and not enough time,
Stress becomes another feat to climb.
Although the Hospital suggests no cure,
Of the existence of one, I'm sure.

However I've grown a little in doubt,
Since everything induces a frustrating shout!
Nimmo and Techo Yoga are flawed;
And not one cup of Borovan would I applaud.

My worries lead me onto a ship,
And with Linae, I hope to end my trip.
The sly Kougra introduces Kou-Jong,
Promising relaxation that'll last long.

Soon the tiles are laid out,
And I want to give a familiar shout!
But no time to waste, for it runs quick;
Both the tiles and clock continue to tick.

Linae has a laugh; no more matches remain,
And I'm left to feel humiliation's pain.
Still oppressed by that dreadful stress.

A Blizzard Kougra
By Guddi6

Beyond warmer lands, far north, up high,
A realm lies, lost in snow,
Where blinding white storms greet the day,
And, agitated, fiercer grow.
Where sheets of white do veil the lands
And renewed are they with dawn,
Where bitter winds slice swiftly through
From noon to dusk and morn.

There, in haven of pristine white,
A wild creature doth dwell,
Amidst crevice and slope, in frigid span
Skulking, hidden by snowspell.
This beast, of icy fury moulded,
But silent as the star-specked night,
A facade that's long frozen over,
Like an endless darkness, that never knew light.

Smoothest fur doth meld with realm,
Pure and shining pale,
Brilliant stripes doth slash through fur
Leaving a pallid, cyan shade.
Large paws doth thump through the snowy paths
And leap from cliff to crag,
A rare gleam will flash in eye,
When he feels the need to brag.

For beautiful is this rugged creature,
Wild and fierce and free,
A blizzard Kougra, true to name,
Stands proud before any enemy.
And beyond warmer lands, far north, up high,
This creature doth make its home,
When blizzards rain down, silent, he stands,
Where no Neopian ever roams.

From Stone
By Magicalcameron

A knight of Brightvale,
Captain of Queen Fyora's Guards,

Wielding her sword,
she prevailed over darkness and
she was the last one standing.
Hanso cast in stone.
Why had she remained silent?
Why didn't she say anything?
Hanso... what have you done?

They came unleashed from once stoic eyes;
that was necessary to defend Neopia,
but they didn't bring him back.
He had sacrificed himself for what was right,
for the better of Neopia.
A selfless act.
Hanso still remained silent.

By the grace of Fyora,
from stone she brought back his life,
restoring animation from imprisoning stone.

Now, they set off
to find more dangerous artefacts,
the archetypical journey for a hero.
To set forth into Neopia,
protecting the innocent.
Protecting us all.

Kougra Strength
By Tealnova_dragon

Staring straight, bold and strong,
Outlined by the azure world.
From cliff up high, in skies so blue,
Figure there, ever tall.

The wind may blow, the skies may pour --
The earth may rumble or clouds explode in flash --

But Kougra there, super mighty,
Will not ever bend.

His eyes are deep -- wise beyond his years.
Over the rise of the Island of Mystery,
He guards over with care.

No one escapes his watchful gaze
As they tour his land.
No one will venture where they do not belong,
As they wander around in ignorant delight.

They know not of the dangers of the jungle.
But this Kougra does, oh yes.

And that is why he stands so proud so strong,
Defending the land, and the Neopets,
For both he truly loves.

Mighty Fire Paw
By Moulinrouge21

The realms of the fiery land, a Kougra prowls,
Stalking heated caverns, with a grumbling growl.
Ablaze and steamy, Fire Paw explores,
Fighting through the mist, a smoky downpour.

Flames blaze sky high, as magma flows,
The brightness shocking as the fire glows.
Heat is no match for mighty Fire Paw,
A resistance to warmth, right to the core.

Forever in this place, nothing but fire,
Now wiser, greater things he does aspire,
Breaking through the brown cracked ground,
To somewhere exotic, pure green all around.

Seeking the light, the pure sunshine,
To discover the world in a matter of time.
Tyrannia his home, the land he knows,
Yet more to see, off searching he goes.

Walking away from the ever-blazing place,
Fire Paw hunts, determined look on his face.
The giant hot paws start to pace out of sight,
Toward the horizon, following the light.

Kougra by the Seashore
By Concertogreat_8

A singing, sighing soul
plays his lute by the shore;
Strumming, strolling, strutting,
winking his eye at the crowd.

In a tattered violet cloak
with a silver-lined hem;
Rough, ragged red fur,
striped with a scar on one cheek.

They wonder if he's a foreigner,
a pirate from a far-away land,
Come in on a ship to find
a new stretch of sand.

Waving, whooshing waves
drown the sound of song;
He smiles a sharp white grin
and plays the last few lines.

See the Kougra by the seashore,
a singing, sighing, strumming soul,
playing his lute for the world.

Kougra Pride
By Saqo

It is said about my breed
that we were discovered
on Mystery Island. What
a wonderful history we have!

I am a Kougra and today is
my day to show my pride
along with all the Kougras
of Neopia; today we celebrate!

We are a playful breed and
we come in many colours. Have
you seen my royal friends?
They stand tall and confident
in flowing robes and crowns.

How about faerie? A pure
purple coat is the envy of all.
How about jelly? Rumour has it
they taste like blueberry...

Then there is Maraquan, green
and with scales. This pet
calls the water home -- so unique,
they are the envy of Kougras!

We are good at pouncing and
like fresh fruit. We are also
smart and loyal to each other.
No Kougra would turn on another.

I tell you these facts to show
the pride I hold about my breed.
Today we celebrate Kougras for
good reason! Happy Kougra Day!

The Shadow Kougra
By Autotune

we speak of you only
in hushed whispers;
you are the fear
that we hold close,
in a pocket just over the heart.
we think of you mostly
on nights of faded stars
and invisible moons,
hovering over the Haunted Woods.

tonight the skies are empty.

on those nights we imagine
crossing your path,
we imagine looking fear in the eye;
our hearts, hammering
under pockets;
your eyes, pitch black,
eyes they say can see
the dark side
of the moon.

Wonders of a Baby Kougra
By Mayfloziarea

When will I learn to hunt, Mother?
When will I get my roar?
When will I get those legs
To take me sprinting out of the door?
When will I get my claws, Mother?
When can I be like you?
Will I grow up to be strong,
And so majestic too?

Will I grow a mane, Mother?
Will I grow a tail?
Will I grow faerie wings,
And fly past Darigan Citadel?
What colour will I be, Mother?
Will I get to choose?
When I do grow up, Mother,
What will I stand to lose?

Will I lose this pampering?
Will I lose my bed?
Will I lose my teddy bear,
That has already lost its head?
Is it fun to grow up, Mother?
Is it better to be baby?
Is it better to be innocent,
Is it better to just be me?

Kougras' Night
By Torcherqueenie

Through the jungle deeper I creep,
Can I find what I seek?
A flash of stripes,
A haunting voice,
The calls sing out across the trees,
The silver sheen of claws,
The deadly white of fangs,
The ghosts I seek seem to cry,
Come join us on our special day,
A celebration of the beauty of stripes,
The silver of our bright eyes.
Our beauty sings out to you today;
On this which is ours,
We hunt, we crawl, we play, we stalk.
Neopia's most stealthy
Are celebrated today;
The mighty roar of the royal beast,
The haunting cry of the ghostly sprite,
The Kougras stalk this jungle,
At this their special hour.
So come celebrate and play with us tonight,
Only some of us will bark and bite.

The Kougra Status Symbol
By Filter

The Kougras jump, play, and celebrate,
No yarn will sate a Kougra today.
It's a cub's favourite day of the year,
Let's all give a shout for Kougra Day!

Whether you have a lap Kougra,
Or an angry, ferocious beast,
Give them a hug -- carefully, though!
A pat on the head at the very least.

From baby Kougras to the fierce Darigan,
From the Tyrannian to simple rainbow.
Every toothy smile, smirk, or grin,
Will prove that Kougra is the way to go.

Their athletic graces, their hunting prowess,
Their teeth and claws in the Battledome.
No Lupe or Gelert or even a Grarrl
Could do a better job protecting your Neohome.

The less vicious of the Kougra clan
Would also love to be dressed up.
Throw on a hat and summer dress,
A fancy Kougra even loves makeup!

Kougras deserve the richest foods, clothes, and toys.
As a pet, they are no bargain basement.
If you can't afford to own a Kougra,
Here's a Snot Buzz as your replacement.

Princess Scarlet's Kougra Day
By Agedbeauty

On Kougra Day young Scarlet awoke,
Her curiosity ignited.
She cast aside her crown and donned her cloak
And she walked out the door, excited.

What sort of trinkets would she find?
A new plushie or a new book?
A colour of a different kind?
Oh, she could hardly wait to look!

And perhaps she would get to see
Visages of Kougras painted fair
Or read the brand-new poetry,
As she wandered around the square.

For the little Kougra Princess,
Kougra Day was the rarest treat,
Wand'ring free without the royal dress,
Her curiosity replete.

And when the day came to an end,
The Princess did not shed a tear,
For she had duties to attend,
And there was always the next year!

The Battle of Brightvale
By Chimp_chicken_fish

Fight on, soldiers!
Don't give up.
Use all your strength,
Don't mess it up.
Watch your step, for goodness sake!
I'm Captain Brynn, now meet your fate!
Wraiths have us cornered,
They're all around,
I have it covered!
Help -- man down!
A display of valour from the guards,
Battling as one to save their land.
Young Hanso, thief, escapes his bars
To offer strong-willed Brynn a hand.
The battle rages on all night;
The Brightvale Guards are losing.
Brynn and Hanso lose the fight
With battle scars and bruising.

Hear My Roar
By Limes_and_kitties

A fire lit inside
My eyes, my heart
Burning with flames.

The light of day upon
My stripes, shining
Their colour bright.

The stretch of legs,
A jump I bound,
My claws retracting in the dirt.

Listen closely in the night,
My roar of danger in the sky;
Open your ears to legends years old.

And give your soul to
Hope that legends will
Live. The legend of the Kougra.

Hear my roar echoing
Past the emerald trees,
Splattering across crystal lakes,

Bouncing off the stars
Of sky. A soft whoosh of wind
By your ear an indication that I'm here.

Listen to me roar,
On the day of
Legends. A league of heroes

In my name, my name
Called across the seas.
Kougra... hear my roaring legend.

Kougra Day
By Prs4396

In all of Neopia, it is a joyous day,
As all of the Kougras in the land shout "Yay!"
For today is Kougra Day, a special occasion for all;
This day is even fun for every Grarrl.

Now is time to honour all Kougras, small or large,
For they all give our energy some sort of charge,
With their large and loving paws
And their fierce and powerful jaws.

First there is the lovely Linae in Shenkuu;
Master of Kou-Jong, I bet she could beat you.
Then there is the Castle Defender,
The guardian of Meridell in all of his splendour.

We also must not forget the great professor
Named Milton Clodbottle; he is quite the dresser.
And of course there is the legendary Fire Paw
With an avatar that leaves many in awe.

Lastly, there is the great Rorru,
Master of poetry, specifically the haiku.
Without her influence, no poems there would be;
She keeps all of Neopia happy to a certain degree.

Have a happy Kougra Day!
May it be a wonderful display;
You will leave without dismay
On the fabulous occasion that the Kougras play.

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