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Neopets Poems

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Joys of a Plushie Cybunny
By Mayfloziarea

Gentle touch of cotton pink,
Of glossy, silky mane.
Of marbled eyes that shine in sun
And sparkle in the rain.
Cotton paws and cotton ears,
All sewn up perfectly.
A masterpiece, a work of art:
The plushie Cybunny.

Always there for you to hug,
To feel her soft touch against yours.
To lend you a listening ear,
To share secrets with behind closed doors.
What better companion can you have?
What better friend can there be?
She's the best to cuddle, to hug --
After all, she is a plushie.

Even one look is quite enough,
To lift your spirits for the day.
And whenever you are with her,
Your sadness will all go away.
She's like the sun on the greyest days,
Her smile, so bright and sweet.
Whenever you do feel down,
It is her you want to meet.

The Cheeky Cybunny Gnome
By Tiptoeboo

Standing in Fyora's ever-green garden,
Guarding her precious orange gold,
The Cybunny Gnome watches all day
And night, whether it be hot or cold.

His fur is white as freshly fallen snow
And his tunic bright apple-green.
His eyes -- don't be scared -- are baby pink
And around softly staring, they gleam.

Behind the gnome hangs a sheet of fern,
Shadowing his ever-watchful eyes.
Suddenly in front he sees a shadow move,
A brave yet stupid Neopet in disguise.

Slowly the pet stalks toward the gold,
Unaware of the gnome Cybunny's gaze.
Over a lettuce, under a fruit bush,
Until pink eyes begin savagely to blaze.

Unaware, feet still move to the carrot patch,
And a hand reaches for the treasure
And slowly pulls it from the ground, teeth close
Munching on sweet carrot flesh in pleasure.

A secret signal from the Cybunny Gnome
Opens the ground up beneath the feet.
The intruder falls, ears reaching up tall
Into darkness, with no more carrots to eat.

The gnome grins once with the joy
Of doing his all-important job well;
At saving the treasure of Fyora's garden
Is the one subject in which he excels.

she brings the spring
By Autotune

perhaps the snow has melted
away already
in your part of Neopia
or perhaps not.
perhaps the sun is warm
by now, over there,
or perhaps not.

perhaps these long nights
are over, and yet --
perhaps not.
perhaps your days are lighter
and brighter
or perhaps

I will not know
if your skies are sunny or grey.
in your part of Neopia,
do you see the same rainbow
that I see?
perhaps rainbows are the same
or perhaps not.

we will not know
spring, not call it by name,
not until a Cybunny is born
from the snowmelt,
and green grows anew.
in your part of Neopia,
do you see the same spring
that I see?

in your part of Neopia,
has spring found you yet?

The Cybunny's Carnival Is Hopping
By Filter

When the weather warms and the ground dries,
When the sky sheds its dreary hue,
A certain Neopet starts to work;
They've got a lot of things to do.

The sun shines through on this special day,
A day of excitement, adventure, and fun.
Today's the day of the Cybunny Carnival;
There are foods to be eaten and prizes to be won.

Jump on the rides the Cybunnies make,
To whirl you, dipping and spinning.
Catch your breath, don't get sick,
These rides are designed to leave you grinning.

Come play the games at the Cybunny's Boardwalk;
Nothing is rigged, no Bagatelle here.
Every game a prize, every pet is a winner;
Losing at these games is not a fear.

Enjoy the springtime snacks today,
Sugar coating everything.
It's all just to prove that the Cybunnies
Are the sweetest Neopets during spring.

Don't miss a crazy day like today --
You'll regret it 'til the next time.
The Cybunny Carnival comes only once a year,
But the memories will last a lifetime.

The Dancer's Wish
By Togepi_forever

Dance with me
through the stars
to the highest heavens
and beyond.

Dance with me.

We can dance a story --
a story without words.

It's less painful that way.

We can tell the story of Altador,
of the guardians who loved
this beautiful land.

(you were one of them once)

Dance with me
in this beautiful sky,
and pretend that
everything is perfect.

The steps will be
like a whispered lie.
(but so true in my head)

They won't say that you
betrayed Altador
(but not me, never me) --
They'll just say you drowned.

So, dear Sleeper,
dark and pure --

won't you dance with me?

Princess Lunara
By Agedbeauty

Cybunny Princess of great beauty,
This Shenkuu Heiress knows her duty.
Elegant, adorned, and highly coiffed,
She is the Emperor's hopes aloft.

And yet this lovely Princess craves
To see the city, the island, the waves!
And so despite her father's decree,
She takes her chance to now be free.

In a normal game of hide-and-seek,
As her sister counts, while she won't peek,
She slips away and disappears,
Leaving behind her family's fears.

For they looked but did not see
The Princess's need to flee.
Her need for air, to see the sights
Lead to Lunara's silent flights.

The Princess lost, the Kingdom cried,
Yet for the search their tears were dried.
Over, under each bridge they peered,
Hoping best, yet the worst they feared.

And when at last the Princess was found,
As her honour left her duty-bound,
She returned home a different lass,
Her attitude in sharp contrast.

With help of lapis amulet,
She found that which she did covet.
Freedom within the palace walls
As strangers walked the royal halls.

The amulet soothed her curious mind,
And let Shenkuu's lovely Princess find
What her heart needed to be content
And gave Lunara the life she was meant.

The Maraquan Cybunny
By Tiketot4

In the depths of Maraqua
Exists a beauteous thing.
A quick and graceful pet,
Often found swimming.
Rare and elusive,
And sometimes quite funny,
Who doesn't love
The Maraquan Cybunny?

Dazzling purple eyes
That hold up any gaze,
Turquoise stripes and markings
As intricate as any maze.
A tail as long
As Cybunnies' get,
Short and sleek fur:
Protection from the wet.

Surfing and diving
Throughout the ruin,
In the Beauty Contest,
They are a shoo-in.
Wanted and envied,
Big or small,
The Maraquan Cybunny
Is the greatest pet of all!

A Stone Angel
By Limes_and_kitties

On the night of Cybunny Carnival,
After the celebration has ceased,
There's a small twinkling in the
Background, a forgotten soul that's woken.

A carving made of dark marble stone,
Slight cracks marking its skin.
Its body on top of an aged stone base,
A Relic work of art.

In the back of the picture
It stays all year, unmoving, its eyes still,
But on the night of 27th it wakes
To breathe the night.

The crystal sky, the washed-out shore,
The breathing meadows and cotton clouds,
It stands that night to celebrate
The day of its creation.

A soft twinkle in the musky air,
The celebration long over,
But there's a soul in the deep of night
Watching over the ending day...

A Relic of its kin.

The Dancing Carnival
By Blizzard_rain

Buttercup clouds dash the
Forbidden sky.
A gentle wind sweeps
Past the roaring sea.

And down in the field
The blades of grass blow,
Bowing to the blazing sun,
Singing to the breeze above.

A scatter of feet across the
Tumbled soil,
A ring of dancers
Tapping their feet.

There's a joyous song
In the meadow; a twinkle
Of bells on chimes,
A sprinkle of dew like laughter.

The carnival is starting,
The dancers spinning in the crowd,
Warning of the upcoming feast,
A celebration for the Cybunny.

Open your ears to stories told
Around the fire,
Telling of legends long past,

Watch the dancers in their
Glory, weaving a dance
Of mysterious tales, a dance
Of the Cybunnies.

Listen closely to the ringing bells,
The start of the carnival.

The Carrot Thief
By Concertogreat_8

Someone stole the carrots:
I had left them on the counter;
They were orange carrots,
Orange carrots to go in the soup,
The soup that's ruined,
Without the carrots.

Someone stole the carrots:
They left nothing behind,
Save a few small crumbs,
The last shreds of greens,
And some pawprints.

Someone stole the carrots:
I ask but no one knows;
There is a rumour of eyes,
Wise, black liquid eyes,
Last seen near the carrots.

Someone stole the carrots:
There were reports of a thump,
Some crunching sounds,
Crunching and a small cottontail,
A fluffy white cottontail.

Someone stole the carrots:
The wind moans and sighs,
But doesn't speak the name,
The name of the thief,
The thief who stole the carrots.

Keetra Deile
By Alagfalaswen

They may not have won anything,
but their name does send a chill
through their opponents as they glance
at Captain Keetra Deile.

She drives the home crowd crazy
When they play on the gravity field,
She leads her team quite surely,
She's the only Keetra Deile.

When she throws her famous touch-passes,
There is no greater thrill
than being amongst the spectators
just watching Keetra Deile.

She plays with an experienced hand;
Her team is the real deal.
I'm proud to say I wave my flag
for VP's Keetra Deile.

This year I'm sure they're ready,
the trophy theirs to seal.
Till then I'll cheer on VP,
and my favourite, Keetra Deile.

Royal Cybunny Festival
By Tealnova_dragon and Philopoet

The trumpets ablare, the confetti awhirl,
Busy streets part aside like a sea struck asunder.
Two long lines are made,
Each soldier stands to attention, face like stone.
A whistle pierces the air, salutes snapped into place.
They wait.

From one end, a hush sweeps through,
And a regal young male steps his way through.
A trumpet in hand, a smile plastered firm,
He tips his hat, perfect gentleman.
His eyes lift up higher, and the smile becomes real...

Pink roses are thrown, white rice, too --
Dainty yellow slippers patter the silken floor.
She walks along the carpet, cotton train trailing;
A sigh rustles through crowd, gazes turn adoring.
They feel their hearts lift as her purple gaze soars.
They wait.

She smiles shyly, lifting her paw,
To take his hand in hers as they face the crowd.
Together, they bow, as they get ready to announce...
Cybunny Day's great festivities and fun!

Royalgirl Cybunny
By Baila456

Halo of the purest gold
Doth gleam upon thy head;
Upon thy dainty shoulders rests
A silken lilac spread.
A lustrous mane adorns thee well
With violet-sunshine tones,
And frames a face like a melody
Set on perfect bones.
A voice more sweet than sugar-plums
Without a tear or sigh,
Complete with eyes of singing pearls,
Composed of melted sky.
But how is this, that Cybunny
Is free of any taint?
These gifts were donned by bristles' hues,
By velvet-cushioned paint.
Most princesses are lined with faults,
An unresigning truth,
For not a Neopian soul
Displays eternal youth.
A pet that gleams with purchased goods,
But not the royal seal,
With merchant's wares, but no birthright
Is not a monarch real.
To find the monarchs true, seek not
The gold and diamond studs,
For paint brushes, dear Cybunny,
Cannot make royal blood.

Carrot Breath
By Carrotbreath

Wandering through the Carnival I find you,
Eyes wide and ears standing tall,
From the rest, you do prove best
Even though you are so small.

Mine you will be, to adopt you I plan,
so to the kind pink Uni I speak:
"This Cybunny's ideal, thus I'm filled with zeal
To take him home to keep!"

You're made mine and from joy you yelp!
But what's that aroma, what's that smell?
Your breath of carrots I inhale,
And soon my knees buckled and I fell.

This certainly was not the perfect match;
I rightfully get sick because of carrot breath!
Back to the pound, whence you were found,
But this time the visit is for Dr. Death.

Join Us at the Fair
By Torcherqueenie

Colours dance among the stars,
Cries of glee ring out across the night,
The smells of candy floss and rock
Greet your nose and make your stomach growl.
Tonight's the Carnival!
Cybunnies galore come out to play
and celebrate their special day.
The sound of happiness
and celebration rings out across Neopia,
The competitions fierce but happy,
As Cybunnies see who has the softest fur.
Even Lulu takes a break
to enjoy this celebrated night.
Cylara's signing autographs,
Someone's dressed as Erick to scare little ones.
They dance in honour of Sasha.
Cybunnies tonight enjoy their special day,
So come and play, celebrate with them.
Join their dancing and their joy,
For tonight we should all celebrate
On one of Neopia's greatest nights,
That of the Cybunny Carnival.
Happiness surrounds it,
Smiles abound.
On this you should be clear:
It's an event not to be missed,
Come join us at the Cybunny fair.

Cybunny Carnival
By Anhong_12

This month of Eating is now at its end,
And the Cybunny Carnival is now open again!
Thousands of pets come from near and far,
To visit the carnival no matter where they are.

There are piles and pile of delicious treats,
For pets who come to have something to eat.
Carrot cake, carrot cookies, even carrot juice,
And pets who love carrots just let themselves loose!

But food isn't all that the festival is about.
There are many events without any doubt.
Pets always enjoy the day's exciting festivities,
Because they participate in many activities.

Fur Competitions, Smiley Parade, and Hop-A-Thon
Are all for pets who can watch or join along.
But for those who feel their very bravest
There's Stare At a Cybunny If You DARE contest!

At end of day, when Cybunny Carnival's finished,
There is nothing left, only memories to cherish.
But pets are not sad and they don't need to fear,
There'll always be a Cybunny Carnival next year!

Cybunny Rules 101
By Chimp_chicken_fish

Sit up properly,
can't you see?
You aren't doing it
Hop on hind legs,
don't sniff your tail!
Silly child, you've
lost your style.
Read your manual
every night
because your speech
is such a fright.
Look at Cylara,
can't you see?
She can't do it
She sniffs at danger
and takes a dive,
that's not how a
Cybunny behaves!
No, no, no,
listen once again.
Your sloppy days are
at an end.
Cybunny Rules 101
is the book to read.
Every night just take a look
to save you from misdeeds.

Wise, Powerful, and Crazy
By Jjquil

Trapped within the Temple of Roo,
Weathered by the passing time,
Crumbling edges, gathering dust,
Fallen far beyond his prime.

A wizard, warlock, sorcerer,
Prisoner to a cruel fate --
His rheumy eyes peer up at you;
How long has he had to wait?

This antiquated Cybunny,
Moons and stars dyed in his fur.
He croaks about the Jewels of Power;
You have no choice but to concur.

His quavering voice bids that you quest,
Do battle for an artefact!
And as you watch him shuffle 'round,
You fear that his old mind has cracked.

But still, this harebrained Cybunny,
Known as Erick, once brave and wise,
He may have lost his mental edge, but
Still is one of your best allies.

The Ghostly Cybunnies
By Elly042

Grass is nibbled underfoot,
Which gives a subtle clue,
That Cybunnies have been around
A short while before you.

You glance around in hope,
For an ear, an eye, a tail
Vanishing in the distance,
But you are doomed to fail.

Ever hopeful you scan the grass,
You listen for any sound
Until a movement in the distance
Makes you start and look around.

You blink, but no, there's nothing there;
You were a bit too late.
They're hiding now; they're watching you --
Until you leave, they'll wait.

So you sit, under a tree,
And keep so very still,
That maybe they'll forget you're there --
Though you're lucky if they will!

Time goes by, you're frozen.
It's cold and getting dark.
The mist is getting thicker,
As you lean against the bark.

But, as the moon comes out,
Shapes start to appear,
Ghostly white and fading,
And you feel a rush of fear.

You can almost see them now,
Bouncing in the mist.
Elusive shapes, ethereal forms,
Jump and leap and twist.

The ghostly creatures hop and run,
You sit and stare in awe,
Knowing that you've never seen
A show like this before.

The Cybunnies don't stop their play
As you slowly rise,
But as you stand and walk away,
You can almost feel their eyes.

A great sense of regret appears
As you turn to leave,
Now that you have a story,
That no one will believe.

But, you have a feeling,
As you walk away,
That you were truly privileged
To see the ghostly Cybunnies play.

How to NOT catch a Cybunny!
By Saqo

I am a Cybunny, and today I was
reading through books at the
Neopian Book Shop, when what did
I come across -- I was appalled!

"How to Catch a Cybunny"!
Could there ever be such a thing?
My friends, let me tell you,
this, you should never do!

We Cybunnies are not meant to
be caught. We are a species that
values freedom and bouncing to
wherever it may take us!

We live in colder regions of
this wide-open land of Neopia.
Our fur keeps us warm and ready
for adventure. Come play with us?

But don't try to catch us, it's
just not to be done. Let us thrive
as the rare and beautiful species
we are. We're one of a kind!

Today we celebrate Cybunnies! And
I must say I am proud. Today we
can recognise what makes us special,
and the "bounciest" pet around!

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