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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Fluffy
Owner: secret_whisperer
Pet Name: Abyssynia
Breed: Abominable Snowball

About Fluffy:
"Come onnnn, Fluffy..." Abyssynia pleaded with her small Petpet. "You've got to give me something good here!" The Abominable Snowball stared blankly at her with his large coal eyes. "We have to tell them a story! We have to SHOW them how special you are! Like, maybe we could tell them the story of how I found you?" The young Eyrie sighed happily at the memory while Fluffy continued his blank stare. "You remember that story, don't you buddy?" Abyssynia sat upright and turned her snowball around to face her. She loved Fluffy dearly, despite what the other Neopets said about him.

"But Aby, it's just a motionless lump of snow..."

"Says the Xweetok with a rock for a pet!"

"Yeah, but at least my rock is worth something... you can get Abominable Snowballs ANYWHERE!"

"Excuuuse me, but Fluffy is not just ANY Abominable Snowball, he's MY Abominable Snowball, and that makes him worth an AWFUL lot!"

Yes, he was worth an awful lot... to her. "Okay Fluffy, do you want to tell the story or should I?" The coal eyes remained in their blank, staring state. Abyssynia giggled. "I guess I should tell it, but you must correct me if I get anything wrong, okay?" She put her paw behind the snowball and gently rocked him back and forth, making him appear to nod. "Good... we're in agreement, then."

"Now, where to start? Oh, yes. It was the time that I decided I was going to climb up to the very tippity-top of Terror Mountain, wasn't it?" Nod. "Yes, I wanted to see how much of Neopia I could view from there... and I almost managed it, too, actually. If only it hadn't been for that cranky old Snowager..." Abyssynia sighed, but then brightened up suddenly. "Although, if it hadn't been for the Snowager, I would never have found you!" The Eyrie laughed and beamed at Fluffy, and for a split second, he seemed to beam back.

"I was more than halfway up the mountain -- just above the Ice Caves, in fact -- when all of a sudden, 'Crack!' I fell through a window of ice I hadn't seen and straight down into the Snowager's lair!" She banged her paw violently against the floor for effect, accidentally causing her snowball to fly a few inches into the air and come back down looking slightly disheveled.

"Oh, dear. I'm sorry about that, Fluffy. Are you okay?" she asked tentatively. Nod. "Oh, okay. Thank goodness!" She took a moment to straighten him out before continuing.

"Anyway, I have to admit, when I realized where I was I was absolutely terrified! You would never guess the amount of horror stories I'd heard about those poor, ill-fated Neopets who'd ventured into the Snowager's lair, Fluffy... trust me, if you had, you'd be terrified too."

Abyssynia seemed to spy a sense of eagerness about her Petpet. "No, no Fluffy. I'm sorry, but I cannot tell you, you'd be far too scared." She looked deeply into those pleading coal black eyes. She couldn't resist. "Ah, fine. Very well, I'll tell you... but not right now, okay? Sometime in the spring, when it’s nice and warm and sunny and you won't be scared. Anyway, I need to get back to the story..." The Eyrie stared disapprovingly at him. "See? There you go again, making me lose my place. Honestly, Fluffy, I don't know why I put up with you... you're just too adorable, I suppose." She rolled her eyes and grinned. "Now, this time, my dear, you MUST not interrupt. Now, where was I? Oh yes, I was terrified..."

"You see, I wasn't prepared to fight off a giant snow creature at all. I generally try and avoid those sorts of things if I can help it, you know. I just had my mountain climbing equipment on me, and that certainly wasn't going help. Needless to say, I was trying to look for an exit so I could get out of there as quickly and quietly as possible and continue my expedition. Unfortunately, just as I'd spied it and was making my way over there, I tripped up on an inordinately large golden crown and fell beak-first onto the end of the Snowager's tail. All of a sudden, I heard a ginormous 'ROAR!!!' come from the far end of the cave where the Snowager's huge mouth was and I nearly jumped out of my fur from fear!"

Abyssynia's eyes were wide and excited by this point, contrasting sharply with the calm silence of her Petpet. "Don't worry, Fluffy. I knew what I had to do! It took me a second to get my head together, but as soon as I did, I dashed straight for one of those little crevices that they have in large caves, so that the Snowager wouldn't be able to get at me, and as soon as I had found one I ran toward it as fast as my paws could carry me! I tell you, Fluffy, it was a relief to finally be out of the reach of that horrible snow creature and his icy blast, so I sat down with my back to the wall and took a deep breath. That's when..."

Abyssynia grinned at the Abominable Snowball staring intently at her. She softened her voice slightly. "That's when, Fluffy, I saw THE sweetest, handsomest, most adorable little Petpet shivering in the corner of that crevice with me, and I knew -- I just knew -- that he needed me just as much as I needed him." A little bit of ice around one of Fluffy's large eyes melted slightly and trickled down his little snow face. "Aww... don't cry, Fluffy! Please don't cry, because otherwise I'm going to cry and not only will I then feel all emotional for the rest of the day, but I won't be able to finish the story! We can't stay stuck in a crevice of the Snowager's lair forever now, can we?" She smiled gently and wiped the melted snow off Fluffy's cheek. "There," she said, "that's much better. Now, shall I continue?" Nod. "Okay, then..."

"Well, as soon as I laid eyes on you, my dear, I knew that -- whatever happened -- you needed to come with me, so I quickly took off my icy scarf and wrapped it around you and then placed you in my backpack. You remember, don't you? The old, patchy one that smelled vaguely of Tchea Fruit? Yeah... my first ever backpack. You know, there's an interesting story behind that old backpack..." The Eyrie glanced an incredulous frown on her Petpet's face. "Oh, yes... sorry, Fluffy," she laughed. "I'm getting sidetracked again, aren't I? Okay, yes, back to YOUR story. So, I made sure that you were nice and cozy and wouldn't get squashed or anything, and then slowly, quietly, I began to make my way out of the crevice."

"You're probably wondering how we managed to get out of there alive, aren't you? Well, it's very interesting, really... right outside the crevice, under a large pile of golden goblets, there was a large, golden, shimmering blanket. It was so large that it was able to cover my entire body AND my backpack. So, as quick as I could, I dashed out and grabbed the blanket before the Snowager turned around and spied me again. I then threw it over us!"

Abyssynia paused momentarily to collect herself and make sure that Fluffy wasn't getting too excited.

"Anyway, with the blanket covering us, we looked like nothing more than a rather large, lumpy gold nugget, and there are actually a lot of those around the Snowager's lair so we didn't stand out very much. Then, slowly and carefully, I crawled through the piles of treasure and around the Snowager himself, making sure not to make any funny noises that might give our position away. Then, suddenly, I heard a giant clang! I was terrified Fluffy, terrified! Perhaps even more so than when I first fell into the Snowager's lair, because now I had you to worry about, too! I thought that he'd sniffed us out or something!"

The Eyrie waved her hands around frantically and the Abominable Snowball watched calmly. "For five whole minutes," she continued, "I waited with bated breath, still as a statue and silent as a grave. I didn't make a peep, Fluffy, that’s how terrified I was, and you know as well as I do that I usually make some sort of frantic yelp when I'm scared. Eventually I summoned up just enough courage to gently lift up a corner of the blanket to see what was going on, and you'll never guess Fluffy!"

Abyssynia threw back her head and laughed. "The Snowager had gone back to sleep! There was no reason for me to be so scared at all! He'd just looked around, decided that I wasn't worth his time, and gone straight back to sleep with a huge metal clang!" Fluffy smiled at his owner and waited for her to stop laughing so hard so that she could continue on with the story.

"Anyway," the Eyrie eventually continued, "after I realized that I didn't need to hide anymore, I threw off the blanket and dashed out as fast as I could... trying to make as little noise as possible, of course. As soon as we were out of that horrible, horrible lair I took off my backpack, gently reached in, took you out to make sure that you were okay, and gave you a big ol' cuddle... and you know what, Fluffy? You've been my best friend ever since...."

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