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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Pinchfist
Owner: nefariousbeast
Pet Name: Fweepith
Breed: Darigan Symol

About Pinchfist:
“To even think,” he groaned, “that this would be the most tiring day.”

Fweepith struck the table in all his frustration and a pile of coins fell, rolling across the mildewy carpet.

“Oh my dear cutey brother!” Angel (his sister) said in the most blissful tone. “Lunch is ready outside. Get out of the training room quickly or your mind will melt like an abominable snowman!” She kicked the door opened and the happy expression on her face changed into a look of disgust. “Make sure you clean this place on Sunday, it smells like a zoo!”

The young yurble slugged his way to the garden and his entire family was there, waiting for him with smiles. He sat down and snatched the plate of spaghetti that was left for him. His hungry owner and siblings watched carefully for his first bite. As his tongue took a slight taste, they all attacked their lunch with growls and snarls.

“So Fweep,” said Nef, his gaurdian, with a happy stomach. “What have you been doing down stairs?”

“Counting the shop till as always,” Fweepith grumbled. “I could sure use some help.”

The family paused and quietly looked around at each other, urging for someone to volunteer, when suddenly, a thin cry was heard from one of them.

“I am the one who advertises in that sweaty blue ogrin outfit!” sobbed Tarwei, his other sister. “Don’t get me involved in this too!”

“I am the one who tidies the place,” Angel said quietly. “It’s like as if a giant dust cybunny attacked the store.”

“Well Nef and I watch the counter and stock the supplies.” Snorted Staevo, his brother with a glare.

“How about we all help Fweepith?” questioned Nef. There was another pause. “Come on you guys!” Everyone groaned and helped Fweepith bring the coins out into the garden.

They all laughed and giggled as they all counted and gossiped. “This was more fun than expected!” cheered Tarwei.


“W-what was that..?” stuttered Angel. “It was like a Pinklet!” The family looked around and they saw something at the side of their eyes. It wasn’t a Pinklet, it was something else. It dashed again and coins started to disappear from their pile.

“GET IT!” cried Nef. “It’s taking our neopoints!” The little critter ran and was chased from every side. It held at least a stack of forty coins in its tiny hands.

“Well,” growled Fweepith as he cornered the rascal. “What do you think you’re up to?”

“Don’t hurt me!” it squeaked. “I’m just an innocent girl looking for something to eat!” Fweepith reclaimed the coins and carried the Symol to Nef.

“A Darigan Symol?” ponders Nef. “You don’t see those around here often.”

“She says she’s hungry.” Said Fweepith with a slight ease in his tone.

“Feed the Symol and maybe in return, she can live with us and help you count the shop till.”

From that day on, she was known as Pinchfist, for this story, and devoted herself to the family, helping Fweepith count the shop til every Friday and loving the members at home everyday of every week.

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