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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Vladimir
Owner: dairygoat
Pet Name: Sulza
Breed: Cloud Zebie

About Vladimir:
Sulza the red Aisha sat down at the table, a pencil in her hand. She spent several minutes thinking before Vladimir, the Cloud Zebie, nudged her.

"Hi, Vlad! I want to enter you in the Petpet Spotlight. I'm trying to think of what I should say."

Vlad cocked his head, still staring at Sulza, and Sulza giggled, rubbing his nose. "Hmm... maybe I should talk about when we first met?"

Sulza had gotten Vladimir from the Trading Post about a year and a half ago. She tapped her pencil against the wood as she thought about it; back then, Vlad had been just a baby. He'd been sickly and infested with Petpetpets, but Sulza had nursed him back to health. After just giving him a bath and a bottle of milk, he had looked like a completely new Zebie. She started writing about it, but after a few sentences, the Aisha hit a bump and started crossing everything out.

"No... no... I want our entry to be special," Sulza said. She slouched onto the table, her eyes wandering around the room as she thought.

"I know! I'll write about how we almost won the PPL Award!"

Sulza straightened up again, her pencil flying across the paper. She had offered on the lot that Vlad was in and waited for an answer for two whole days. Then, finally, just when she found out that her offer had been accepted, she saw that the Cloud Zebie had won the PPL Award, and that there were only two winners. At the time she had thought how funny it was that, if her offer had been accepted even just a couple of hours before, she and Vlad would have won as well.

Her pencil then stopped, however; Vlad bleated at her, nudging her leg again to get her attention.

"Ugh... this isn't good, either. It's a funny story, but it doesn't capture what I want it to." Again, Sulza crossed out the words.

Vlad jumped onto his hind legs, resting his front hooves against Sulza's side. Sulza smiled and scratched his ears. "What if I write about how much I wanted a Zebie before I got you?"

It was true; Sulza had loved Zebies from the moment she had first seen one. She had worked hard to save up Neopoints before she finally had enough to afford one of the expensive Petpets. She started thinking how she could phrase it, but nothing sounded right.

"This is hard!" Sulza complained. Her mind roamed, trying to think what else she could possibly say.

"Maybe I'll write about the Zebie show we went to and how you won a blue ribbon." With this new thought, Sulza started writing about the experience -- how she had practiced working with Vladimir and how she had given him a haircut. On the day of the show, he had come first in his class and was awarded a blue First Place ribbon. Sulza had it hanging up in her bedroom.

Vlad bleated at her again and Sulza sighed. "I know... that's not right, either." She made thick, dark lines across the sentences. She patted Vladimir on the head, staring at her loving Cloud Zebie and trying to think of how to portray him in the best possible way.

"Wait... what if I write about all of those things?" Sulza got a clean sheet of paper and started writing about all of the experiences she had shared with her Petpet. The sentences came easily, and before she knew it, she had a full sheet of writing. "Wow, Vlad! This is great! This is perfect for the Petpet Spotlight!"

She held the paper for him to see. Vlad sniffed it before tearing a huge chunk out of it.

"Oh no! Vlad!" Sulza said, reaching for the paper, but it was too late; Vladimir had already swallowed it.

"Vlad, now I have to start over!"

Vladimir just bleated.

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