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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Sparkle
Owner: chipster33
Pet: Pishicu
Breed: Dragoyle

About Sparkle:

A Strawberry Poogle with thick, black glasses enters the stage with a Dragoyle in hand. Lots of people in the audience start to groan and think, "Not another one of those stories where the rich owner buys the spoiled little pet a very expensive petpet!"

"Uh, hi everyone!" the Poogle said nervously. "I-I'm not a great public speaker, in fact I'm not a great speaker at all, but I really want to tell you about my genius petpet, Sparkle!"

Some of the audience give the Poogle skeptical looks, while some of them chuckled because at the exact time the Poogle said 'genius' the Dragoyle picked it's nose.

"Scoff while you can!" the Poogle snapped. "This Dragoyle has incredible brain power! He stares at blank walls and I think he can see through them!"

Then all of the audience starts to laugh at the poor Poogle, and she realizes it's going to be a lot harder to convince them.

"A-and!" the Poogle yellls to make sure that she is heard. "And every time he finds something shiny, he picks it up and puts in the basement! I think that he's trying to build a time machine!"

Right after the Poogle had her say, the Dragoyle flew down and grabbed and old, shiny gum wrapper and looked at it. He then started staring into it and primming hisself in front of it as if it were a mirror.

The audience then roared with laughter, and the Poogle bit her lip.

"But- but- that's not all he can do! My petpet Sparkle, he-he can talk!" the Poogle exclaimed.

The audience gasped. A talking petpet- could it really be true?

The Poogle smiled. "Sparkle," she said. "Speak for the audience."

"Roof?" the Dragoyle muttered innocently.

Then it sounded like a bomb went off in the building. People were clutching there stomachs laughing. And the Poogle was hitting her head against a wall.

After the laughter had died down a bit the Poogle spoke again, "Well, I guess Sparkle's not in the mood to speak today, so, uh, I guess we need to go." The little Poogle summoned her pet and they both started to leave. "Say good-bye Sparkle..."

"Good-bye!" Sparkle cried.

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