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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Gaspard
Owner: mochi_cannon
Pet Name: Kouloon
Breed: Pirate Gallion

About Gaspard:
"I'm sure they said that the attic was somewhere around here..."

Kouloon, a pirate Draik, stroked one of his whiskers contemplatively as he studied a tourist's guide to Neovia whilst sitting on a bench near the Neovian Printing Press building.

Beside him, his Gallion, Gaspard, sat enjoying an apple that he had won all for himself from the Apple Bobbing attraction.

"What do you think, Gaspard? Any idea where this attic full of supposedly rare items could be? I want to expand my collection, you know, so it is imperative that I find out where it is at once." Kouloon stressed, resting his hands on his knees whilst letting out a frustrated sigh.

Gaspard blinked up at his impatient master before turning his head back down to his snack. A small worm peeked out of a hole left in the bite mark that the Gallion had made before the hungry Petpet slurped the wriggly green critter up like a strand of spaghetti.

Ever since Kouloon had adopted him, Gaspard had been rather inattentive and preferred to focus on things that weren't his master. He didn't have much interest for Kouloon's hobbies, unless they somehow involved food.

"I wish you were more attentive to me," the pirate Draik sighed. "I sometimes think you care more about food, or having tea parties with the cultists in the crypts, than for your own friend..."

Kouloon turned his own attention back to studying the small map of Neovia printed on the visitor's guide brochure, looking utterly perplexed. He was regretting having made the long trip over from their home on Krawk Island, but there were specific things that a friend-of-a-friend had informed him could be found at some supposed attic in a far-off town in the middle of the Haunted Woods. Without putting much forethought toward it, he'd set off and dragged Gaspard with him.

Suddenly, Gaspard's sharp eyes caught movement, making him stop his indulgent eating and peer cautiously to just behind his master's back. There was a hooded figure, a Hissi in dark thieves' clothing, slowly reaching to pickpocket Kouloon of his hard-earned NP.

The Draik almost jumped clean out of his seat when he saw Gaspard go soaring right past him to latch onto the Hissi's face, letting out some rarely-heard warning growls. The Hissi thief shrieked and flailed his arms about in panic, unable to shake the little Gallion off.

Eventually, Gaspard, satisfied that he had made his point clear, allowed himself to slip off of the would-be thief's face, landing on the cobbled pavement. He stared up and snorted a small puff of smoke as the Hissi hurried off before he could be attacked any more by the small Petpet.

"Good gracious! Oh, mercy me, a thief! He almost took our item finds and return trip fares!" Kouloon gasped, hopping from one foot to the other in shock, as his tail lashed wildly back and forth behind him. "Oh, Gaspard... you really were paying attention! You do care about your poor Kouloon, after all!"

Gaspard blinked up at the pirate Draik before he was scooped up and given a tremendous hug, having his thick mane ruffled.

After the excitement wore off and Gaspard was allowed a second apple as a reward, Kouloon carried him off with the intent to head back home, postponing his search for the long sought-after Attic. Gaspard had one last little surprise, however, or so it seemed.


The little Pirate Gallion hopped out of Kouloon's arms upon spying a Ghost Meepit peeking out from behind the door of a somewhat dilapidated building and went dashing after it. Kouloon could only manage to keep up with his Petpet from the tapping sounds made from each step of the Gallion's wooden peg-leg on the cobbles beneath their feet.

"Gaspard, you come back right now, or I'll--" Kouloon started before he tripped on entering into the strange building. "Oof!!"

"Welcome to my Attic. You must be new here!"

Kouloon stared wide-eyed up in surprise at a ghost Aisha with short, silvery hair, hands on hips, grinning down at him. The Ghost Meepit was sitting on their shoulder, waving down at Gaspard; it must have been a Petpet he'd met down in the catacombs, Kouloon decided.

"Gaspard, you've done it again! You're a smashing chap... first saving me from that awful thief, and now leading me to where I wanted to be!" Kouloon crooned, scooping his Petpet up for a second round of hugs and kisses. "I think another tasty reward is in order..."

Gaspard was only too happy to accept his reward of a third apple. If he would receive this much attention and food for his diligent efforts, then maybe he could pay attention to his master a little more.

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