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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Greg
Owner: sculpture
Pet Name: Minoroley
Breed: Maraquan Swabby

About Greg:
Minoroley waited patiently, wagging her fluffy blue tail, as the Kookith Scientist took her Swabby, Greg down the corridor into his dark and strange laboratory. There were few windows, but little to no light was let into the dark room. The stone floor was cold. When the young lupe had handed her swabby to the Kookith, she did not know what to expect. Minoroley had heard strange rumors of this crazy little scientist morphing petpets into awkward new creatures.

"Woah!" She covered her face with her paws to shield her eyes from the bright light of Greg being zapped by the petpet lab ray.

The normal swabby was enveloped in this bright light, and his transformation was not yet known. He made a clicking noise, which Greg had often done before, but this time it sounded as if he was very, very scared. Who could blame him, though? The poor petpet was being used as a subject for the mad Kookith scientist's crazy experiment.

"Wow!" Minoroley exclaimed as she opened her eyes to find a confused and much different petpet in front of her.

Greg now had tentacles instead of his original mop-brush, he was bright pink, and had a green and blue underside. He looked squishy and huggable. However, the look on his face was one of utter confusion, as he moved one of his new tentacles up and down. The petpet looked up at his surprised owner, Minoroley, the lupe, as he blinked. The petpet felt strange in his new form. Greg had become a Maraquan swabby!

"He's adorable..!" Minoroley excitedly proclaimed as she took him into her arms and hugged her new petpet.

"I'll take good care of you Greggy." She added endearingly as she nuzzled his cheek.

From that time on, Minoroley never went any where without Greg, her beloved Maraquan Swabby. The two were inseparable. Minoroley loved to hug her squishy, octopus-like, pink, maraquan petpet. She took him everywhere: to school, to the park, to the pool, on walks, to her friends' house for sleepovers. The only time he was ever a hassle was when he left slime trails on the carpets at her house, but that's just one of the cons of having a maraquan petpet. Maraquan petpets are overall extremely adorable and any cons can be overlooked once a Neopet looks into the adorable eyes of any maraquan petpet or pokes the petpet's squishy little body. Minoroley often told her owner that the best thing she liked about Greg in his new Maraquan form, was that he was very squishy and 100% huggable. She often told her owner that Greg deserved some kind of reward for being by her side all of the time.

Later on, Minoroley remembered the time that Greg had been zapped in the PetPet laboratory, and also recalled that her owner had taken a picture! Minoroley dug up the photo from the clutter of things in her owner's Safety Deposit Box, in the attic, and managed to submit it to a spotlight contest. Of course, on her way, she brought Greg with her. Minoroley squeezed him gently after she had submitted their entry.

"How can any body not like you? I mean, after all, you're so wonderful, Greg! Once they see how bright and squishy and amazing you are, no one can dislike you." All Greg did was click in response. She picked up her Swabby and the two of them walked home.

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