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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Tinker
Owner: winter_pony4
Pet Name: jewel_55_55
Breed: Yellow Rotawheel

About Tinker:
"Well, if you really want to know about how I got my beloved Tinker, I'll happily tell you." You look at the pastel Hissi, who is holding her Rotawheel tightly. The little Yellow Rotawheel beeps at you. "I must warn you, it's a rather long story." She looks up to the air, reminiscing about that certain day...

It all started with a bored blue Aisha, who was sick of just playing with the toys and plushies scattered across her Neohome. Her owner thought she was too young to have a Petpet of her own, so she bought the Aisha new toys and plushies for her to play with.

She quickly got bored with all of those, except for a Build Your Own Toy Robot Gelert Play Set. The Aisha loved how she could tinker with the play set, creating things other than the robot Gelert that was advertised, such as toy Pincerons and Fleurbiks.

She couldn't program the custom toys to do anything, but it didn't matter at the time.

The little toy Petpets reminded her how much she wanted a Petpet of her own, so she took to begging her owner to get her a Petpet. However, her owner refused to get her a Petpet... until she saw the little toys the Aisha had made.

Despite the Aisha's young age, she was smart enough to work with the material to create something new, so the owner decided to trust her with keeping a pet.

The question, though, was: what Petpet should she get without spending a lot of Neopoints? It was obvious that she was interested in a Robot Petpet, but those Petpets were infamous for being rather expensive.

The owner tried to get the Aisha to find another kind of Petpet that she would like, but she was rather difficult; she was partial toward the expensive Petpets and showed no interest in the cheap ones.

It looked like the owner had to give up in their Petpet search until, one day, she found a box of metal parts at the Money Tree.

Knowing how capable the Aisha was at making something out of metal scraps, she brought the box home and gave it to the Aisha, but with an ultimatum: if she could make a Petpet out of the scraps, then she could keep it. If not, she'd donate the scraps to the Robot Petpet shop.

This was the Aisha's hardest challenge so far, as now that she was able to make her own Robot Petpet for real, she had no idea what to make. She tried multiple designs, but nothing clicked. She didn't want this chance to fade away.

She eventually got frustrated with not being able to come up with a design, so she just drew a circle. Something finally clicked right then and there, as she recalled a Robot Petpet that was mostly a circle... the Rotawheel.

She got to work right away assembling the Petpet. It wouldn't be able to do the advanced things Robot Petpets could normally do, such as speak and shoot lasers, but it would be her first Petpet; it didn’t matter.

It took the Aisha weeks to finish the Petpet, as she consulted blueprints she got from the Virtupets Petpet Shop itself. She eventually managed to put together the last few pieces. Her heart raced as she activated the Petpet... only for nothing to happen.

Her heart sank. She checked the blueprints, wondering why nothing had happened.

She had followed the blueprints exactly, and as she scanned over the blueprints, she realized that she had made a mistake: she hadn't put in a power source! She was reminded of the robot Gelert toy set, which came with batteries. She doubted it would work, but she tried putting them in anyway.

To her shock and joy, the Rotawheel activated and gave the Aisha a reassuring beep. The Aisha was elated. She finally had a Petpet. She embraced the Rotawheel, assuring herself that she'd keep the Petpet forever.

"That was years ago, and yet I still have Tinker here," the Hissi explained, finishing her story. "We've both changed since then, and even though I've made a few improvements, Tinker's still the same at the core. Isn't that right, Tinker?" she asked.

The Rotawheel responded with a beep.

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