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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Fakih
Owner: chappuccino
Pet Name: Lilian_The_Kyrii
Breed: Christmas Niptor

About Fakih:
Lilian was awoken by a sound of jingling bells. She had moved into the same Neohome as her friend and they hadn't started moving everything in the home. They would soon get plush mattresses, but for now, the two slept on the floor. The sun was just about to rise. "Fakih, don't wake me up this early. Didn't I take off your collar?" Lilian asked as a Christmas Niptor ran over, wearing a blue collar and covered in mud.

"Ugh, you're all muddy again. What happened?" She noticed water coming in from an open window on the other side of the room, where Fakih slept. It suddenly came to her: Fakih was already able to open the window and got all muddy because of the rain. Lilian sighed, picking up Fakih to hose him down in the backyard, which had some shade so they wouldn't get wet. "Well, you ARE one of the greatest friends I could have. I can't stay too angry at you, anyway." Lilian picked Fakih back up and brought him inside to dry him off with a towel. Once Fakih was clean Lilian sat down with Fakih in her lap, and as Lilian stroked Fakih, she daydreamed about her adventures...


"Lilian? Lilian?!?" a voice called. Lilian turned to see who it was. FlameHooves, or Flame for short, came over.

"Yes, Flame?" she asked.

"I have a gift!" Flame said.

It had better be good, Lilian thought. Before she knew it, a snowman thing was in front of her. It looked like a dinosaur.

"Well?" Lilian asked, shaking her head.

"It's not moving? I know how to solve it," Flame said, pulling out a Plain Omelette. She waved it in front of the snowman.

"I-it's... alive?" Lilian said as it sprang up, eating the omelette. When it was done, Lilian picked it up to see what it was. She expected the thing to be a Petpet from Terror Mountain. She was right and wrong. It was a Petpet, but it was from Tyrannia... a Niptor.

"How did you know I wanted a Niptor?" Lilian asked, looking at the snowy thing (which was, in fact, a Niptor painted snow).

"You've always said so. I was on Terror Mountain when I saw this guy wondering around, cold. I brought him to Tyrannia, but they wouldn't accept the Niptor. I took some omelette before leaving Tyrannia, realizing that I could give this guy to you," Flame said, excited to see that Lilian liked her gift. The Niptor didn't look up. It was... shivering.

Lilian stroked it. "Don't be scared..."

It was frightened to be captured by strangers, but it was happy to see Lilian (for some reason), as the Niptor would bounce around Lilian often. "What are you going to name it, Lilian?" Flame asked.

"Oh, the name... what about Snapper?"

"No, that sounds aggressive."


"Tyra sounds like a girl Niptor's name."


"Does it even know how to fish?"

"Sorry, it just appeared in my head."

"Let me try. Beam?"

"That just doesn't seem right."


"Something tells me that's the perfect name..."

Lilian walked around, searching for Fakih, who had run off somewhere. Fakih had gone to Flame's home, where he was playing with a Kimbi. "Fakih, how did you even get insi--" Lilian paused to see a small window that was open. Well, Lilian appeared to have one intelligent Niptor to take care of.

Flame ran inside and the Kimbi charged at her. "Sorry I'm late, Forest. We'll go get you painted brown now," she said.

"Fakih, I'm coming along. Are you?" Lilian asked. Fakih sprang up.

At the Petpet Puddle, Flame held a Brown Paint Brush in her mouth. Forest hopped up in excitement, and Lilian and Fakih settled themselves down. It was a busy day, but they weren't careful. Flame was nudged by someone and she dropped her paint brush. Fakih got up and caught it, but when he did, another Neopet shoved Fakih (along with the paint brush) into the puddle. That was the day Fakih lost his beautiful snowy color.

Fakih must have loved being snowy. Afterward, he only ate a small bite out of his omelettes each day and he would always hide in one corner, obviously troubled. Lilian spent those days in guilt, thinking that it was her fault because she was the one who invited Fakih over to the Puddle in the first place. Fakih never wanted to leave the house.

"Lilian? Fakih?" Flame called out, knocking on Lilian's door. Fakih backed up as Lilian opened the door. "I have a gift for Fakih. Don't tell him anything... just say you're going to buy some food or something." Flame whispered.

Lilian nodded. "Fakih, we're going to pay a visit to Neopia Central so we can get some food. We're running out, anyway."

Fakih tried backing up, but Lilian picked up Fakih. He tried running off, but Lilian pinched his tail, which, for some reason, frightens Fakih, but he would stay still. It was less busy at Neopia Central, but Fakih still cowered in fear. Fakih was placed down right in the Petpet Puddle. Fakih tried running, but Lilian pinched his tail again. Flame then dropped another thing in it.

Fakih took one step out, not even looking at himself. He must have gotten too sad about what had happened three months ago. "Isn't he beautiful?" Flame asked. Lilian nodded in delight. Fakih looked down at his claws to see that they were red. He saw red stripes on his tail and that his scales were green. He took one look at himself in the reflection of the Petpet Puddle and started jumping up and down. He wasn't just beautiful, he was marvelous! He then felt something go around his neck. He looked down and saw a dark blue collar with a bell.

"Do YOU like it, Fakih?" Lilian asked. Fakih jumped up.

When they were home, Lilian sat down on her couch with Fakih. He was tired already. Lilian picked up Fakih and allowed him to sleep on her lap as she stroked him.


Lilian heard heavy breathing, which disturbed her daydream. She looked down to see Fakih, who has fallen asleep in her lap. Lilian gently placed him on the ground and brought in a pillow. She then laid Fakih on the pillow and placed the towel used to dry Fakih on him. He has been a great friend ever since they met, and they always have been. She noticed the light shining through the windows. It was already time to eat. Lilian couldn't stop thinking about Fakih for that whole day, though. The greatest friend of all has now had his story told....

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