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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Grobb
Owner: the_shii
Pet Name: Kaelui
Breed: Mortog

About Grobb:
"His eyes are quite beady."

The baby Aisha defensively shielded his Mortog from onlooking stares and continued on his errand. Practicing his selective hearing that he'd learned when his owner had attempted to assign him chores, he blocked out all that he could. He'd just have to make it to Mystery Island to hit up Tombola, swing by the Snowager during his afternoon nap, and, if he had time, he'd take a ride on the Merry Go Round in Roo Island. For now, his attention was focused on navigating these piercing and judgmental stares.

"His toes are webbed. Who would want that?!?"

"I heard the mortality rate on those things is insanely high! Just a kiss and BOOM, they're in pieces!"


The villagers sure took a lot of interest in things they detested. Kaelui noticed all of the exotic and rare Petpets with their shimmering wings, lustrous manes, and painted coats costing more than Kael could count. This wasn't saying much because his latest achievement was 24, but he was impressed. He looked down at Grobb who was blinking one eye at a time. He loved Grobb, and he didn't care what anybody else thought about it. He gave his precious pal a reassuring squeeze and consciously avoided lip contact, just in case that one guy was right about the kissing thing.

Grobb liked Kael, too. At least, Kael had decided that. Grobb never did much more than eat. Sometimes, if they played in an extra deep mud puddle, Grobb would raise his eyebrows. Well, Grobb would do that if he had eyebrows. Maybe they were right? Maybe Grobb wasn't a good Petpet.

Kael needed to think. He was overwhelmed. As he dodged into an alley, Grobb attracted the attention of a woman. With just enough time to point the Mortog out to her friend, she muttered, "Does that Petpet have a comb over?"

Kael leaned into the wall. His back slid down the wall until he reached a squat. He carefully laid Grobb on his knees with the Mortog's belly up. Grobb didn't move. He didn't fight. He never responded much. Grobb never did anything. Kael gave Grobb a belly rub, as Grobb loved belly rubs. This is what Kael figured, since Grobb was very inexpressive. Kael had guessed his favorite color was probably blue, just like him. Grobb's favorite food was chocolate chip cookies, and Grobb hated girls. The two had so much in common. How could Grobb be a bad Petpet?

With his heart in his throat, he set Grobb down. He stood up and waited for an epiphany. All he got was a whiff of someone's bad air.

"Okay, this is it, Grobb." He gave Grobb a little nudge with his shoe.

Kael had caught Grobb with his bare hands. He'd been playing in a puddle of mud and spotted him. Pleased, he brought him home and, from then on, Grobb's home was a box with holes. Kael took great pride is making the holes. He even left Grobb out of the box for all but the first few. Not one person had been pleased with Grobb's appearance besides Kael, but in the three hours Kael had him, he felt he knew Grobb so well.

"Okay, Grobb," Kael began intrepidly, but his words began to tremble as he continued, "You are free. If you want to stay with me, you can. If you want to live your life without me, you can do that, too."

Kael took a deep breath while waiting for the Mortog's decision. Grobb blinked his left eye, and then his right. And with only a slight shuffle of his shoes, Grobb was right at Kael's feet. "Of course Grobb wanted to be with me," Kael announced. The tiny Aisha swooped him up with delight. "You love me, don't you Grobb?"

The Mortog looked up at his owner and Kael could see it: (●__●) Love.

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