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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Quentin Tuck
Owner: boomxxxboom
Pet Name: Nypt
Breed: Christmas Eizzil

About Quentin Tuck:
A deafening screech precedes "OH EM GEE, OF COURSE I WILL TELL YOU ABOUT MY EIZZEL." An extremely excited Aisha wriggles into a big chair and offers you the remainder of the cushion with a few soft pats. When you hesitate, she's already pulled you in and you're uncomfortably snug next to her.

Her already sparkling eyes glisten when they meet yours. Is that glitter floating around the air? She's talking, but it takes you a moment to catch up with her rambling. Even when you do, you note that she's elaborating on how cute something is and your attention span takes a vacation from your brain. In the corner of the room, you see movement. As your eyes focus on the shadow, she squeals directly into your eardrum.

"QUENTIN TUCK!" she says sternly at first, but she erupts into laughter almost immediately. She's rolling on the floor laughing. Literally. As she wriggles about on the ground, as if being tickled, you slip off the edge of the chair and edge toward the shadow. Its ears flop down and it looks up at you with sad Puppyblew eyes. You give it a soft pat on the head. When your hand (or paw) comes in contact with the fur, you feel the hairs on your neck stand up. Someone's behind you.

You quickly turn. "Hi Nypt," you mutter. She's not focusing on you. She falls to her knees and waves her hand frantically, trying to grasp the little Eizzel, who has pushed itself as close to the wall (and as far from the edge of the couch and Nypt's grasp) as possible. With a few grunts of effort, Nypt grabs it by the nape of his neck and, upon presenting him to the light, coddles him like a baby.

She beams at you with a smile that is probably in the Unabridged Dictionary defining "happiness." If emotions shone, you'd be blinded by the brightness of hers. "This," she begins, "is Quentin Tuck!" She gives the Eizzel a quick squeeze-hug so tight that even you gasp for air. He doesn't look pleased, but Nypt has enough happiness for the both of them. "I call him Q.T. for short." She giggles incessantly at her "wit." Your eyes are staring at the Eizzel. Nypt catches your wandering looks and screams. "OH DEAR! OH DEAR! OH DEARRR!!!" She swooshes him around and into a room and it's quiet for a moment.

Your ears are still ringing from the high-pitched conversationalist, so you decide to embrace the moment. It's not long before you hear the sing-songy voice echoing into the room from a distance, then closer, then finally as an invader in your personal space. At least her breath smells like bubble gum. "HE WASN'T DRESSED!!!" she bleats. You look down at Quentin. He's covered in bows and has tiny little shoes on his paws. Nypt places him delicately on the floor and he waddles toward his previous hiding spot. With each step, he gives a little flick at the sheathed paw until all four feet are free from the tiny, laced atrocities. He makes it to the shadows and sulks.

Nypt is disappointed, as her sound waves have already informed you, but she follows the Eizzel to his hiding spot. She loosens his bows until they fall off. She turns on her heels back to the chair and takes a seat. Q.T. gives a leap of delight, frolics to his owner, cuddles into the spot you had previously occupied and fits much better.

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