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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Terence
Owner: youidol
Pet Name: Hornisse
Breed: Bowla

About Terence:
Before Terence came along I was pretty lonely, to be honest. I worked my day-to-day as a delivery Buzz, coming home to an empty cave (yes, I live in a cave, but it's a nice cave) and making myself tea for one, as usual. I didn't have any friends; I lacked the confidence to try to make them.

It was a day just like any other to begin with.

I donned my satchel and flew to the Neopian Post Office to pick up my deliveries, dropping them off one by one to their designated homes, making as little small-talk as possible and avoiding the gaze of anyone who looked at me.

I should probably tell you, I only have one eye. I'm not sure why; whether it was a mistake at whatever factory I was created at, or whether whoever made me had intended it that way, it's always been that way.

I can see perfectly well, but folks are always asking about it, or pointing, or avoiding looking at me completely. I've never been one for attention -- I can be quite shy, and missing an eye attracts attention like Faerieland attracts tourists.

I had one package left to go before I could clock out and go home to my solitary hole in the ground. I sat on a park bench and retrieved it from my satchel, to see that the address was smudged beyond recognition.

Oh dear... I thought to myself as I turned it over in my hands. How will I ever deliver this? Maybe there's a return address inside.

I'm not supposed to open packages, but this had never happened before and I like to make sure that I do my job properly, so I decided to open the box.

As soon as I lifted the cardboard flap, a blue blur exploded out and flew into my chest, knocking me backward. Thankfully I wasn't flying at the time, or I probably would have crash landed through sheer surprise!

I flailed, finding my balance again, and looked down, wondering what in the world was in that package and afraid it might be some sort of monster that enjoyed eating the squishy innards of plushie 'pets.

I was greeted by two innocent blinking eyes looking up at me and a tiny mouth that curled into a tiny smile.

"Hello there, little guy," I said as I pried him from under my chin. Nothing this adorable could be deadly, I decided. "Who and what might you be?"

The little bow-shaped creature sat in my hand and surveyed me with interest. For once, someone looking at me didn't make me feel uncomfortable.

"I couldn't see who you were meant to be delivered to, so I had to open your box. We'll find out though and get you home, I promise."

The creature's smile grew a little wider and made a gurgling noise, which I can only assume was one of thanks.

"There doesn't seem to be a return address inside the box, so what I'll do is take you back to the office and see if we can somehow trace the sender, o--"

Before I could finish, the little critter jumped from my hand and bounced off like lightning into some bushes nearby.

"No! Come back!" I yelled as I chased after him.

I got on my hands and knees and crawled into the bushes, my one remaining eye being frequently poked by branches as I frantically searched for the little troublemaker. I hunted like this for ten minutes before I concluded a Buzz's-eye-view might yield more results. Flying up into the air, I scoured the park and surrounding areas for over an hour, but still could find no trace of him.

He can't have gotten that far, he's only small... I thought. Maybe if I stay on that bench he'll come back.
It was a rather optimistic thought, but it was the only option I had left -- I wasn't going to leave without him.

I sat down with a sigh, wishing I'd just gone back to the office and left the box alone, when all of a sudden the little Bowla appeared as if from nowhere at my feet.

"There you are!" I exclaimed with relief. "You shouldn't have gone running off like that... who knows what could have happened! Hey, what's that you've got there?"

The creature was carrying something large and green in his mouth, somehow still managing that cute little smile he always seemed to be wearing. He hopped triumphantly onto my lap and dropped his plunder. It was a button.

"You brought me a button? Whatever for?"

He made a gurgling noise and gestured with his ribbon hand to the space where my left eye should have been.

"You... you brought me an eye?" I stammered, barely able to hold in my tears.

It was a lime green, chunky thing, almost exactly the same colour as my right eye was. I held it in my hand, shocked at the kindness of this tiny little fellow.

"Th-thank you, thank you so much."

He smiled and did that gurgley thing again.

"When we've found your home I'll make sure that I stitch it on right away."

He shook his head and opened his other ribbon hand to reveal a needle and a wee Spydery-looking thing.

"Oh, look! You made a friend!"

The little spider (which I now know is an Aboogala) scuttled next to the needle and sat there, as if waiting for something. I realised it had a bundle of very fine thread in its mouth.

"You really did think of everything, didn't you, little guy?"

Sitting there on that park bench that Tuesday afternoon, we stitched the green button in place of my eye and I gazed into the pond at my reflection, feeling like a brand new Neopet.

I took my new friend and his new friend back to the Post Office, but we could find no return address. My boss said that, because there was no way of knowing where the package was supposed to be going to or where it had come from, and because the little Petpet had seemed to become so attached to me, that it was better if I took him home.

I named him Terence, and now we spend every day together delivering packages, with him sitting underneath my chin like a bow-tie, along with Mike, his Aboogala. He carries an extra green button with him in case the one I'm wearing gets lost, and every evening we go home and I cook tea for all three of us. I have never been happier.

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