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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Jack
Owner: lady_akane
Pet Name: Lysus
Breed: Uggatrip

About Jack:
It was on a blistering hot day in Tyrannia when Lysus stumbled upon what looked like a white egg with large red spots covering its surface. Of course, at that time Lysus had no idea what an egg even was, as he was very young back then.

As he approached, a tiny crack appeared on the surface of the smooth object, then another, until it grew to form one large crack that zig-zagged around the outside horizontally. Then, a tiny red Uggatrip poked its head out from underneath its shell, just enough to get a whiff of fresh Tyrannian air.

Hello, Jack.

That was the day that Lysus found the little fella, and as soon as he opened his large, crimson eyes, Lysus knew he'd found a new best friend. For a moment, they just stared at each other, then Jack let out a little growlish yip followed by a whimper to let Lysus know that he was hungry.

Lysus laughed, then picked Jack up and carried him home to share a veggie-filled omelette with him. That was just the beginning of the things they'd share together soon afterward.

That night, Lysus put together a nice little Petpet bed for Jack and invited him to sleep in it, giving him the remainder of his omelette to nibble on until he fell asleep along with his favorite plush snowball so that he wouldn't get lonely.

Jack was so tired that he fell asleep almost instantly after finishing his omelette, but the next day wouldn't be so easy.

Lysus soon found out that Jack liked two things more than anything: playing and eating. That was fine, but even at a young age Lysus had been defending the weaker Tyrannians from the bullies, and he didn't want Jack to get hurt.

So on Day 2, Lysus taught Jack how to fight, and from that day on, they fought together, played together, and ate together, then...

Nighttime came and Lysus was about to tuck Jack into his little Petpet bed, when suddenly Jack seemed to disappear!

Lysus looked high and low for him, and just when he thought he'd given up, there Jack was, all curled up on Lysus's pillow.

When Lysus walked into the room, he was greeted by the large, desperate eyes of Jack who wanted nothing more than to share the bed with Lysus.

Obviously Lysus couldn't resist, as this was the exact sight he was greeted with. Of course he tried, but Jack would only persist in whining and finding ways to sneak into Lysus's room until he gave in. Lysus didn't want to make Jack sad anyway...

So, altogether Lysus and Jack shared their meals together, played together, fought together, and slept in the same bed together.

There wasn't anywhere that Lysus went where Jack didn't follow, and that's the way it still is, even to this day, and that's how it always will be, too.

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