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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Toxie
Owner: tenaciouslit
Pet Name: Miekong
Breed: Mutant Apis

About Toxie:
It was the Neopian Year 7, and all across the lands, pets were hustling and bustling, working toward their goals and having fun. A Skeith named Miekong, however, usually only had one goal on her mind. Eating. Travelling Neopia looking for the finest and most tummy-tingling foods, she paraded her way to the Space Station to indulge herself in the deliciousness of Grundos Cafe.

It was here that she knew she could order one of everything on the menu and not worry about having to clean up after herself, given all of the robotic Petpets Dr. Sloth had built to wait and bus tables. The best thing was that the only tip they hoped for was a leftover napkin covered in grease that they could use to lubricate their rusting joints with.

When Miekong arrived on the Hangar of the Space Station, she thought she saw two big red eyes hovering above a puddle of unstable slime staring at her. She told herself that it must had been a side effect from not eating for 15 minutes, so she casually shook off the feeling and headed straight to the Recreation Deck.

Miekong loved to ride in the transport elevator on the Space Station; after all, it meant she could just lay down and relax for a few moments. Suddenly over the loud speaker a voice called "Virtupets Space Station Supply Deck, Level 2." The door opened and tons of pets crammed inside with all of the virtual prizes they had gotten from Grundos Warehouse. Slightly annoyed, Miekong hoped they all weren't going to Grundos Cafe; that would mean she would have to wait even longer for her food!


"What is...?" Miekong's shoulder was suddenly covered in green goop leaking out of an above vent in the teleporter! Golly jeez, she thought, repairs must be at an all-time low around here!

Suddenly, the doors opened and Miekong pushed her way through the crowded teleporter, thankful that most of the pets on board were heading back down to the Hangar. Almost running (well, walking quite slow, but that is considered running a sprint for a Skeith), she went straight for Grundos Cafe. It had been about 17 minutes now since her last meal, and she was starting to feel famished!

Out of breath she approached the counter, "I can't wait for a server!" she said. "I'll have:

1 Beef Rouladen

4 Metal Pizza Slices

1/2 a Vegetable Deluxe

5 Chocolate Eclair Paste tubes

3 Galaxy Cupcakes

3 Dehydrated Ice Creams...No, make that 4.

2 Gloof Sticks

and an Oil and Nut Slushie to wash it all down!"

Exhausted she went to a table and sat down. One by one the dishes she had ordered were brought to her table, perfectly laid out in the order in which she'd requested them. Her roboserver frantically started beeping "Code Violation, Code Violation! Target must be Eliminated!" to which several Grundo soldiers ran from the kitchen and surrounded Miekong's table, armed with their Asparagus Ray Guns, which they pointed at Miekong's feet under the table.

Growling with impatience, Miekong shouted "THOSE ARE NOT A CODE VIOLATION, THOSE ARE MY FEET!"

To her surprise, out from under the table crawled a mutant Apis, its eyes as big and red as Cherries Jubilee and drool, green, slimy drool dripping from a small portion of dehydrated ice cream in the poor creature's mouth. The thought of this Apis being drowned in asparagus turned Miekong's stomach.

Suddenly she spoke and stated,"What is the meaning of this? I am one of Grundos Cafe's BEST customers! I am INSULTED that you would disturb my afternoon meal with my beloved mutant Apis! If you'd like, I will HAPPILY take my appetite to Cafe Kreludor, if we are no longer welcome here!"

The Grundo soldiers were shocked by the thought and offered to disregard Miekong's tab for her afternoon snack. They endlessly apologised for the mix-up, as they had had a stray mutant Apis roaming the Space Station stealing food any chance it could get, and on orders, it was to be sent directly to the Petpet Laboratory for zapping once apprehended.

Still annoyed with the whole situation, Miekong shared what was left with the Apis. "Poor little guy, you can totally come home with me! I don't mind if you drool, and I love to eat, so you'll be kept fuller than a Peak O Plenty scratchcard!" she whispered.

Hmmm, but something was missing... making their way back through the Supply Deck and down to the Hangar, Miekong finally figured it out. "My little mutant Apis friend, you shall forever be known as... Toxie! Now, let's go home and take a nap!"

Slightly more than three Neopian years have passed since that day, and Miekong and Toxie are still the absolute best of friends!

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