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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Wallabee
Owner: qbert338
Pet Name: Neocute770
Breed: White Weewoo

About Wallabee:
“Terror Mountain?” exclaimed Wallabee.
“Yeah kid, think your up to it?” replied Grapple.
Wallabee and Grapple were sitting at a round table hidden deep in Virtupets Space Station. Wallabee, the youngest of the Meepit Resistance, was still a novice member. His white feathers shone brightly in the dimley lit room. Grapple, a pirate weewoo (and the leader of the Meepit Resistance) sat opposite to him.
“Sure boss, of course I am. It’s just with it being so cold; the last thing I need is more cold. But I can handle it.”
Grapple smiled and turned to Ron and Hermit, two brothers and smugglers from Krawk Island. “You two don’t mind watching the place while we go look for Mobulis?”
“Sure,” Ron replied.
“Good. Shall we go, Wallabee?”

“Are you sure Mobulis is here, Grapple?” asked Wallabee, almost shouting over the roar of the wind. They had been on Terror Mountain for a few hours, but it felt like days to him.
“We can’t be sure, but we believe that Mobulis, or some other meepits, have been through here,”
Wallabee grimanced. This could be a trip into nothing for nothing. They were approaching the middle of Terror Mountain. In the distance, they heard the Snowager roaring, apparently at some poor Neopet who was most likely suffering frostbite. Wallabee hated the thought. Frostbite. That could end up being the end of him or Grapple.
They were finally through the valley, and heading up the slope into the peaks. The Meepit alert had gone off only five hours ago, and in that time they had planned out the expedition, gotten to the mountain, and soon enough had climbed it! A few months ago, Wallabee would have fainted at the thought of it. Now he was ready for it (except for a weewoo-brand coat!).
Then Wallabee’s thoughts began drifting to Mobulis. The evil pink meepit had already been trying to take over Neopia, and odds were he hadn’t given up yet. The evil meepit had tried to kidnap Wallabee on their first encounter, but had failed that’s to Grapple, Ron, and Hermit.
“We’re off the course we’re supposed to take, we’re heading to that peak over there,” Grapple muttered.
They changed their course and headed a different way. Wallabee’s mind had begun to drift again. He remembered how powerful the Meepits were, but they had their weaknesses too. Only a week ago, Wallabee had taken down a meepit by poking it in the eye. Another he had shone a flashlight in it’s eyes.
“Hello, Grapple,” a voice said up ahead. Then a white snowbunny appeared from around the bend ahead.
“Ah, hello Snowbell. Will you take us to the spot?” asked Grapple.
Snowbell nodded and motioned with her tail to follow. She led them close to the peak of the mountain. Next she led them into a cave that seemed to go down. It was much warmer in here, so Wallabee loosened his scarf a little. Finally they reached what must have been the bottom.
Signs of Meepits were all around. There was hardly a fire pit scraped in the middle (Meepits are very sensitive to smoke due to their big eyes) that had ash in the middle. There were two chunks of ice some distance away from the fire where the meepits probably sat before.
Grapple moved closer and sniffed the seats. “Yuck, meepits were here all right, but they’re gone now.
“Are you saying that we came here for nothing?” exclaimed Wallabee.
Grapple nodded gravely. Then he turned to Snowbell. “Thank you for your alert. Be sure to let us know if you see anything else.”
Snowbell nodded and took them back up. Wallabee smiled all the way up. He now knew what it meant to be a weewoo, and he was proud of it.

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