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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Sugarcube
Owner: rythiel
Pet Name: beautiful10176
Breed: Birthday Alabriss

About Sugarcube:
A small plushie Cybunny approaches you, hopping joyfully.

"Hello, visitor! Welcome to my little dream world. My name is beautiful10176, but you can call me Beauty. I'm one of rythiel's Neopets. Today is a really special day. You know why? Well, it's Sugarcube's birthday, of course! Well... I guess every day is her birthday. Hehe!" she says.

"I... don't know who that is!" you say.

"What?!? Well, that will never do. I'm going to see if I can find her so I can introduce you," Beauty says.


"Sugarcube! C'mere, girl!" she calls out.

Beauty reaches into her pocket and pulls out a baggie of assorted candies and begins to shake the bag.

*rustle, rustle*

After a few moments, you begin to hear trotting from behind you.

You turn around and, right there waiting, is a young birthday Alabriss. She seems to be a bit shy and looks down to the ground and starts drawing circles with her hoof. Every now and then she looks up at you to see if she still has your attention. Every time she locks eyes with you she immediately looks away.

"It's okay, girl. This visitor is our friend! Come on, don't be shy. There's a special treat for you, too! It's your birthday and this visitor wants to join in the celebration!"

Sugarcube blushes and crosses her front legs shyly. After a few moments she trots forward to you as her hooves tap the pavement.

*clip clop, clip clip*

"Here, give her one of these. She loves candy!" Beauty tells you confidently as she hands you the bag of candies.

You reach into the bag and pull out what seems to be a Chocolate Covered Peanut. You offer it to Sugarcube, which she responds to by whinnying happily and gently taking it out of your hand. She seems to really be enjoying it!

"I have had Sugarcube for quite a long time. She's my best friend," Beauty says. "I visited someone's dream and, while I was exploring the land, I found her sitting all alone. I felt bad for her. It must be terrible to have felt so lonely, so I offered her to come along with me on all of my adventures. We have been together ever since!"

Sugarcube nudges you. You turn to look at her and she starts giving you large Puppyblew eyes.

"I think she likes the treat you gave her!" Beauty says. "She's pretty sweet herself. Have you noticed? She's made of all sorts of sugary treats! She has cupcake hooves and a pink frosting tail, but is mostly made of white chocolate."

Sugarcube nudges you again and begins to gesture toward the bag of peanut treats in your hand.

"Wow. I guess she's pretty nuts for you!" Beauty says as she tries to hold down a chuckle.

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