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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Flop
Owner: yeti21
Pet Name: slungeltje
Breed: Plushie Slorg

About Flop:
See this pretty picture my owner Slungeltje took of me in the garden?
That’s me!
I’m Flop, and I am a plushie slorg.

I am Slungeltjes petpet for a really long time already, I think something like a year and a half, and I have enjoyed every minute of it!
Slungeltje thought it was time to put me in the spotlight, because I was such a good petpet for him all this time, and I deserved some extra attention.
So, here I am!
I shall try to tell as much about me as you would like to know.

So, there I go.
I live in Shenkuu, in a really nice house, together with Slungeltje, and his sister Kammetje and little brother Gnorkertje and their petpets.
We really enjoy spending time together, and play games, or sit by the fire and tell stories.
But Slungeltje and I also like to play with just the two of us.
We really like going out in the garden, to play hide-and-seek.
I am really good at hiding!
We also have a trampoline, and we like jumping at that a whole lot!
I can jump so high that I can see the clouds, and look over the top of our roof!
That is so really, really cool!

Sometimes we go on a holiday, which is a lot of fun.
We go to the mountains, or the forest, and enjoy nature with long walks.
Maybe not so very long walks.
About as far as the swimming pool, the sauna, the restaurant or the burger bar!!!
We really like those luxury things, and enjoy our food!
We do like nature, especially to look at from the window of the restaurant!

We also like to read. Well, I cannot read, but Slungeltje does.
He reads the best books to me!
Exiting stories about pirates and knights and dinosaurs and space travel and…
Well, lots of things!
One time, we didn’t have a book, but I really wanted a story before bedtime. So Slungeltje thought of one himself, and that was really great, because it was about me!
This is how it went:

Once upon a time there was a slorg, and his name was Flop. Flop was a very brave little slorg, and everybody loved him. Flop could swim, ride a horse, fight with a sword and recite the most beautiful poems.
One day, the magical kingdom where Flop lived, was attacked. But not by an army, or anything like it, but by a dragon!
Everyone was really scared of the stories that came from the borders of the country, of the terrible things the dragon did.
But it seemed that no one had actually seen the beast really well…
One day the king called Flop with him and said: “Flop, you are so brave. You are the bravest slorg in the whole kingdom! Can you please go and check this dragon out, before it attacks the castle and maybe does something to my beautiful daughter?”
Well, it was very hard for Flop to refuse that, because eit was true that he was indeed the bravest slorg in the kingdom. And Flop was secretly in love with the kings daughter, and couldn’t stand the tought of her getting hurt.
So Flop went to the border, with his sword on his shoulder, to check the dragon out.
When he came to the border, he soon heard of the scared villagers in the area where he could find the dragon.
When he came to the forest where the dragon was supposed to hide, he could hear the beast roaring from far. And even the brave Flop got a little bit scared.
But he walked on. Until he saw something…
It had fiery red eyes, sharp pointy scales on his back, it was a nasty purple color.
And it was slimy. “Wait”, said Flop to himself; ”dragons aren’t slimy!”
And when Flop looked closer, he saw another thing that wasn’t right. The ‘dragon’ was about his size!
“Hello?” said Flop to the thing; “are you the dragon?”
“Sniff” said the thing. And then it roared again, and let the trees tremble.
But now Flop saw what it really was, and recognised that it wasn’t roaring what the thing did. It cried!
“What happened to you?” asked Flop the misshaped slorg he saw before him.
The slorg sniffed again, but then began to talk, and told Flop the entire story.
The poor little slorg was walking in the woods, when he got thirsty. He found a little bottle on the path, and drank from it. And then he changed! He did not want it to happen, but it did. And ever since then, he was hiding in the woods, and crying.
“The slorg had drank a potion that had turned him darigan!” realised Flop.
He ensured the little slorg that he wasn’t a monster, and that he could help him, and then walked with him out of the forest.
They took a silent route to the castle, where they went to the king and explained him everything.
The king was really happy that it had al turned out so well, that he decided to reward them both. The little darigan slorg was brought to the royal painter, and was told he could be painted every color he wanted. He chose a beautiful sky-blue, and was happier then ever!
And Flop? Well, as it always goes with hero’s, he got to marry the prinses and lived happily ever after!

So, that was the story Slungeltje told me that evening, about me, and I loved it!
It is my most favorite story ever!!!
Well, and now I think you know a whole lot about me, and about my life with Slungeltje.
I hope you enjoyed it. I know I did!
Thank you Slungeltje for putting me in the spotlight!

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