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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Aurora & Lily
Owner: nycflowergirl
Pet Name: Alysias_Aisha
Breed: Faerie Staragus

About Aurora & Lily:
The grass was cold and wet beneath her tiny paws. She buried her face deep in her arms. Never before had she felt more alone. The forest was dark, and within it she felt lost. Without the comfort of her cozy little Neohome, the world was a scary place. Her delicate pink wings trembled, as she thought of all the horrifying dwellers in this particular part of the wood. She could hear the screeching of the local wildlife around her -- bugs as loud as bony rattles, birds who twisted their iron talons in the branches, their eyes ever-peering, watching her.

She hadn't meant to travel this far into the towering trees. It started as she sat in the little flower garden outside of Danica's cottage, nosing among the roses. It had been such a beautiful night, the sky so dark and violet. The little novas twinkled brightly against it, lighting everything with a luminous silver glow. She watched them sparkle, dazzled by their beauty, the reflection of tiny Lightmites against the deepest of oceans.

In truth, she couldn't have known what was happening. One minute everything was quiet and rippling -- the next, there appeared a large explosion of pink and blue, which burst through the sky as if the stars themselves had collided. Then something bright was falling, quickly gaining momentum and speed. It hurdled straight toward Neopia, straight into Faerieland -- and toward the Haunted Woods, which was right on the Western border. For once she was happy that Danica had them live so close to that dreaded forest. Usually the sight of the woods from their little yard scared her, but this time she knew something wonderful and magical must have landed there, and she was determined to find out what it was. She knew Danica would be away for a while and was eager to find something with which to entertain herself in the meantime.

At first the woods were not so bad. It seemed as though a little path of light still trailed through the sky from where the thing soared through. This gave her a fairly good navigational guide. With this, she felt more sure of herself. She may have only been a little faerie Aisha, but she felt strengthened by her persistence and curiosity. Perhaps she wouldn't run into anything in the woods, get to find a lump of stardust during her little adventure, and then flutter home before Danica realized she was gone!

That was not to be, however. The trail of light quickly faded and the trees got so dense that she couldn't fly and had to walk. She got turned around in circles; the woods kept getting taller and greyer. Everything around her moved. So, when finally she laid against the base of a gnarled creaking root, she had almost given up hope of ever finding her way back to Danica. She stayed there, too scared to move forward or back in fear of losing her way even more. After all, maybe someone would find her? She was scared of what that someone may be. If only she could get past the canopy of trees, she could just fly over the forest and back to Faerieland! They loomed ever-closer, though, closing in.

Suddenly a ray of light shot through the undergrowth, causing the little Aisha to fall backward in surprise. There, in a tiny bundle of pure radiance, was a teeny tiny little star with beautiful pink wings. She was so dazzling that her sparkles threw the light in tiny rainbows, making the clearing beautiful, enchanting the trees in sapphire and indigo instead of the overwhelming grey. Now that the forest was alight in an iridescent haze, she could plainly see that the woods were not so nearly as bad as she had thought before. "B-but how?" She felt like a scaredy cat. The little star pointed with a wave of her arm and dimmed her light; the shadows seemed to have a life of their own, distorting what was actually a rather pretty glen with an eerie malevolence.

She smiled softly to the little star, who twirled upward toward the canopy on her little rosy wings. The Aisha followed her soft little glow, up through the lush leaves, until they broke upward into the twilight sky. Together they flew over the claws of the forest, dipping in and out of the shimmering puffy clouds. Laughing with her new friend, the little Aisha knew she would not be so scared of the forest again. They raced their way over the meadow, back to the little flower garden beside the woodland cottage she called home. There, among the flowers, they were definitely safe from harm.

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