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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Casandia
Owner: alphachicky
Pet Name: Zivabel
Breed: Hasee

About Casandia:
Zivabel had been trudging through the Lost Desert for days. There was no cover in the boiling heat, and all the water had run out hours ago. The Aisha would have been worried, but she knew Casandia (or Dia for short), her partner in exploring and best friend, was there with her, and the two together had made it out of more perilous ordeals without batting an eye.

"Dia, remember when we explored the Ice Caves?" Zivabel asked, wiping sweat off her brow.

Dia didn't respond, as the wind was picking up and blew dust at them. Eventually the dust settled and Zivabel continued.

"We traveled through all those winding caves and found the Snowager's lair. We filled that bag with treasure and fled, the Snowager racing after us, just to find that the bag had a hole in it."

Dia chuckled.

"Then there was that time we traveled across Kreludor," Zivabel suggested. "You almost floated away, and I had to fill your backpack with rocks so you'd stay on the ground. Gravity is crazy."

Dia groaned at the memory of having to carry so much extra weight.

"Also, there was the adventure with the pirates that brought us here! We were on our little boat and they took us aboard. They tied me up, took all our belongings, and threw us in the hold."

Despite the story's concerning start, Zivabel grinned, knowing how it ended. Another gust of wind blew sand at them, but it was less harsh now that the two remembered all their victories.

"Those pirates had me on the plank with stormy waters below, but what they didn't know was that you had chewed through the ropes with which I was tied up. I fell off the plank, they thought -- and I bet you thought so too, I'm a pretty good actress."

Dia rolled her eyes.

"I know, I know... you knew I was fine, or you'd have jumped in after me to save me. Even so, those pirates all turned their backs on the plank. I was, of course, hanging onto the bottom of the plank, and swung myself back on deck! Those pirates never knew what hit them!"

Zivabel spun around, slicing the air with her paw, remembering the pirates' shock at her superior karate moves.

"And what did we find once we defeated the pirates? A treasure map, which brought us here! Speaking of which, how close are we?"

Dia unrolled the map, and Zivabel examined it.

"You know, I say we start digging here."

Dia nodded, and the two took their shovels from their packs and began to dig through the fine desert sand. Every scoop seemed to make an unnoticeable divot, but eventually Zivabel's shovel hit something hard."Plastic?"

Dia said nothing, since she was a Hasee.


"Zivabel, it's time for lunch."

The little baby Aisha looked up from her sandbox, suddenly glum. She gurgled something about pirates and treasure, and pointed to her pet Hasee.

"Come on, we have soup for you, and don't you think Casandia wants her Doughnutfruit for lunch?"

Zivabel sat adamantly in the tiny sandbox with her Hasee, clutching her little shovel.

"Come on, have lunch, and we can visit the park afterward."


"Dia, we're going on our next adventure to the park... the haunted park, in the Haunted Woods!" Zivabel announced.

Dia, the trusty friend and ever-ready adventure buddy, smiled back at her.

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