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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Dario
Owner: m4gn3t
Pet Name: Dark_Connection
Breed: Maraquan Spyder

About Dario:

These words are a regular occurrence in the life of this Maraquan Spyder. Much like his land counterparts, he often finds himself greeted with fear and disgust.

Still a young Spyder, this is the only life he's ever known; he does not know of The Haunted Woods, or of Bogshot Swamp, or of any other place where he may actually be welcomed. In fact, he does not even think such places exist.

Down in Maraqua, not even the bravest of Neopets seem to welcome his presence. Everyone he comes across takes one look at his multiple red eyes, his wiggling tentacles, his gaping mouth and fangs, and they either shoo him or swim away faster than he can say "Chrrrrpp, chrrrrp!"

Such a strange world, he thinks. There are deep, black trenches and caverns filled with unimaginable creatures, and yet, the sight of a tiny little Spyder is enough to warrant such a reaction? Did they think he belonged down in the caves with those monsters? As much as he wanted to stay in Maraqua, he could not help but feel like an outcast. All he really wanted was a friend... and maybe some food.

His little heart was reaching its limit. Wondering why he was not born as something else, something cuter for that matter, he sulked away from the safety of the city and into deeper waters.


Before he knew it, the little Spyder had wandered and wandered, over undersea hills, through seaweed, underneath rocky archways -- and found himself in unfamiliar territory.

Any sign of a path or markers was long gone. Fear bubbled up inside up him, thinking that he may be lost.

After turning a corner around an undersea cliff, however, this fear was soon dashed away as he found himself greeted with a most amazing sight.

In a large open area, multiple sunken ships lined the sand, casting frighteningly dark shadows beneath their ruins. Just the mood itself was darker than any cave he had ever seen, and the waters were eerily silent.

It was, undoubtedly, an underwater graveyard. Strangely enough, something inside of the little Spyder felt right at home.

He swam along, inspecting the wreckage and debris, when something caught his eyes, something bright. Swimming ever closer, he found it to be... dubloons. Neopoints. Golden coins that he had never even seen before!

A plethora of currency had leaked from a nearby ship, simply sitting in a pile. The Spyder was attracted by its golden shine and swam up to admire it. He didn't think there could be so much in one place!

It was then he heard a clink echoing nearby.

He let out a squeak and quickly moved behind a chunk of debris. After all, these were unknown waters and he really did not feel like being eaten. Now that he thought about it, he realized that all of this treasure could be the perfect set-up for a trap. He nearly panicked.

Something stirred on the other side of the pile. He very slowly and cautiously peeked over his debris of safety to be greeted with the sight of a female shadow Jetsam.

Perhaps it was his bright red eyes or his perpetually-waving tentacles that caused the Jetsam to immediately spot him. Her red and yellow eyes, much scarier than his own, stared directly into his.

Oh no, he thought. This is it. This is the end. I'm going to be eaten.

The Jetsam only stared at him, however, neither frightened nor surprised -- not even considering him for lunch, it seemed. It was a look he had never seen before, one of bored familiarity, as if she'd seen Maraquan Spyders her whole life. Perhaps she had.

The Jetsam looked away, paying him no further mind, and continued on with whatever she was doing. He looked down, to see a half-stuffed pouch and gold in her fins.

It then clicked in his head. He scuffled closer to the pile and wrapped his tentacles around as many coins as he could carry and brought them over to her; at this point, he truly did not mind if his only friend were a scary Jetsam.

She seemed surprised at first, but then gave him a smug sort of smile and said, "Finally, someone who understands the importance of money, huh?"

He nodded happily.

"Leave this place alone, they said. It's dangerous, they said. Pah! All of Neopia's dangerous, if you ask me."

He continued to listen, handing her coins and nodding at every sentence.

"Such a terrible waste," she said, then zoomed in close to the Spyder with a frightening look in her eye. "What is the ocean floor going to do with all of this money? Devour it, maybe... never to be seen again."

He continued nodding, a little bit intimidated.

"Being the good Neopian that I am, I simply cannot let all this wealth sit here stagnantly. You know how it is, don't you? Money makes the world go 'round, so let's make this poor pile here go 'round. Hahaha..."

He actually had no idea what she was talking about.

Done with her rantings, they continued on in their work until the pouch was full. The Jetsam then finished it off by giving it a tight knot.
Without so much as a thank you she began to swim away, and the little Spyder felt a tinge of pain in his heart once more. Did she even want his help? Perhaps he was just a nuisance again... but then, to his surprise, the Jetsam paused and turned around.

"Well? I'm not just going to leave all of this here! I could use some help for tomorrow." She gestured him over.

Finally! Did the answer lie here all along? Perhaps he was just looking in the wrong place all this time; perhaps he was meant to leave Maraqua. He would be delighted to help this Jetsam with whatever she was doing with all this money!

Filled to the brim with joy, he swam up beside her and gave a fang-y grin.

She chuckled, amused by his eagerness. "Enthusiastic, aren't we? I suppose you ought to know my name. It's Dark_Connection."

"You and me, we're going to be good friends...."

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