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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Sammy
Owner: blazingcatwings
Pet Name: kalitersa
Breed: Kepru

About Sammy:
Peopatra runs the most lovely Petpet shop in all of the Lost Desert. She has a wide selection of critters, from Wadjets to Lyins, Turkmids to Selkets, and of course, Keprus.

But one little Kepru was a little more adventurous than Peopatra could handle. She up and ran right out of the Petpet Stall and straight out of Sekhmet. That stuffy little shop was far too small for her, and she wanted to see everything.

She wandered through the desert until she reached Quasala. She snuck her way into a young trader’s baggage, and was carried across the mountains until she reached Shenkuu. The Kepru wandered south, to Altador, and soon found her way to Moltara, hopping from island to island as a stowaway on ships.

In Moltara she met a young Magma Wocky. He offered food to the little Lost Desert petpet, and wanted to keep her, but by the next morning, she was gone.

The Kepru listened to Neopets who spoke of their future travels, and time and time again she found a way to tag along with them, mostly without their knowledge. It wasn’t long before she had visited every single land in Neopia. She even got to see Maraqua from the surface!

The little salmon-colored petpet finally ended up at Neopia’s Northern Pole. The Bruce whose backpack she had stolen away in was startled when he opened it and found the little stowaway, and the Kepru quickly ran. But little did she know that the snow on Terror Mountain would prove to be much more than she could handle.

The little Kepru trudged through the thick white snow, excited to see the Mountain. But soon, she became cold- far too cold. She shivered in her short fur and her curiosity quickly turned to a desperate desire to find shelter from the blizzard. She didn’t quite know what to look for, though, as she was a stranger in this environment.

“You’re a long way from home, aren’t you?”

Just when the Kepru thought she was lost for good, she heard a voice. She looked around, and spotted a dark figure dressed in black armor. There was no one else around but her, so the voice must be talking to her. As the figure came a bit closer, the Kepru realized it was a Lupe.

“Hmm,” the Lupe pondered for a moment. “You’re tough to come this far from the Lost Desert. Real tough. I respect that!”

The Kepru felt the Lupe reach for her with its big armored paws, and carry her off.

The next thing she knew, she was in a space ship! She was warm, too. The Kepru looked up at the strange Lupe, grinning at her through a Space Trooper helmet.

“You’re a little adventurer, aren’t you?”

The Kepru tilted her head, and managed a nod. Easily distracted, she ran from the Lupe and towards the window of the spaceship, eager to see what was out there. They were still on Terror Mountain, but it was night now. The Kepru could see the silhouette of Kreludor high in the sky.

“You haven’t been there yet, have you?” The Lupe asked.

The Kepru shook her head.

“Well then, today's your lucky day.”

The Kepru jumped for joy, excited to see the moon of Neopia that she had spent so long looking up at.

“My name is Kalitersa,” she said. “What about you?”

The Kepru tilted her head and looked a bit confused.

“Hmm, doesn’t seem like you’ve been given one yet, how about Sammy?”

The Kepru jumped up and down. The Lupe took it as a yes.

“Sammy it is then, ready to see the stars?”

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