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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Calamari
Owner: islandmami15
Pet Name: Zunjing
Breed: Tyrannian Felly

About Calamari:
I'm not sure you can really label me a Petpet, considering I was meant to be a meal when Zunjing first purchased me. I suppose that's why he refers to me as Calamari. He often taps his finger on the side of my large tank and says, "Oh! You grow so big, Calamari!" In a thick accent. I can never actually tell if that's a good thing or not. I've been with Zunjing almost a year now, ever since he traded for me at a Tyrannian dock from a shady Petpet dealer. That doesn't necessarily mean I'm safe, though. Oh no, it could be any day now, any day...

I suppose he bought me because I resembled those ocean-dwelling Petpets. You know, the ones you can find on the docks that the fishmongers sell. He re-boarded his ship with me in tow, and as you can imagine, was quite shocked once he realized that I could float in mid-air. He quickly emptied the water-filled tank he had waiting and moved me in. I suspect he's just keeping me in here until he can figure out how to prepare me for his next meal.

Once in a while, Zunjing likes to remove me from my tank and let me stretch my tentacles on deck, although I know it's really to see how much I've grown. He will often say, "Calamari, my little friend, you must miss your homeland very much..." He reels me in for a tight hug (to weigh me, of course) and breathes in deeply. "I hope you are very happy here with Papa Zunjing." He thinks he's so clever, but that sweet elderly smile doesn't fool me one bit. I can see the hunger he tries to hide behind it.

Zunjing is a traveling merchant. His ship sails to many far lands in Neopia. Every time we dock, Zunjing brings me back an item for my tank from the local markets. A regal Petpet cushion, a new water bowl -- he even bought me this silly Moach Petpetpet. "Look, Calamari. I bring you new friend!" he said. "He bring you many good luck!" He must think he has me convinced, but I don't trust his scheming for one minute. He's just trying to buy my trust so that he can catch me off guard and put me in his next bowl of rice!

Speaking of which! You should see the disturbing things he consumes from his travels! He eats the most disgusting foods I've ever seen -- foods like Crunch Chocolate Scoaches, Fish Pops, Stuffed Frog & grub skewers, just to name a few. But, of course, his very favorites are eel and tentacle rice bowls. *shudders* I'm telling you, this guy can't be trusted. Oh no, it could be any day now, any day...

*stuffs a gourmet treat in his mouth*

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