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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Ugg Australia
Owner: magicmango33
Pet Name: Zee_woman
Breed: Uggazew

About Ugg Australia:
As far as I'm concerned, I'm not a very special Petpet at all. I'm just an Uggazew. My owner, Zee_woman the Zafara, had yearned for a Petpet for a long time. She searched everywhere for a suitable Petpet but nothing came up.

Zee_woman bought every Petpet she saw. So far she's owned Mallards, Cobralls, Hasees, Buzzers, Spyders, and so many other Petpets. She even bought a Cyodrake, but still, she wanted something more.

One day Zee_woman fell in love with a Mazzew that she purchased at the Petpet shop in Neopia Central. On the same day, however, she discovered that a baby Uggatrip was living underneath her Neohome. She loved the Mazzew with its cute expression and big eyes and she loved the Uggatrip with its thick spines and soft crimson fur. Zee_woman knew she couldn't have both, so she paid a visit to the Island Mystic, who she knew would know what to do.

The Island Mystic is a good friend of Zee_woman and he knew exactly what she should do. He usually tells her fortune, but that day, he knew she needed a solution to her Petpet problem.

"If you can't have both, then make the two into one," the Island Mystic advised and led her outside of his simple hut in Mystery Island. The Kyrii's eyes were fixed on something in the distance.

Zee_woman was confused at first, but when she followed the Island Mystic's gaze, she caught a glimpse of faerie wings the color of a Raspberry Slushie. It was Jhuidah the Island Faerie fluttering over her magical cooking pot!

Zee_woman thanked the wise Island Mystic and she hurried off to the mainland of Mystery Island to visit the Cooking Pot. With the Mazzew and Uggatrip both in her paws, Zee_woman approached the Cooking Pot. The Island Faerie greeted her approvingly and nodded her head at the two Petpets.

The determined Zafara explained her dilemma to Jhuidah, who carefully gave her instructions. Zee_woman proceeded to the Cooking Pot and gently placed both Petpets into the bubbling liquid. When the liquid settled, Zee_woman told me I was smiling up at her.

Like I said before, I'm not very special. I'm no Quilin and I'm far from being a Bartamus, and although I was created from the Cooking Pot in Mystery Island, I know I'm as ordinary as an Angelpuss. In fact, you can buy my species for a couple hundred Neopoints through the Shop Wizard.

See? I'm not special at all, but I feel special. That's all thanks to my wonderful owner, Zee_woman. She's the most caring Neopet I know. Every day she confides in me with the funniest jokes and the best stories. She gave me a snazzy name, too! I love her with all of my heart.

So, even if I don't win the Petpet Spotlight, that's fine because I don't need a trophy to feel great about myself. I just want to win so that I can give it to Zee_woman, my very best friend.

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