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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Spot
Owner: goodsigns
Pet Name: Creamy_Lemon_Pie
Breed: Spotted Gruslen

About Spot:
The PPL agent, a very nice Bruce with a clipboard and a pen, sat down opposite of the speckled Aisha.

"Hello, Miss... Cream, was it?" the Bruce said, glancing down at her clipboard.

"Yup!" the Aisha answered. "You can call me Cream!"

"Uhhuh," the Bruce said, scribbling something down. "So, Miss Cream, can you tell me about your Petpet?"

"Sure! His name is Spot and he's a Spotted Gruslen."

The Bruce raised an eyebrow at her. "You named your Spotted Gruslen Spot... that's original."

"Well, when I first got him, he wasn't spotted. He was orange with black stripes, so it was ironic. A striped Gruslen named Spot, see? But then I got painted speckled, and he was painted spotted to match!" Cream swung her legs back and forth in the chair and the PPL agent wished that she would sit still.

"Okay... and how long have you owned, uh... Spot?"

"Um... what day is it?" Cream asked.

The Bruce blinked. "Tuesday."

"That means I've had him for about eight years."

"Eight... years..." the Bruce mumbled, scribbling it down. "And how many instances have there been, like the one that occurred yesterday?"

"Well," Cream began, then paused to consider. "Yesterday was the first time that has ever happened..."

"Okay," the Bruce said, "but have there been other extraordinary instances?"

"Um... I once rode Spot around the entire house."

The Bruce lady started choking. "You... *cough* *cough* you RODE him? Like, sat on his back?"

"Yup! He raced around and around the living room, too."

"You're so big, though! Surely you must have hurt his back!" She started writing about the incident of Petpet abuse.

"Oh, no. Boochi had turned me into a baby. I was just even smaller than he was!" Cream smiled as she remembered the event. "Besides," she added as an afterthought, "Gruslens can hold at least their own body weight. That's why they used to be used as sled-Petpets on Terror Mountain."

"You were... a baby?" the Bruce asked, her pen pausing.

"Yeah," Cream answered. "Why do you have pauses between some of your words?"

"Never mind," the Bruce mumbled. "How did you know about how much Gruslens can hold?"

"Oh, Lina makes sure we all do our research before we get a Petpet," Cream said matter-of-factly.

"And Lina's your owner?"

"Yup!" Cream said. "She's really nice."

"Okay. Well, tell me more about the instance that occurred yesterday."

"Well," Cream started, "I took Spot outside for a walk."

"Yes," the Bruce prompted. "And?"

"And there was this JubJub selling balloons."


"And I bought so many that I couldn't hold all of them, so I gave some to Spot to hold."


"And it caused him to start to float, so then he flew up really high while holding the balloon strings in his mouth."

"It didn't occur to you that giving balloons to a Petpet may not be the safest thing to do?" the Bruce asked.

"Well, I got him down just fine. All I had to do was throw a couple of well-aimed rocks and pop some balloons."

The Bruce spluttered. "You threw ROCKS at your PETPET?"

"No," Cream said, "at the balloons."

"Well, I'm sorry, Miss Cream," the PPL agent said, "but I'm afraid I'm going to have to confiscate your--"

She was interrupted by a massive barking and nearly fell out of her chair; Spot the Spotted Gruslen ran into the room, yipping and running like crazy. He spotted his owner and then got even more excited, jumping up to play with her.

"Oh my," the Bruce said, lifting herself back up. "My, that Gruslen is not very well trained, is he?"

"What are you talking about?" Cream said. "Of course he's well trained. Spot, speak!"

Spot started barking and yipping even louder, and the Bruce winced and covered her ears. "That's quite enough!" she shouted. "You can make him stop now!"

"Spot, fetch!"

Spot stopped barking and looked around the room for a stick or a ball. Seeing neither, he settled for the closest thing he could find: the PPL agent's shoe.

"Make! Him! Stop!!!" the Bruce said as Spot fought with her for the shoe on her foot.

"Spot, play dead!"

Spot paused and whined very dramatically, wobbling around before collapsing to the floor, where he lay with his eyes crossed and his tongue hanging limply out of his mouth. The Bruce lay on the floor, staring at the Petpet in shock.

"Fine!" she muttered. "Fine, just take him. Take your crazy Petpet and go."

"Okay!" Cream said cheerfully. She scooped up Spot, who was limp in her arms and still pretending to be deceased, and walked over the Bruce. "Thanks! What a good boy, Spot. Good boy!"

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