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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Spardel
Owner: the_shii
Pet Name: Sayero
Breed: Spardel

About Spardel:

The world seemed to be in slow motion as the white Aisha ran toward his adequately named Spardel... or perhaps he just was not athletically inclined.

He held his slightly gripping palms in the air toward the Petpet whose teeth were still pulling the last few pages from the binding of Sayero's favorite book. The Spardel looked up and finished his destruction as he made eye contact with his owner.

It wasn't just that Spardel had chewed up his favorite book, or the hundred previous favorite books in the year he'd been around. Nope. It wasn't that Spardel STILL wasn't potty trained, though arguably that was a fundamental part of his nuisance. Noooo. The fact was simple: Sayero wanted to be alone.

He thought back to one year ago, when his excited little sister bounced in. "I have a present for you!" she said, smiling, so there was no way she was struggling with the grammar from an ancient scientific text. He knew from that alone that the present would be a bad one. He never knew how terrible.

He recalled the scruffy little big-eared, tiny-bodied pup Spardel was. He ran to Sayero and immediately licked his hand affectionately before digging a nest and collapsing in the past four months of Sayero's loose leaf lab notes.

"DO YOU LOVE HIM?" Qazzie had asked as they both watched.


"But you're such a LUMP ON A LOG, SAYERO!!! You need a friend."

"Why do I require a friend, Qazzie?"

"Because that's just what we intelligent creatures do!"

The buzz words "intelligent creatures" went off in Sayero's head. He'd wondered if Qazzie had learned some new vocabulary words today. It wasn't enough for him to agree. He argued with logic. He argued with common sense. He argued with derivatives, but it wasn't enough. Qazzie argued louder, and so, Spardel stayed.

When Qazzie came to visit the pair again, she was pleased to find Spardel had bowls with food and water.

"Do you love him?" she asked again.


"Did you name him?"


"Yeah, who else would I be talking about?"

"I dunno."

"So, what did you name him?"



"Sister, the name of the mongrel is Spardel."

"Sayero, he IS a Spardel."

"So, that is his name."

The conversation went on, but this time, Sayero won with the silent concession that Qazzie would call him something else.

Sayero realized that he was thinking back to that year ago when Spardel had entered his life... and he was remembering it rather fondly. Though he wasn't exactly sure why, he carefully removed the bits of his 101st favorite book from the Petpet's gnawing grasp and replaced it with a Green Spardel Ball. He placed a hand on Spardel's head -- it was soft! I guess that's what a year's worth of researched Spardel diet does for a pup.

"Spardel," Sayero announced affectionately, "I like you sufficiently."

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